‘Baahubali’ was possible because Prabhas gave 3.5 years of his life: Rajamouli

Acclaimed Filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli has said the ‘Baahubali’ series was possible only because Prabhas, who plays the title role, could dedicated nearly 3 and a half years of his life to the film.

“The whole film ‘Baahubali’ was possible because of Prabhas, who being a lead actor in the south film industry, believed in this project and gave three and half years of his life to the film. I don’t think anybody can get so much involved in the project with that kind of passion, time and commitment.”

“I think whether director or producer or any other professional involved in it, we are all being carried on a big ship called ‘Baahubali’. It is the ultimate product and we are the people who worked on it, so I don’t think I am a bigger person than the project” the filmmaker said.

‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ releases in theatres on April 28.



  • After aamir Khan he is most dedicated actor 3.5 years of life given to baahubali . Excited to watch baahubali 2 28 April .

  • Saw Baahubali on TV few days back. Found it very boring. Even action scenes were childishly animated. Though few moments were visually grand. But not interested in Baahubali 2 at all.

  • High Expectation always fails…but still it will manage to creat record
    ‘Baahubali’ is a surely a dare step by Indian Film Industry.
    Hats off to all members…

    and S S RAJAMOULLI who has thr vision to think beyond mediocrity unlike our Bollywood directors..

    Fast and Furious 8

    Baahubali The Conclusion

    Pirates of Carribean

    and now this Sachin The billion dreams.. Directed by non bollywood director!!!


  • Prabhas performance and dedication made this film a pan india classic otherwise it coukd have been a south indian wonder only like robot of rajnikanth.

  • 3.5 years for earning crores of rupees and worldwide popularity? LOL I would dedicate 20 years of my life for that.

    People dedicate half their lives doing boring and tedious work at offices to earn a few lakh per year. Prabhas did nothing great.

  • @Neeraj there’s no doubt South has done its excellence on production background , visual effects and cinematography but remember if there are BKD Half Girlfriend we also have movies like Sultan, PK Jhoda Akbar BM CDI that are whole Entertainment packages backed up by some beautiful creativity and innovations.

  • High expectation leads to disappointment . Really ?
    What about hyped films mogul e Azam , sholay , hahk , ghajini , PK , 3 idiots.. etc etc

    And to all north friends .. rajamouli films always make lot of hype and expectations and manages to meet or exceed expectations when it releases.. so don’t think he is making a hyped film for the first time.
    And if you want to know real hype and buzz .. you have to witness shanker shanmukh films pre release days.. and he exceeds all the expectations most of the times.. so don’t say “expectations leads to disappointment ” in theses cases..
    We are awaiting first 1000crore grosser bahubali 2
    First 2000crore grosser
    Robot 2.0

  • I will also use this opportunity to Felicitate with NyVfx waala studios arguably the most realistic visual effect team in Bollywood.
    Was shocked Filmfare ignored it which is understanding but Bagging a National Award at such a tender time frame considering when it was launched speaks a lot about our desire to move bollywood further.
    PRDP, Dangal ,Tamasha ,Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale and now Shivaay visual effects and cinematography were all superb!! (Fan too was very good). Thank you Ajay Sir adding another feather on your cap this time not for your acting recognition but for Bollywood industry as a whole be it not necessarily your own movie. I was stunned to know Ajay sir handled Dangal Vfx like Salman/Srk Prdp and Dilwale resoectively…Best of luck for more years to come.. !!
    No doubt Bahubali 2 and Robot 2.0 (arguably contenders for bteaking all South records) will have top notch Visual effects and high standard cinematography but at least Bollywood is moving towards that direction. Once again a very big hats off to Nysa and Yug vfxwalla studio for winning the National award for best visuals/cinematography category!!!

  • In present time Bollywood standing
    on three actors
    Shahrukh Khan
    Salman Khan
    Aamir Khan
    indicin make an article on this

  • @TheSkb you don’t have to blame Vidyut. Most akki fans will try their best to spread negativity over B2TConclusion.

  • Why are you not updating Dangal record collection in Taiwan..You always try to degrade aamir…but everytime you failed

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