Baahubali 3: Will it happen?

The unprecedented buzz surrounding ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ has the audience already asking if the franchise will continue with the third part in the series.

In media interactions, the cast and crew who were interviewed, were asked if ‘Baahubali 3’ will happen and if the writers have kept the ending open for the franchise to continue.

Unfortunately, it looks like the story of ‘Baahubali’will end with what has been aptly titled ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ – but the franchise itself will continue with comics, virtual reality videos etc.

Tammannaah Bhatia, who plays the role of Avantika, said “People have been asking (SS) Rajamouli Sir and I also was curious. So, I will just tell you what he told me. He mentioned that the franchise of Baahubali will continue with comics, VR and other stuff. Now there are so many other platforms where you can continue a film like this. So that will happen. But the world of Baahubali and the other characters will culminate in the second part”

“As a film, Baahubali will come to an end with The Conclusion” she added.

‘Baahubali 2’ hits theatres worldwide tomorrow.



  • 30 cr + is a Certainty now in Hindi, Advance Bookings of Bahubali is just on Another level, never seen before craze….
    Shows r Houseful till Sunday even in North India and with the insane rates of tickets, 35 cr+ is looking possible now… And 100 cr in All Over India…
    This happens when the gap of North South Reduced, Bahubali is an Indian Movie and everyone is prod of that, We can F*** Hollywood if The boundaries of North and South will not be there and every Movie will be treated as an Indian Movie (Specially Big stars like Khan’s, Hrithik, Akshay, AJAY, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, PK, etc) Not Bollywood Or Tollywood

  • But after the conclusion of Bahubali 3, what will it be like? Bahubali: Conclusion Once Again??? LOL

  • No matter, if Bahubali 3 casts our secret baunastar and releases in Xmas with one month free run, I assure you that it will earn 3,000 Crores worldwide

  • My prediction
    90-95 cr day 1 225-245 weekend 360-390 week and 720-820 lifetime. 2nd biggest blockbuster of modern times as HAHK adjusted gross collection go above 1000 cr.

  • no need to extend it like never ending tv soaps simply bcz trp is high..Good things should end at the correct time. If there is no scope to extend d story it should stop with this film itself

  • It has already released in the UAE in four languages – Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi… And it has already booked over 1.2lacs tickets which in itself is a record… Weekend tickets are very scarcely available.

    And the best thing it proves that Bollywood Stars should stop lusting for festive dates which culminate in clashes because if audience love the trailer they’ll definitely come to watch with or without extended holiday weekends… SRK listen !

  • If they needlessly continue the series, goodwill will run out. Better to end it here and start something new.

  • Instead of Baahubali Rajamouli should focus on Mahabharata…with Khan Trio.

    Make the biggest film of history of bollywood :

    Aamir Khan as Krishna
    Salman Khan as Arjun
    Shah Rukh Khan as Karna

    Written by – V.Prasad
    Directed by – S.Rajamouli
    Music by – A.R.Rehman
    Produced under : RCE,SKF & AKF.

  • @Tingu khan
    Wth r u??? Reveal ur identity
    Indicine pls block this psycopath. I m sure it is an srkian work

  • Salman and Akshay Kumar both are
    worst actor in Bollywood
    because both have more flops movie
    then others stars

  • Bloody hell going to rotorua tomorrow but regional movies doesn’t release there will see it on einthusan when it arrives but tubelight in theater

  • @Aisha : No, the guy in CE was Niketan Dheer who also acted in Jodhaa Akbar & Ready. Rana was not in CE but their look quite similar.

  • Fortunately the south does not focus on surname but rather on good quality cinema. Can’t wait to watch the second part of one of the biggest movie ever. The south had really progressed cinema wise’ the north has regressed terribly.

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