Bahubali stands for biggest, nicest, boldest way of storytelling: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has hailed ‘Bahubali’ calling it the “biggest, nicest and boldest” way of storytelling. He also said the vision and the thought of making a film like ‘Bahubali’ proves “no guts.. no glory”.

“I saw ‘Baahubali’ part one. Unfortunately, I have not seen part two yet. It’s an extremely inspiring film and I think it holds true for part two as well. Not just the success with numbers but the vision, just the thought… No guts, no glory… and ‘Baahubali’ stands for that”

The actor said the fast-advancing technology will always be a big part of cinema, but the industry was making “wonderful films” even before technology came in.

“Technology, of course, will always be a huge part of cinema. I believe that. I would never discount the fact that other kinds of films can also be made. They’re fantastic and beautiful… Before technology came in, we still made wonderful films.

“But if you want to create that big cinema and that big dream to sell to a big number of people, you have to have guts to take that storytelling on and say it in the biggest, nicest, boldest way possible. ‘Baahubali’ stands for that” Khan said.

The superstar awaits the release of his romantic film directed by Imtiaz Ali, also starring Anushka Sharma in the lead.



  • Dharma did the distribution of the Hindi dubbed Version, but ShahRukh’s RedChillies VFX was involved in the making of Bahubali 2.

    He definitely has the guts to do bold things but somethimes not the luck to achieve what he wants to. Doesn’t make him get ‘weak in the knees’ :-) Hats off!

  • Hope you will learn something from baahubali n take guts n make some good quality films rather sticking to those boring romantic , and irritating comedy movies..

  • Thank u srk for mentioning BAHUBALI
    U have guts and courage to appreciate others work
    U remark on BaHuBALI touch my heart

  • SRK’s popularity has definitely hit a low… Article about him used to attract as many as 200 comments, but here even one page is not full…


  • It takes humility to appreciate openly another’s success. A big lesson for the other 2 Khans. Success belongs to everyone alike, it’s no special right for a certain population. Kudos to SRK!

  • Well said Srk n ur honest that’s y ur admitting that.Bahubali2 is the biggest film of Indian cinema wit grt the best fr ur A l rai directorial nxt yr

  • Finally SRK. I was waiting for this comment from you. A little earlier would have been great but nonetheless, thank you.

  • @Syed Jameel Ahmed- Have you gone mad? YRF was nothing before Darr and DDLJ. Dharma’s Logo starts with KKHH tune. WIthout SRK, Adi Chopra and Karan are nothing. ADHM and Befikre proved it. Live in your La La Land, but without Boxoffice enthusiast nobody knows about YRF and Dharma. Even KJO and Adi accepted it.

  • His 3.2 billion fans went to theatres to watch bahubali, thats why it earned 900+ crore Nett from India…but these supposedly 3.2 billion people never go to theatres when his own movies release ..

  • @Sayar- Very disappointing comment from you bro. SRK made some mistakes, it’s true, but he never had to go through phases that other non-actors or actors went through. He tried something new with Ra-One and Fan but failed. My Name is Khan, Don 2, Chennai Express, Raees and Dear Zindagi were good choices. Don’t always judge a film’s quality by the money it made. Ask any SRK fan, they still cherish Dil Se and Swades. Aamir’s Dhoom 3 and Ghajini were huge hits, but most Aamir fans feel proud of films like Dangal, PK, 3 Idiots etc. If you don’t like SRK anymore, it’s your choice, but after all the achievements he made you can’t judge him by the boxoffice collection of his films at this age. SRK will never suit the role of Prabhas in films like Baahubali, he has never been the symbol of a macho man. He has been the symbol of a lover, an anti-hero and a common man. Let him find his way back into his audience’s heart by being what he stands for.

  • @Syeed Hameel Ahmed
    If YRF/Dharma could make anyone then Meri Pyari Bindu and Ok Jaanu would have been ATBBs

    @INDICINE-Why are u blocking this one

  • @NN
    I dont mean Dil Se and Swadesh. I like them and I am an SRK fan. But those days were different. SRK was ruling those two decades so he could afford underperformers. But time has changed. Audience will never accept same wine in old bottle type films. He should do Universal entertainers with high scale not movies with directors like Imtiyaz Ali

  • @Tubelight aamir ace khan doensnt need to show fake praises and lick everyone like your fake overrated useless talentless khans do all the time. . He is busy taking Indian cinema to new level and ruling supreme all over the world. Your srk and salman are useless and talentless flop actors in front of Megastar aamir khan. So they need to do all that. Aamir is giving class evergreen movies to Indian cinema and taking Indian cinema to new level and ruling supreme at box office which your none actors can’t do even in their dreams. So shut your mouth you jealous piece of garbage slum.

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