Azhar Biopic Teaser released a year before the film!

In an unprecedented move for a Hindi film, the makers of ‘Azhar’ have released a short teaser of the film, nearly an year before it releases in theatres. What’s more, the teaser was shot even before the film went on floors!

‘Azhar’ is based on the controversial life of Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin. It traces his journey right from his childhood to his incredible cricketing career and also his controversial personal life.

ĎAzharí is the story of a fallen hero. The film, starring Emraan Hashmi,†is scheduled to release in theatres on†13th of May 2016.

The teaser was unveiled during the IPL 2015 final last night.



  • Trust me this Film gonna be epic movie and turning point of emraan hasmi carrier
    emraan has too much potential some youngistaan fans make fun of hi just bcoz of collection but let me remind you emraan doesn’t need deepika or katrina to prove himself neither media support which most of youngistaan gets he’s much much better than overaated youngistaan actors! Azhar movie will be landmark movie i’m eagerly waiting for this flick and emmi fans don’t pay attention to stupid youngistaan fans they are just hyped my media people & gets advantage of being star kid they even don’t know A Of Acting Emmi keep doing this type of movies rather than a grade films ur a superstar respect from srk fan

  • Blockbuster written all over it..
    Just wait for trailer .. And shooting to start,. It will carry unprecedented buzz and controversy.

    Music by PRITAM will mark the return of one of my fav music composer..


  • Waiting for hamari adhuri kahani As of now ..

    Azhar will come after hak , tigers..

    So delhi abhi bahut door hai..hahaha…

  • This film will mark the return of PRITAM and emraan hashmi combo..

    HAK , tigers,, Azhar,, Kjo-Balaji’s Thriller with Kareena..
    Emraan hashmi has outstanding line-up…

    Hamari adhuri kahani songs Humnava, title track,, Hasi , etc are all on loop on my I-pad..

    My 2nd best hero after SRK

  • Is there anybody who knows the true story of match-fixing.I had once heard that Azhar had himself admitted that he was involved in fixing

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan ko 50 din bache hai bas aur First Look Poster Tak nai aaya :'( :'(

    Btw Loved the Teaser of Azhar.. Emmi is looking Intimidating :) The walking style,The Head Tilt,Collar,Tabeez in neck.. Hope it does Really well and saves Emmi’s Carrier along with Humari Adhuri Kahani ..

  • Azhar a great captain of India!! He takes very strong decisions…I still remember in one match umpire has given out however he was not out… By seeing his displeasure on his way back to pavilion….the whole audience did not allow the match to progress…later on he came and wave to the crowds and only then the match continued!! Truly what a wristy player…the way he played especially to launce klusner is a treat to watch… I still remember the first time India scored above 300 runs in one day match, Azhar hit a six!! :-) great legend!

  • Azhar first day- 45 cr
    weekend-120 cr
    lifetime- 400 cr
    Emmy will be no.1 actor of India after Azhar.

  • Emmy is the most natural actor in bollywood. Amitabh, shah rukh, aamir, should learn acting naturally from him. They are too over while acting, instead of being natural. He may not be a big star, but emmy is most talented actor this industry has produced.

  • @Challa.. I found this

    In what officially opens Indian cricket’s can of worms, the CBI has alleged that Mohammed Azharuddin fixed cricket matches with the help of Ajay Jadeja and Nayan Mongia for large sums. In fact, according to the agency, Azharuddin has confessed to doing so and
    has even named Jadeja and Mongia.

    The CBI report, a copy of which is with The Indian Express, also states that Manoj Prabhakar, the man who seized the moral high ground in the case, introduced several foreign players to bookies and also provided information to bookies about Test matches, one-day internationals, even a Ranji Trophy match.

    The report names England’s Alec Stewart, Australia’s Mark Waugh as well as Sri Lanka’s Arjuna Ranatunga among the foreign players who were either offered or paid money by bookies.

    The CBI, however, admits that it can’t do much about these findings since it lacks direct evidence needed for a court of law. According to the report, the following are the main findings:

    Ajay Sharma
    Sharma introduced Azhar, Prabhakar and Jadeja to bookie Mukesh Gupta (MK). He also introduced Azhar to “big time punter” Ajay Gupta. Sharma received lakhs from MK and Gupta for this service.

    Sharma also provided information regarding matches to MK and was key in getting a “tailor-made pitch” for a Test Match on MK’s instructions. The CBI, however, admits that it lacks concrete evidence to establish these facts in a court of law and blames delay for this.

    Manoj Prabhakar
    Prabhakar is close to several bookies and punters, namely MK, Tipu Kohli, Anand Saxena, Sanjeev Chawla. He introduced several foreign players and provided information on several matches to MK. For introducing the foreign players and providing information on matches, he received large sums of money from MK.

    Md Azharuddin
    Azhar has fixed matches/performances for MK and Ajay Gupta with the help of Jadeja and Mongia. He also got large sums of money, running into lakhs, from MK and Gupta Associates. He also received money through physio Ali Irani who was well aware of Azhar’s activities.

    Ajay Jadeja
    Jadeja was close to bookies and punters, namely Uttam CHand, Rajesh Kalra, Rattan Mehta and Krishan Kumar (implicated in the Cronje case). He provided “assessment of matches” and passed on information to bookie Uttam Chand for money. He also met MK and offered his services for fixing matches and received money from MK at the meeting. He is also named by Azhar as one of the players who was “with him” in fixing matches, with Nayan Mongia.

    Foreign players
    Those who were introduced by Prabhakar to bookies and were either offered or paid money include: Alec Stewart, Brian Lara, Mark Waugh, Dean Jones, Hansi Cronje, Arvinda D’Silva, Arjuna Ranatunga, Martin Crowe, Salim Malik.

    Asif Iqbal, former Pak captain, is close to Mumbai bookie Anil Steel and has provided information on matches and received “gifts” from him.

    Kapil Dev
    The CBI says it has found no concrete evidence to link Kapil to the scandal. Prabhakar’s allegation that he was offered Rs 25 lakh by Kapil to underperform against Pakistan during the Singer Cup in Sri Lanka has not been established.

    The BCCI
    Although there is no direct evidence to suggest the involvement of any baord members in match-fixing, their “resolute indifference” does give rise to suspicion `that there was perhaps more than meets the eye.” The agency says: “It defies credulity to believe that the apex body was oblivious to such rampant match fixing and therefore did not find the need to investigate thoroughly the results of matches which are patently questionable.”

  • looks very promising … surely going to be superhit … emraan is undoubtly a great actor of bolliwood … dis movie will be real test of his talent

  • Teaser lOOks OK.This movie is directed by TONY who make aweful movies like BOSS and BLUE,so I have O expectations from it.

  • Azhar career-
    Test hundreds – 22 from 99 matches.
    Odi hundreds – 7 from 30 matches.

    1st class hundred and list A hundreds- 61

    not one of the greatest but not a small achievement too..

  • @Neeraj: Azhar can sue you in court because the court already given verdict in favour of him. What you are writing here is totally wrong and baseless this movie will show the real truth.

  • I saw the teaser yesterday and it is brilliant . It is a great idea by Balaji to release the teaser one year before and before the shooting starts . This teaser will get good buzz . Azharuddin’s life has been controversial and i hope this movie will be a treat to watch . According to me this movie is the biggest challenge of Emraan’s career and frankly speaking i am excited for this movie than HAK . Azhar played in the era in which i was not born but i have heard a lot about him from my Dad . He was a huge fan of Azhar . He is still one of the most successful captain India has ever produced and he was a brilliant fielder . His wrist work is something which was special and his style of putting his Collar Up was unique stuff . All The Best Emraan and i am expecting the Best Performance from Emraan in his carrer .

  • Can not decide its verdict from now, first see that which kind of response MS Dhoni biopic will be received from audience in this year, then i can tell my opinion about this biopic …

    Emran is good actor best of luck for his next HAK.

  • @Neeraj Thanks for the report.It would be nice to hear his side of story since I have always been told that he’s a fixer.Finally I could have a balanced view

  • @Challa.. how can you expect his side of the story to give you a balanced view? When it comes to controversies, the makers will obviously be biased toward Azhar and make him look innocent.

    Also.. the success of this movie will depend on how audience like MS Dhoni biopic.. if that movie fails.. it will also take Azhar biopic with it..

  • Nice Teaser……bt i can’t support a biopic on a Fixer;sryy!! may b nxt biopic wl b on Kasav………ny wy Emmi is looking good with short height also!! bt @Indicine in this teaser; in last scene i think that is nt Emmi!! isn’t it??

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