Ayushman Khurana’s tribute to SRK, Salman, Aamir!

Vicky Donor actor Ayushman Khurana will be paying his tribute to three of the biggest superstars in India today – Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

In his upcoming film Nautanki Saala, Khurana will be seen mimicking SRK and mouthing dialogues from his films like Darr and Devdas. While Kkkkk.. Kiran is most likely to be one of the dialogues, the actor will also try to imitate the unique mannerisms of Salman and will be seen copying Aamir’s style.

Without revealing any details, director Rohan Sippy said “In the film, you will get to see certain styles of Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. We respect them. It is our way of saluting our favourite actors.”

Nautanki Saala is a comedy of errors film between two theater actors – Ayushman and Kunaal Roy Kapoor. The film hits theatres on April 12th 2013.

Nautanki Saala



  • good way of paying tribute and honour to aamir khan and salman khan.both r gems of india and very patriotic indians and always helps others.

  • Well.I respect the decision of directors and ayushman, but mr. ayushman, it’s really tough for you to copy the style of SRK.The way , with which he dilivers his dialogues, spread his hands and walks down, no one can do it exactly in the same way.
    But my blessings are with him that he could copy atleast 1% of his style with so perfection.
    Good luck…!!!

  • hard to copy the perfectionist aamir khan and unique salman khan but easy to copy srk’s devdas act bcoz ayushman only needs to be drunk to do that act.

  • Sippy or Ayushman whoever, are intelligent.
    He(ayushman) knows that the Khans own 99% audience and love to see them.
    I know its a tribute but its also beautiful marketing strategy to attract the audience to see the movie.
    Undoubtedly the movie will be a sure success by the name of Khans
    Whatever,he is on the way to be a Star…
    I wish him very best of Luck and for this movie.

  • @sachin there is nothing to copy from aamir and sallu!!!!What have they got???Like amitabh is copied with his style and he is popular for that and there are others like Rajni and best of all SRK who is copied all over.They have some unique style not aamir and sally!!!

  • When an ‘over-acting + over rated’ srk can cheaply imitate salman,aamir & others , then why will a good,talented & pleasing actor like ayushmaan will have any problem in imitating the biggest superstars? But i wonder how will he mouth some of srk’s stammering dialogues, perhaps a GOAT in background will assist him in his dialogue delivery! Salman’s unique mannerisms are the most popular and are equally easy while imitating aamir is a tough task.

  • copying amir is also a tough job.
    n if hez able to copy SRK the greatest actor , it will b gud for him coz it may fetch him some awards.

  • best of luck ayushman…!
    Guys i’m feeling some jealousy from salman fans against srk naaaa?i like salman but hate his his jealous fans like sachin11:::
    Grow up man!!!!!

  • It is a tough deal to copy srk and aamir…but i don’t think that ayush has to do tough practice to copy the third one…wat he need is to practice some friskness and thats all…if he will be able to copy south actors,then it will be a bonus….and sachin11…enjoying ur “highly rated comments”?? enjoy it as u worked hard for it…u got it naa or i ll ve to remind that incident???

  • Just look at the order of names,there is always SRK’S name written first everytime,no matter who is no.1 at any time,

  • @ xzone : you keep coming back and get belted by Salman’s fans.
    I hope you remember kabir, NVS, Navin, Ahmed and Blockbuster.
    Now taking pangaa with sachin11. Please spare yourself !!! All the best !

  • @Jitendra : if SRK name is first it means no. 1 for you?? great !!! keep dreaming and finding such silly excuses to declare your self proclaim king as # 1 . :D

  • Ha ha ha sachin11 again hammeing himself….
    It’s nt hard to copy salman
    so #NVS ur saying salman has uniqueness … Joke
    he copies from south evry movie

    I would wish him to work hard to copy SRK and Aamir because they really work hard on original script.
    Best of luck ayush.

  • @neutral…and by the way..nvs and navin both are different id’s of same guy…kabir has not returned after that incident (better ask to kabir) and i never argued with ahmed, blockbuster….so u better think abt urself…

  • @xzone. Lol…… at your silly stupid statement that i & your ‘jigri dost’ navin are same guys with different ids! You Just give me one ‘honest’ reason, what is the need for me to use ‘navin’, when i say whatever i want to with ‘NVS’? If you think that since we both are salman’s fans & have same 1st alphabets in our name and so we both are the same person, then i can also allege that ‘xzone’,’star’,’ruler’, ‘king’, ‘IMAM’, ‘jitendra’, ‘radha’,’RAJ’, ‘jake’, ‘ayushsrk’ and all the other fans of srk on indicine are the same single person with different ids, because all are srk fans & have atleast one vowel in their names, but i am not as foolish as you to think so and i know most of them are different persons . i respect only 3 srk fans on indicine 1.my favorite HAMZA KHAN, 2.king and 3.marz (dont know what happened to him since jthj’s release? he was one staunch & devoted srk fanatic who was at his aggressive best defending & supporting srk and i last saw his name during jthj days and since then his name has disappeared from indicine. Did he go into COMA or did he commit suicide after watching jthj & its epic collections in india? I dont know) . Indicine, what happened to marz, any idea, hahahaha…? Xzone, dear what i want to say is, don’t strain your already rotten brain (rotted by your srk’s terrible acting & equally terrible crap movies) too much trying to establish that i & navin are the same, because we aren’t. By the way, it seems that navin has nicely pricked your brain, great going navin, xzone wants more from you, so please dish him more.

  • #NVS
    i think you are one of the stupid fan of salman who is trying to prove salman has uniqueness…
    So what, srk’s movie are nt collecting as much as salman..
    JTHJ romantic movie 2600 screen
    clash collects 123 cr. India and 89 cr. Overseas
    Where D2 masala no clash biggest no of screen christmas , newyear advantage
    collects 158 cr. India and 42 cr. Overseas….

  • @IMAM. What the hell, Srk’s works in original scripts? Are you kidding me? more than 32 movies of srk’s career so far are either copied or plagiarised or are remakes from many ‘woods’ like hollywood, bollywood, kollywood,sandal wood, tollywood etc., that too unofficially, so cheap! Out of salman’s last 5 bbs, only 2 were south remakes & the rest which were not, include an atbb, a 186+ & 149+ crore mega bbs. So, If your global star with 4 billion fans has any guts whatsoever, then why doesnt he do a south remake and make it into a bb instead of making some garbage crap movies like ce,jthj,don 2, the ‘epic’ ra.1? Salman & aamir are as unique as they get and they are once-in-a-century superstars, not like your crapstar srk. And why are you forgetting the incidents were the ‘cheap-publicity seeking’ srk arrogantly imitated salman & aamir but they never imitated your srk, because “BILLI HI SHER KI NAKAL KARTHA HAI, LEKIN SHER BILLI KI NAHI”, salman & aamir sher hai tho, srk ek coward billi hai. Meow….meow…… Meow……….

  • @NVS…go at the page “pk first look”, u ll get an answer…i request all fans on indicine to watch that page and decide, whether i m right or wrong…mr. nvs..wat abt “star king” id, using which u commented on that page?? u both appear at a page almost simultaneously and ur way of writing and words all are similar…and u have used a third id “star king” to address urself…so don’t play this double minded game…either use ur id “nvs” or use “navin”..but by using two id’s simultaneously, wat do u want to prove??

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  • Neutral i didn’t say that that srk is no.1,of course he is always no.1 for his fans,u shud be worried about ur dream of salman seeing no.1,a man who can do anything to just earn money from single screen audience by taking of clothes of his brother’s wife

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