Baahubali 2 ‘Royal’ posters two days before release

The hype for ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ is unprecedented. Never before has a film been hyped as much as what’s being described as the “Biggest Cinematic Moment” the country has ever seen.

‘Why Kattapa killed Baahubali’ has become an iconic question – even though the experience of watching the magnum opus was what blew away the audience more than the twist at the end of the first film.

With Amarendra Baahubali all set to return to the silver screen in two days, the makers have released two new posters, featuring the lead stars in royal attires.

Anushka Shetty looks stunning too.

Check out the posters below:

Baahubali 2 New Poster - Prabhas

Baahubali 2 New Poster – Prabhas

Baahubali 2 Poster - Anushka Shetty

Baahubali 2 Poster – Anushka Shetty



  • I have a query guys
    Has Prabash now become a major force in Hindi belt too?
    I mean after Baahubali if he does a Bollywood filn will it take bumper or record breaking opening? In north too?
    Any reader can answwe

  • @Rejan, No, that won’t be possible. This time it’s the movie (Bahubali) that is bigger than the star itself. Of course, the presence of Prabhas adds value to it but his non-Bahubali films won’t even get an initial in Hindi markets.
    Other cases where movie was bigger than the star itself:
    Tabu Weds Manu Returns, The Jungle Book etc.

  • @Rejan
    Bahubali film is popular in Hindi belt and not Prabhas… He must do few Hindi films to gain popularity…
    As of now only Salman is giving bumper opening pan India….

  • @Rejan
    If trailer, songs,supporting cast and production values are good then it can surely take decent opening but no chance for bumper unless it is magnum opus like Bahubali.

  • Just from past wk i am living in kuwait..and believe here also the buzz is really who ever is saying movie is over rated he is living in different planate..

  • booked the ticket for FDFS. Let see what will be in store in conclusion. Possibly the biggest movie of the year as the target is 250cr+ gross in all India weekend. and 2.0 is postponed for next year.

  • @vera- agree partly wit u on dis.

    Bt still he can make an impact in hindi belts by developing clever strategy and smart marketings. Also though he vl need a director of ssr level and an excellent content backed with strong content and hit music.

  • Oh this is cool…

    “Biggest Cinematic Moment”…if am not mistaken it was Karan Johar that made that statement.,we all know when it comes to promotion what n what he can do…..everybody is entitled to His or her opinion. Though yup the movie is keenly anticipated all d best team BTC.

    @Veer 13.49 hrs
    Nice reply….

  • I am waiting for mahabharat movie.. if it really has a budget of 1000 crore.. is it ever possible to recover the costs.. yes it has perhaps the best actor of india mohanlal… and even if it stands out as an outstanding film.. it may even cross 1000 crore in india bt is it possible to get the audience in foreign countries.????? Even a movie like bahubali could not gross huge… and dangal could not even gross us 40m $ even after being one of the best… bt if it is equally liked by the foreigner audience. . Then its going to change the indian film industry forever… though it is coming in 2020 I am eagerly waiting for it…

  • @rejan:forget about Hindi belt,even in Telugu industry prabhas is yet to give one big grosser apart from bahubali.he is even behind than allu arjun,ram charan n case of bahubali ,its the movie n director rajmouli who is bigger than prabhas in stardom.

  • i think it will take 100cr gross india opening because the ticket price minimum limit in andhra pradesh is 250 in single screen.the govt has permitted 6shows a bangalore it is ranging to imagine what will be multiplex price.

  • Look just because bahubali is making record doesn’t mean Prabhas has a hardcore fan following. It is the franchise that is making Prabhas what he is, it isn’t Prabhas that is making the franchise. So no he can’t get bumper opening etc. Let him do a solo film and you will se.

  • in hindi 30cr opening is given due to the ticket price hasbeen increased than dangal upto 25$ for 1st weekend. While in south min. price is 250 in single imagine the price of bengaluru,hydrabad single screen price rangimg upto 600.

  • @imran, @aisha Thanks.
    @Imran, You agree partly and you explained why you agree with the other part. Hehe. ;)
    @aisha Yep, M.S. Dhoni would count too.

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