Bachna Ae Haseeno Movie Review

Directed by Siddharth Anand of ‘Salaam Namaste’ and ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ fame and produced by one of the biggest production houses in Bollywood; Yash Raj Films ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ stars the hottest couple of the tinsel town Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone along with the sexy Bipasha Basu and the beautiful Minissha Lamba. Bachna Ae Haseeno is Ranbir and Deepika’s second Bollywood movie (after Saawariya and Om Shanti Om) and their first film together.

Great production house, good director and a very interesting star cast; does Bachna Ae Haseeno work?
Before we proceed into the analysis part, let’s take a sneak peak into the story of Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Bachna Ae Haseeno Story

The movie is about Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) and his relationships with the 3 women in his life.

Mahi (Manisha Lamba) is sweet, innocent, romantic and lives in the DDLJ world. She truly believes that she could bump into Raj (Shahrukh Khan’s character in DDLJ) anytime. For her life is nothing but a fairy tale with paths of flower carpets. Radhika (Bipasha Basu) is sexy and smart. A girl of today, Radhika is a struggling actress who is looking to make a mark in the film industry. Gayatri (Deepika Padukone) is a cab driver in Australia who sets her own rules, regulations and doesn’t abide by what the society says or thinks. She also does not believe in marriage either.

Bachna Ae Haseeno revolves around these characters and speaks about the short flings that Raj has with each of the girls and the lessons of love n life that he learns from each one of them.

Bachna Ae Haseeno Review

Bachna Ae Haseeno is a movie for all the guys out there, not that it has nothing in it for the female audience. The guys would easily connect with the male lead character. The other characters too are well etched and easy to identify with.

The movie starts off well, the first half is a romantic comedy with the main lead (Ranbir Kapoor) involved in 3 love stories. The first story with Minissha Lamba is sweet typical teenage romance. Its funny at times and well directed. The second with Bipasha Basu is about a live-in relationship. It’s exactly what most guys seek for, a non committal relationship with a hot woman. The final romance with Deepika, the most important of the three as most of what followed in the second half is a consequence of the Deepika – Ranbir story, isn’t convincing. Overall though, the first half is entertaining.

The second half is emotional (which is okay), a bit too long and very predictable. The execution of the script by the director especially in the second half could have been better. The editing too could have been much crisper. The music and locations, well it’s almost like a world tour with a song in every single location. Two songs stand out, the classic Bachna Ae Haseeno and Khuda Jaane. The cinematography is fantastic; the locales of Australia and Italy have been beautifully captured.

Bachna Ae Haseeno Performances

Ranbir Kapoor stands out with a good performance. He’s talented and has immense potential. He also shares smooches with all three leading ladies, the one with Bipasha was quite passionate. Must say, some guys are real lucky! Bipasha Basu carried her glamorous role with ease. Minissha Lamba was inconsistent, good in parts. Deepika Padukone has nothing to do! In a small role, she does well. Audience who expect more of Ranbir and Deepika on screen will be disappointed but their chemistry was pretty good.

Overall, Bachna Ae Haseeno is a good movie which had potential to be much better. It would garner mixed reactions. Some will just love every bit of it; a few might just hate it and some in between. At the all important box-office, BAH will do much better than God Tussi Great Ho, which for some reason hasn’t been in news even though it stars Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other Notes – If you have followed the news here, you would be aware that Katrina Kaif was also a part of Bachna Ae Haseeno. Her role was eventually chopped off as the runtime was going well past 3 hours. Am very curious to see what her role in the movie actually was. Lets wait for the DVD, hope they include Katrina’s part in the Deleted Scenes.

God Tussi Great Ho, which also releases with Bachna Ae Haseno has just not been in news. Very strange that Salman Khan was promoting BAH on his popular game show Dus Ka Kum.
The review of God Tussi Great Ho will be up by Friday evening (IST). Be sure to check it out.

Lastly, If you have already seen Bachna Haseeno, vote in the poll below. Be honest with your votes, as it could influence others into watching the movie. If you havent watched the movie yet, dont vote. Bookmark the page, watch the movie, come back and then submit your votes. If you have no plans of watching the movie, choose the appropriate option i.e ‘No Plans of watching’.

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  • I saw the movie last night!

    I think it sucks! Yashraj on on roll to deliver bad movies. The songs were not good, the story loose and boring in second half.

    I was just waiting and waiting for the movie to end.

    Give it a miss guys!

  • Indicine Team: I’m the 1st one who wrote her review about the movie but under Singh Is King’s Box Office Collection last night and that’s because I planned yesterday to watch it but didn’t. So decided to watch BAH.

    I’ve read your review which is very good, but I disagree with u that the 2nd half could be better. Yes, it’s a long movie but the audience enjoys every scenes and never feel the time passes.

    This move is very good for young, loverboys who want to have fun with some girls but with no committments ( and that is a fact)so might change them to a better and might give them the feeling of “guilt” and that’s the purpose of the film ’cause million of girls in this world failed in their relationship with their boyfriends and brokeup ’cause of this reason. ( so the movie is giving the audience a very good message, a meaningfull movie)

    And about Salman’s movie, it’s a copy of Bruce Almighty and I don’t think it’s a good direction movie, I could say from the trailer which I watched. Might satisfy only people who didn’t watch Bruce Al Mighty and who love Salman Khan only.

    And Indicine Team: What do we want from watching any movie? We just need to enjoy the 3 hours or less, not getting bored and have a good time. And this movie does it all. It’s just perfect and worth – at least – 4 stars and not 3 stars as u mentioned. And who’re the lead actors in any movie, that doesn’t make any movie good or bad ’cause the script, the direction, the production is the most important plus the performance of the leading actors whether they were newcomers or some super stars.

  • hoooah, now Ranbir became the 2nd most favorite actor after Aamir. His character in BAH mix with most my sentimentals…so I like this movie a lot

    Yes, it was quite predictable in some parts, as we know its from Bollywood, others all are OK without complain. The 3 actresses did whatever their role demanded, but still then Ranbir is the best. His chemistry with Deepika will grow high in temperature….so folks dont ever give a miss to this movie if u r a teenager.

  • I went to watch it today morning(first day first show), I think the movie was worth watching (f.d.f.s).
    The first half of the movie is very good,fast…second half is a bit slow and predictable…….Ranbir Rocks………i think this movie would help Yashraj films to earn some profit….

  • I saw i.. Im confused a bit. Its not a bad movie in ne way, but not a gr8 either! Give it a watch without much xpectation. Ideally-2.5 stars.. The movie had d potential 2 be a v.good fare but couldnt convey it. I think d 2nd half of any film sets the tone whether u like it or not. The 1st half of BAH ends on a v.interesting note and 2nd half begins v.well. The culmination f minisha lamba track couldnt have been better! But aftr then d movie lets u down! Bipasha’s track in 2nd half look ameuterish and u dnt feel 4 their characters here.. And deepika’s track in d half has been done in such a haste! Also d 1st half is not meant 4 family audience as it has ranbir wanting to sleep with evry hot girl! Also there r some cheap jokes in d 1st half.. So what do u guys feel abt my review??

  • Nishant: I’ll tell u my feeling before anyone else post any more comments: Girls will love this movie, I’m sure, but guys won’t love it specially the boys who had flings with girls and were never serious in their relationships ’cause this movie is like ( pinching them) not to do so!


  • Fathiya, not really..its a waste of time thats all..maybe if the actor was someone else, I would watch it .
    Guys, dont waste your time and money on this.

  • Haha.. Akshay Kumar fans!!

    Fathiya, Bachna Ae Haseeno isnt 4 star material as there are some genuine flaws in the 2nd half. I would have been delighted if they had ended the movie when Bipasha forgives Ranbir! That would have been a classic but brave ending! The Deepika – Ranbir story was unconvincing. And the Minissha story although well directed had many question marks like.. at the age of 18.. girl – guy fall for each other badly (mostly a crush) but love at such a young age rarely makes a life long impact that too when its only a 2 day love story. It takes time to fall deeply in love. So it was kind of surprising that Minissha look trust in love completely and never really got over it even after 12 years had passed by..

    Bipasha and Ranbir story was the only one that was convincing, but again the way they handled it in the second half was disappointing.

    So yeah its between 2.5 – 3!

    Post your thoughts :)

  • Dear Indicine Team:

    Everything is possible in life. Minisha fell in love deeply in 2 days, from her head to her toes as she was a romantic girl and her first love. And u don’t know how much it hurts the girl when this happens to her ( I’m a woman and fell in love deelply when I was in her age but wasn’t disappointed or went thru the same stage). So when Minisha was shattered and married a guy just to please her family, so she couldn’t love him. It’s very hard for a woman who’s in love with someone to force herself over someone else. Or, as it was obviuous that she didn’t want to open her heart for her husband to accept his love and wanted to live like a statue, not to get hurt again. That was the reason for her avoiding her husband.

    U r a male, and male can’t understand all this, but I’m as a woman, I did understand what she went thru. Not only her, even Bipasha in the movie was shattered, her lover left her on the day of marriage without leaving her even a note as he was a (coward). So.. did u see how she behaved with her staff? She was very cruel and heartless woman. This happens and did u see her revenge when Ranbir existed again in her life. She wanted to punish him, so she assigned him to be her assitant and to be her slave!

    A very convencing movie. In our real life, girls revenge r worse than what the movie showed the audience. In real life, some girls look for the guy who cheated them and destroy his life and some use black majic for the revenge purpose, but in the movie, Menisha didn’t do anything, she punished herself as Ranbir told her, and Bipasha became a cruel woman, that’s it.

  • And Vic: u don’t have the right to stop anyone, not to watch a movie ’cause u didn’t like it. Some movies which u consider bad might be good for others and vice versa. People’s taste for movies is different.



  • Fathiya no offence bu are you retard or something you give bad marks to all the good movies and give good marks to the bad movies v.v

  • Dear: everyone’s taste is different in this life. Our taste for movies exactly as our taste for decoration, colours, songs, clothes, etc.

    It’s not that I want to give some credit for some bad movies as u said. Sometimes some movies we enjoy and others don’t .e.g the movie “Welcome” wasn’t this movie a hit?! The majority loved it!! I found it stupid Kachra movie, and many other movies which I already mentioned.

    U can’t force anyone to love a movie just because the majority loved it. And so many didn’t like it in our country Bahrain. Indian people loved it, but other nationalities found it a crap and a waste of time. It’s just because we r different in the way of thinking and our taste, that’s it.

    I’ve decided to see Singh is King today at a show at 12.30, and I will watch it to see if the movie worth all this hype. But I believe in what (U name it ) said that it’s for sure a crap one.

  • Fathiya,
    By the way I am also from you region- from Dubai..
    well, still not so convincing for me.
    anyways, as you said it depends on everyones liking and everyone has his own right to voice his opinion on something.
    Hope you have enjoyed Singh is King..good day

  • Vic: Finally, I watched Singh is Kinng in theatre, but I don’t want to repeat writing same comments under every page: Read it under the box office collection of Sing is Kinng. Good night.

  • U Name it: Why didn’t u like Bachna Ae Hassino? Just be honest as I am, I thought Singh is King is a bad movie but after watching it on a big screen I knew that I was wrong and that the movie isn’t bad but an interesting one. So what u didn’t like about BAH as I found the movie a flawless.

  • Dear Fathiya,
    U r taking it way too personally..its just about personal liking as you have mentioned earlier.
    So, chillout and have a gr8 day. I am visiting Bahrain in the coming days -:)

  • Vic: really, and how long r u going to stay? Here is my contact no. if u wish to talk to me: 39675919. We can discuss better verbally about movies. Have a good day.

  • Fathiya:I am gonna stay for a couple of days just for business. I feel so relaxed in Bahrain as theres no traffic and life is slower than Dubai.I will call you then,thanks for the number..

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