Rishi Kapoor praises Shivaay Trailer

Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor has praised the much-acclaimed trailer of Ajay Devgn’s upcoming directorial venture ‘Shivaay’.

Interestingly, Rishi’s son Ranbir Kapoor, who is going through a low phase in his career, is the lead actor of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ which releases on the same as ‘Shivaay’.

“Another good trailer. Hindi Cinema extending its horizons. Congratulations! All kinds of films must survive!” Kapoor said in a tweet that including a link to the theatrical trailer of Shivaay.

Devgn was quick to reply “Thank you Chintu ji. Totally agree with you. Your blessings count”

Starring Ajay Devgan, Sayyeshaa Saigal, Vir Das, Erika Kaar, Bijou Thaangjam and others, Shivaay is one of the most awaited films of 2016.



  • This is Really story A source close to Sohail said, “When Nawaz was asked about not being able to dance well at the promotional event, Sohail defended the Freaky Ali hero. Khan never compared Hrithik’s acting to Nawaz. In fact, he praised Roshan’s dancing and spoke of how Hrithik can never dance like Nawazuddin even if he tries in ten years. It was meant to be a sarcastic statement and not what has been reported by the media. There was no talk of Hrithik’s acting, it was a remark made in jest about Nawaz’s inability to dance like other conventional Bollywood actors”. Yes this is the real story and we wonder how the tabloid can print the story without checking facts. This happened at a promotional event for Freaky Ali. shame on Media

  • ADHM title track was just good when i listened it first time. Now, its hangover after listening repeatedly on loop. The music & lyrics are capable to touch the hearts. Pritam is truly a music maestro & KJO still has great sense of music.

  • He is just being honest,whoever thinks that ADHM teaser is better than Shivaay trailer needs a better eye sight.

  • ADHM will win by a huge margin ! Anyway, it’s nice from Rishi to respect his adversary, completely different from arrogant Ajay…

  • Shivaay will be the winner in this clash. I am a shahrukh fan and both movies are same to me. My unbiased opinion that ADHM will be unable to match Shivaay.

  • Trying to expend olive branch to get sympathy for his son’s overrated movie. why did it took you so long, it have been almost a month Shivaay trailer released. Where you have been butter ball, chintu ji?

  • Mr. Proudy devgan will have to learn something from this gesture …. well said rishi ji
    Otherwise some people post sleeping pics on Twitter to show his frustration

  • This is d reason i admire him so much. Not just a superstar and a fantastic actor but also a great honest bold guy

  • ajay always support akshay
    and also praise the trailer of rustom
    but akki praise adhm
    how just becoz of kjo
    ajay ka dost pathan bole to bhai of bollywood always support
    all the youngster r supported kjo because of dharma production they need film from dharma
    aur kuch nhi
    celebrity k kahane se kuch nhi hoga
    audience decide karenge kaun si achi ha8 aur kaun si nhi
    ye baat to 0akka hai sabhi critics adhm ko 4 star denge
    par main sirf indicine k review ka wait karunga
    i didn’t believeed in other critics all r paid by kjo

  • no competition because Ajay devgun movie is much better than ADHM.It will be one sided like rustom and Mohenjo-Daro

  • I can’t understand why so much negativity regarding both, movies like shivaay must be supported bcoz the way Hollywood movies are expanding their base in bollywood, we sd encourage to do much more visual treat movies. Karan is a great director no doubt, but if shivaay does well, why we are so pained to see. Lets end this fan war and encourage both movies to do well. Lets this be the turning point of ranbir

  • Rishi Sir : I understand What You said and Also Respecting u one Thing must be Clear and that it is Really Hard To Survive DILWALI Clash With Bollywood’s Biggest Action Hero Who is unbeateble Till his Diwali Depute 1991 Where he beate Anil Kaboor sir’s Movie’ and This Time Your Son and Arrogante ADHM Gay Director wiil be Actioner Shiviaaya Victoms for Sure

  • Some Ajay n salman fans are irritating so much….only #shivay this diwali. WTF ??? Are yr neutral raho..jisko jo dekhna hai dekhega…aise irritate karoge to koi nahi dekhega

  • Indicine wats ur take on Ajay Devgn xposing krk and karan johar …dat allegedly krk was paid by kjo 25 lakhs to trash shivaay

  • The latest clash is getting uglier.

    An audio record of KRK has gone viral in which he confesses that Karan Johar paid him 25 lakhs to write bad about Shivaay.

    Ajay Devgn also took to Twitter and shared the link.

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