Bajirao Mastani Trailer

Eros International has released the teaser trailer of Bajirao Mastani, but unfortunately, it’s out exclusively on the Eros Now website.

The Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, which releases with ‘Dilwale’ during Christmas later this year, stars Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in the lead.

Eros is calling it a teaser, with a promise to release a full-fledged trailer later this year.

What do you think of the ‘Bajirao Mastani’ teaser? Tell us in the comments section below. If you cannot watch the trailer from the embedded Eros link below, stay tuned to Indicine. We will update the page soon.



  • @ Virat kohli that time will tell criminal’s bhojpuri’s first day 20-25 crore hahaaha marigold 1 cr life time Happy new year 45 crore one day

  • outstanding trailer of the year!!
    now DILWALE team should postpone their release date to either 1st week of December 2015 or Republic Day 2016 because storm is coming in form of BAJIRAO MASTANI and will destroy DILWALE completely at box office
    All time blockbuster of 2015 ? BAJIRAV MASTANI
    All time disaster of all time ? DILWALE
    biggest trailer of the year !

  • I don’t think that panwale will come on 18 December
    Its release date might change again who
    knows ….!!!!
    my pick …
    bajirao mastani on 18th December solo release !
    panwale on republic day 2016 solo release…!!
    raees should come on Diwali 2016 best release date …
    come on Christmas 2015 ….!!!!
    Again I have a feeling that panwale might come
    republic day 2016 …..!!!!!
    who knows sth unexpected might happen
    and they push it to a further release date !

  • I saw the trailer of BM . Honestly it is pretty average . First of all the trailer is too long and there are no dialogues except in the last scene which is shown in background . Ranveer is looking good . Without beard he is looking bad . So far nothing is exciting in BM . I don’t know about SRK fans but i am saying being because i am not a huge fan of SRK and Ranveer . Let’s hope the 2nd trailer will be better than this one . I want to listen the dialogue delivery of all the characters that will give a very important idea about the movie . The promotional strategy has been really good till now . They have released the Posters and trailer 5 months before the release so they will get huge publicity . Another advantage is that the trailer will be shown tomorrow with BB . Now i am waiting to see the trailer of Dilwale so that i can give a clear judgement that which movie is holding more edge . Marathi people will definitely watch this movie not for Ranveer, Deepika, Priyanka and Bhansali but for Bajirao Peshwa .

  • BM trailler reminds me the trailler of OUATIMD, wish Dilwale also break all previous record like CE

  • simply…”mindblowing” epic made by epic..hardworking is the key of epic and victory…not promotion or tour of variety ..ranveer superb.. …dogi’s fans arrives to mental period…

  • Very nice! with the release of the teaser the expectations of BM has surely increased , BM is looking like Raja bhoj when compared to the Gangutelli ‘torture dene walle’ , so kaha raja bhoj aur kaha ………………

    With the kind of response BM is getting with each passing min I am sure the nautanki queen srk or rohit or kajol & the entire team of ‘c grade walle’ will make a desperate attempt to avoid the clash because BM has nothing to lose while wastewalle has everything to gain if the clash happens , bring it on slb no matter how hard they try don’t change ur decision & don’t postpone the movie we all are here to support what looks like a promising epic , let’s show srk & his fans their real aukaat.

    Bollywood needs movies like BM & not the cheap 3rd grade shiitty craps like this ‘nautankiwalle’.

  • No matter what SBL does he cannot deliver a film as half as good as JA was!
    Honestly speaking, The director needs to re-shoot the film again like Anurag Kashyap did for BV as the trailer has same taste as BV!
    And more than that i don’t like the term (dream project) as whenever a film-maker keep talking about a film as a dream project mostly fails, a film-maker should take to a film as a film and not as a project. Drona, Ra.One, BV, Veer, and many more were perceived as dream projects for their filmmakers, all said and done, i still have trust in SLB to surprise us but till then nothing looks promising except the cinematography!

  • Beauuutiful! It looks Grand. As it’s a teaser, they have only shown the characters and some action scenes. They haven’t revealed anything about the plot!

    Hahaha.. Look at these frustrated fans of SRK who are trying their best to degrade it. If they don’t like such well-shot teaser, then what will they like? Dilwale by director of CE ? ?
    Oh I forgot! They had trended HNYBestFilmEver on twitter! They had become classlover during BangBang vs Haider time. Now what happened to them?
    And why are these SRKfans bashing Ranveer Singh? Was it Ranveer who decided the release date of his film? ? No. The date is decided by SLB. And SLB had first booked the date. So he has all the rights to release his film on 18th Dec!

    And people should stop comparing it with Bombay Velvet and Saawariya.
    Bombay Velvet was not a mass-friendly movie. Plus, it was confusing too. And, Saawariya had two debutants. At that time, RK and Sonam were not popular faces.

    BM case is different! Bhanshali has never failed in such Traditional drama. BM should have brilliant music which will be loved by people. Also, PC and DP are two hugely popular actresses. Ranveer too has a decent fan followings both in cities as well in Small towns. BM won’t be a slow film like Guzaarish or BV either to fail at BO!

  • 3 mins long- its a trailer not a teaser…!

    As I said yday its all about Deepika n not that irritant gunda Ranveer who looks a total misfit for the role…! ( Theres Prabhas n then theres our Ranveer- clearly only 1 man looks like a man n other like a complete clown…!)

    Film is aboit Mastani and I think Deepika will ensure film grosses 100cr n more..!

  • Rip Lungitards.

    Ranveer on 15th Nov 2013 onwards 112crs >> global king on 15th Nov 2012 onwards 102crs.

  • Overall trailer was good why needed the Chutiapa that Ranveer did in last scene”the elephant scene”.Its not a masala entertainer nor a super hero film that he needs to fly in the air.I felt that scene very odd dont know what others are thinking…As a conclusion trailer is good as I like such historical films and films related to sword wars but surely going to skip this one as I like such genre but love the other man “Shahrukh Khan”.So if I would have extra money I will watch Dilwale rather than watching this.

  • BTW what will they release in the future to keep buzz?They have released the ist poster,posters introducing characters ,almost trailer …
    Isnt it too early to show all cards?They are surely not marketing genius at the end they would have nothing to display when Srk team will start to promote…

  • Bajirao mastani review by SSS

    1st we have to go thorough the qualitative subject of the film.

    From the start,the cinematography continuous to be very good compared to other films.and the characters of ranveer to bajirao looking like a a great misfit because he has not that charisma of a great warrior ,hence it’s completely depend upon the audience how the audience will take him in their opinion,it’s up to them.then visualisation is a great treat and overall DEEPIKA in her outfit exactly matches to her warrior loom along with priyanka too little misfit to her role.

    If we take performance wise ,it’ll be typical bhansali’s highly emotional based roles which hardly got audience appearance except DEVDAS due to KING KHAN.but as they didn’t show us much about acting performance so I’ll take accordingly a default bansali movie performance with average actor like ranveer.

    About the war ,they didn’t have shown great fights which always required in a huge in a much more hyped technical way to entertain the audience even though it wouldn’t happen at that time.because in this technological world,people’s mind requires advanced fashion of war to make themselves satisfied.this is the main drawback that I found in bajirao mastani.which could be the main reason behind the sinking of movie at the box office.

    So my rating for the movie would be—-3/5

    the main 2 point I gave for the great cinematography behind the movie.and the background score too is not good and the movie’s war sequences reminds me of KING KHAN’S ASOKA.

    just on word to say if this movie will clash with DILWALE—-disaster.

    Because this movie interms of entertainment is no where near to a typical ROHIT SHETTY movie,and DILWALE will be even more GRAND,and just like how CE crushed all the films whoever came on IT’S WAY,similarly will happen to’s not my warning or hatredness,rather IT’S THE ULTIMATE TRUTH that haters should remind especially salmir fans and others like @nipun.whoever is giving against DILWALE,most of them are salman+or fans are using disguise names to bring down DILWALE.

    still I want to say peoples like @nipun as well as to salmir fans,let him do another CLASH with KING KHAN to check their star power.I too don’t hate ranveer or Bansali anymore even though they forgot their limit.and I’ll astonish if bm will recover it’s budget which seems too difficult let’s do the clash.

    my sincere request to KING KHAN’S FANS please invite Bansali again to have clash with Him with out hating him as his teaser not at all looks degraded like bhojpuri bhaujaan and please show OUR STANDARD,CLASS.all the best to bansali,see you in CHRISTMAS.

    and to please further peoples like salmir fans and @nipun I am further saying DILWALE will become a disaster and bajirao mastani will be a blockbuster,now you’re happy?????this is what you to expect from me to say ,right.then take this and please come here the to this place after CHRISTMAS.

  • After watching the disapointing BM and Hero trailers i realised how BB trailer was actually a great one, and i only hope Mohenjo Daro, PRDP, Raees and Dilwale meet expectations!

  • This will get postpone eventually. For its own betterment…

    @Dilwale Ka Baap Bajirao Mastani : Tears coming out?? Why So? is it so bad??

  • After BAHUBALI people expactation goes high and most importantly the bar has raise highly with BAHUBALI…and that trailor of BM no where near to 36 % of BB…can bollywood come with a movie lyk BAHUBALI…

  • Deepika is the only hope for BM as ranveer n priyanka are the list of Elite of KRK, but Tamasha is releasing on 27th nov which have potential to beat yjhd n just after 3weeks BM not work at any cost as tamash still not finish its theretical run n when srk start promoting Dilwale God bless SLB becoming bankreput

  • @ nipun :
    You call us frustrated ? Ha ha ha …
    We have faced these situations 12 times , make no mistake , 12 times ! And SRK has come out victorious 12 times . Get that ? We are frustrated ?
    Actually we saw Hrithik fans crying like anything , at the time of Bing Bong vs Haider ! Perhaps you people still remember Mission Kashmir vs Mohabbatein , don’t you ?
    BTW , each and every sensible guy has said that trailer is ‘strictly average’ . People who said trailer is ‘outstanding’ are either SRK-haters or Lallu-Chinese Khan fans or both !
    My humble question , what are you ?

  • Wow the trailer is really bad. Really thought this film would be something else, but this is looking very bad

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