Avengers Age of Ultron Box Office Collections in India

Avengers: Age Of Ultron has collected Rs 10.85 crore on its opening day at the box office, setting an all-time record for the highest first day collections for a Hollywood film released on a non-holiday.

The occupancy on Day 1 was higher than ‘Fast and Furious 7’, a film that released on a holiday (Good Friday) and went on to collect Rs 12.38 crore from all versions.

Hollywood films now take the Top 2 spots of highest opening day collections for films released in India this year. ‘Fast and Furious 7’ is also the only film to collect more than Rs 100 crore at the domestic box office.

Top 10 Highest Opening Day Collections in India

  • Furious 7 – 12.38 crore
  • Avengers Age of Ultron – 10.85 crore
  • Roy – 10.41 crore
  • Baby – 9.3 crore
  • Badlapur – 7.25 crore
  • Tevar – 7.05 crore
  • Ek Paheli Leela – 5.3 crore
  • Mr X – 4.5 crore
  • Detective Byomkesh Bakshi – 4.2 crore
  • Shamitabh – 3.5 crore


  • I think Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be the first film this year to break record and be the first hindi film this year to cross 100 cr and will go on to collect more than 200cr.

  • Ouatimd was also released in almost same numbers of screens in India Around 1400 screend with competition from CE nd it collected 13 cr on day 1 . more then avengers !!

  • @saket instead of watching Humari Adhuri Kahani , u r watching childish Jurassic park..and pridely commenting it on Bolly site.. Shame on u..

  • @saket
    because of ppl like u the factor of star-worship,festival release etc has happened..u said u will watch BV whose promos r not impressive because of presence of anushka,kjo etc… And u will watch ddd whose promo was Thanda only because there r so many stars in it..
    Better go for Humari Adhuri Kahani.. Don’t behave like typical hindi film star-worshipping audience.

  • @sky,with out raju/dhoom,your perfsketionist’s all film chased 10MILLION USD and same will happen next year also.amir has only 3, movieso over 10million USD,kindly please count how many KING KHAN films are there above 10MILLION USD.even masterpiece like tzp also collected only 7million usd.even perfaketionist bdidn’t have a international status.like KING KHAN ,only 3 film’s.collection couldn’t even comes newr the the foot of KING KHAN’S POPULARITY.

    Leave popularity,even perfaketionist’s 2-3 purchased own fans also doesn’t wich him on his bithday at his residence.ha ha ,this midget made fool most peoples in the name of quality and gave instead.mental retard films.and here one of that tingutard’s jealousy knows no bounds.

  • woah woah woah @Mayur chill bro, till now there’s no single promo of Hamari Adhuri Kahani arrived in internet or anywhere wait for sometime if promo looks promising i will definitely watch it in theatre so there’s no point arguing that.

    Jurassic World has ground breaking vfx as shown in trailers and tv spots, DDD and BV both are directed by Zoya and Anurag respectively which is enough fr me to spend 200 rs for watching those movies.

    As far as commenting is concerned i think even @indicine doesn’t have any problem with my choice of movies. i like hollywood movies more than bollywood but that doesn’t stop to check indicine site daily for regular bo updates. I like Bollywood movies but i’m not fantard who is always ready to fight other just because the other guy doesn’t like his Actor as much as he do.

  • About time the Indian audience watched something else, if they had seen memento or I saw the devil, ghajini and Ek villain wouldn’t have been acclaimed

  • It is useless to compare these Hollywood Blockbusters with Bollywood films, as they cost in the hundred million us dollars and more bracket…..Get wise INDIAN fans…….and while they are basically in English are dubbed in most of the worlds major languages.Bollywood films are mostly in Hindi even when they are shown in English speaking countries. but nothing beats a good massala Indian movie.

  • @sss Your saruk HNY inspite of SLAM tour did only 17 million in overseas lol. Without SLAM it would have chased Talaash’s 9 million. Ace Aamir is the undisputed king of overseas.

  • @sss, what do you mean with “avenger’s vfx is best for any hollywood movie”?? Do u still think bollywood’s Ra One had better vfx than this???

    Aamir has 3 movies collecting over 25 million overseas. Also top 3 overseas grossers belong to Aamir. Name a single movie of king which collected over 25million in overseas.

  • @sss our beloved complan boy, that’s is tragedy of Aamir that he hasn’t a fan like you who rotated 3.7 billion times to declare fan base, Aamir might have less fan following but he has more actor to come in theatre to watch his movies, its a shame that 3.7 billion icon fan never able to give all time grosser in 21 year of his career while Aamir who started with Ghajini achieved that 4 times in a row with all holiday releases.
    Srk classics like CDI collected just over 5 million in overseas while his crappy OSO and Kank collected 10 million$,Srk paheli and Swades both failed to collect 5 million $ it speak the stardom of srk in overseas, since beginning of his career he is dependent to yrf/dharma to give something big in overseas, that’s why since Mnik last Dharma film starring kajol-kjo our global king struggling to cross 20 million while Aamir crossed 30 million, forget what Aamir do alone in overseas give me reason why 3.7 billion fan stays away king film.Even srk knows that’s wy in diwale he took Kajol so that he can achieve something big in overseas.Baki srk Ka pankha to 15 million bhi touch nahi karne wala.
    So my advise to you Complan kid just chill and enjoy Aamir superstardom.

  • Avenger was better than Age of Ultron
    I dont think that this hollywood movie can cross 100 next Gabbar is back so bcoz of Gabbar Avenger will end on 60 crore

  • @sky,@tiger,@leghend,another joke.let’s see dangal pandey will cross the-laash’s overseas collection or not.

    Baby boys we knew very well when your amir started to give success in overseas.because we saw it in talashnow KANK also masala film for you @sky?then kindly explain what happened to your 2nd favourite sallu,whose every film masala genre?kindly explain all salmir films.you said about KJO/YRF,HE shown it with rohit/Farah whose films other stars in overseas is complete flop.you said about KAJOL,HE shown it with DP,KATRINA,RANU,PREETI.

    BTW @sky,we also couldn’t get a single answer about our midget star’s disaster 90’s decade?what’s the success behind of 11-12 hits in 28 years if career even if entered Bollywood far before KING KHAN entered Bollywood with the help of filmy papa/chacha?I think papa/chacha forgot to give sufficient complan to our midget boy whose height struggles to overcome ABRAM’S Height,lol.kindly explain what so called TRAGEDY worked behind our perfaketionist?I really very much thrilled to know about that thrilled TRAGEDY? kindly go on with this question with out ignoring the question if you’re really tragedy perfaketionist fan,lol.

    Now what I can say power of dhoom and raju hirani ? Because people knows it very well.because it’s you’re thinking it’s so easy for any rohit film to do 200+cr with facing 3 films and easiest thing to give hits with anubhav/Farah with 100+cr budget.when your star will do kindly wake me up.

    And the heavy promotions you’re talking about ! Because KING KHAN knows very well how to help HIS friends like anubhav/farah with out a good story only with HIS UNDISPUTED STARDOM in Overseas?wanna see HIS SUPERSTARDOM even with out having so much good story except JTHJ,MNIK,DON with out big director/actresses(because how DP struggled in overseas with out KING KHAN everybody knows that very well,lol).also everybody knows what is the existence of darshil starrer tzp qith out Darshil(probably the 1st success).so you must have jealous that you did of over promotion /concert of GRAND EVENT for FANS.because if WE check history salman/hr tried to show their overseas power in Dubai stadium ,buy unfortunately the stadium rrmai ed empty.really this a strong slap to over promotion topic….

    no need to explain what happen before 2009(amir’s exactly success started at overseas) and who was no.1 at that time!

    2009-raju hirani+army (chatur+virus,madhavan,sharma)-26million dollars

    2010—MNIK(KING KHAN)-24million dollars

    2011—-RA ONE(KING KHAN)-10+million USD+DON (KING KHAN)-13+ MILLION USD

    Dhobi ghat-disaster(because amir’s presence sufficient at overseas).


    the-laash-8million(flop/disaster/semi hit)-power of asz khan,lol.

    2013—-CE(KING KHAN)—19+ MILLION USD.

    dhoom —- brand+Jr. Bachachan+Uday+complan star—-28+ million USD(lol again amir’s power,lol again)

    2014—-HNY(multistarrer+ THE BRAND NAME-KING KHAN)—17+ million USD.

    pk—-raju hirani+Sushant+little star-25+ million overseas

    Every heroine’s alone power at overseas is negligible ,if you still want KAJOL to add,then don’t forget to add names KATRINA,ANUSHKA,RANI MUKHERJEE.

    so we will like to ask power of perfaketionist in 2010,2011,2012?what happened to complan star’ stardom?because people wants to know the reason.

    Now THE CONSISTENCY above which you’re seeing is called STAR POWER.may brain Lara can make highest score ,but he could hardly affect the popularity of SRT,lol.

    If all of you have any real reasons with out crap excuses and with out ignoring,kindly answer my questions.

    So @complan boy ,I really want to know THE TRAGEDY story behing the legacy of your perfaketionist from 90’s to till now.and why he took 13 years to give 2nd blockbusters?ROFL.and similarly about ATBB you can’t say anything y,if you really know about DDLJ,K2H2.and kindly don’t try cross link the question by starting career from 2014-1988 because only bat’s habit to look opposite not men,lol.so waiting to know the TRAGEDY and legacy.I remained and will remain chill as always,I don’t wanna need other’s advise upon this.Untold Tragedy,huh!!!!!

    And world knows better what will happen with dangal pandey,lol.and jealous of FAN—-THE CONTENT MOVIE,right?we show how the the so called lifetime quality overacting in pk beated badly by SHAHID’S HAIDER.really kid WE knew better about what will happen next year,what FAN/RAEES will show whethe STRONGEST PERFORMANCE/FF PERFORMANCE,We will see,ROFL.WHILE FAN/RAEES will compete with Nahenjodaro and dangal pandey’s old expiry acting performance with non actor ‘s shuddhi.so let’s wait for QUALITY next year.that old man overacting or as story explained by @IAMAKN bro,will hardly will even come closer to KING KHAN’S LUFETIME REMEMBERABLE PERFORMANCE IN VEER-ZAARA.

    about collections ,from this year onwards will see but kindly tell your star to show a STRONGEST PERFORMANCE not masala movie’s overacting,lol.because QUALITY makes a different definition in your bhojpuri brains what world thinks about it.you said pk,dabang,ett,there naam.warns kalko dhoom3,dabang2 ko bhi classic kehna padwga,ROFL.the same we didn’t say about RA ONE/HNY/CE,because WE SRKIANS are humble and also has mind that you lack of..kindly compare JTHJ,MNIK,DON2 with amir’s the-laash/pk ,you will knew the difference between AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCE an closer performance,I know awards are cheap,that your star believes in reward.how many rewards got your star,and please don’t say about bo collection when a non actor also earn through qualitiless movies in a slum area ,most urban class living country.say about QUALITY/AWRD-REWARD.,lol.might I expect will not get answers like people’s love that CE also got,still you’re saying that as crap.and don’t reply like a foolish, bhai/perfaketionist got appointment from modi and discussed about country and also saved it danger which KING KHAN also did,so I don’t expect it,lol.

    Kindly leave over drama,double standards and give answer and if have courage give PROPER explanation in the way I asked.don’t give aggressive meaningless ignoring mindless reply as you know very well it gonna hardly affect me even a bit,lol.

  • @hyderbadi genius pagal hai kya?.So long answer of a simple question. I am not taking your test that you are writing a long essay that I am giving you marks on based of how long you write.
    Aamir didn’t worked for 4 years so he given blockbuster in actual 8 years since Raja Hindustani to TZP,Second thing Aamir wasn’t chosen the better films in his career which appeal to masses or family audience and his good films also not worked very great despite if that he Still given ATBB in 1990 with Raja Hindustani.
    Now looks at srk 15 years of his career from 1992-2006 he had 4 bn and all having srk-kajol as lead pair.
    In overseas Yashraj with srk had a combination to do well in overseas, since srk joined with yrf both Yash-Adi directed film only with srk as he was too good in romance, and 90s was a decade of romantic films.
    Our srk with ddlj,kkhh,k3g,vz,kank,mnik had all time grosser in overseas but he never given all time grosser when he was not with yrf/dharma, he distributed Hny with yrf production still failed.
    The line you said 3i (Raju+sharman+madhwan+boman) with Mnik (srk) is answer if my question as for you kajol and karan don’t count for mnik but for Aamir film even millimeter counts.It shows who is bigger.
    Ra 1 diwali+kareena
    Don 2 sequal+farhan director+Priyanka chopra
    Jthj- yash ji+ his sudden death+kat+anyshka+diwali ye sab kya spot boy the film me.
    I doesn’t need to even argue with you because your charlie is still coming with varunwale for 300cr club while our perfectionist achieved that figure quite comfortable in last year.
    Aamir >>>>srk.
    Take a chill oil
    At last a bet with you a again though srk come with Rohit+kajol he won’t cross d3 India figure and 3i overseas figure.if you have guts than bet.
    Also Dangal will definitely cross not talaash but also all the srk films barring mnik when it release and in India 250 cr is not far despite being not a masala film like CE,hny,dilwale.
    Beta jitna bhi jor laga le, ye bet meet k dikha.

  • @sky,who is afraid if your 11-12 hit giving star?????,lol.bring it in the challenge.who is afraid of your challenge but there is a condition.only if DILWAALE will release on 18/19TH DECEMBER then this challenge will be accepted really by me.if IT will get the mentioned release date ,then your challenge will gonna automatically accepted by Me.still then you have to wait.

    BTW who is responsible if your perfaketionist is struggling for 4 years.it’s his problem not Ours.he is responsible for his midget career ‘s midget success.

    1992-2006,DARR,KA,DDLJ,K2H2,MB,K3G,VZ are 7 BBS out of which 2 are previously mentioned as bb(DARR,MB) as bb in old boi,out of which 3 are nonKajol starrer,hence you’re proved wrong.also don’t forget to add HITS,SUPER HITS in which your stars are super duper flop to deliver.

    Ha ha,KING KHAN never joined YRF,kindly rectify it you fool.HE offered DARR after your perfaketionist unable to.do that character in order to save his romantic image/feared to take risk,lol.and we’ve also seen YRF got their 1st big success with KING KHAN so as DP.otherwise their productions also would have same like rajshri,/amir’s chacha/mama productions.also.LEGENDARY YASHJI already measured your perfaketionist’s talent after parampara and unable to do Negative character.don’t try to hide the.weakness that we knew very well.

    All time highest grosser is due to holiday is the main factor that I forgot to add.you fool when DEEWALI also becomes a holiday in overaseas,lol?only CHRISTMAS is the biggest holiday period in whole world.

    And kindly check when amir along with dhoom/raju.came together along with CHRISTMAS,then only a.highest grosser was possible.with out CHRISTMAS even raju hirani also is a big flop.if you want to check then see FEBRUARY RELEASE FILM MNIK.this much is enough to shut your mouth.heroine alone can’t cause bigfactor at overseas otherwise also add Katrina,Anushka,Kareena into account.even a CHRISTMAS release ghajini with out raju hirani couldn’t be a hit overseas,then what happened to amir’s overseas power at that time which was solo starrer?????

    BTW what happened to YRF+KAJOL+chotu khan’s fanaa which struggled to become a hit at overseas?????do you have any perfect answer of it?????if not then ashamed of yourself must if you’re really honest!!!!!

    The milestone(film’s collection) that you’re showing on a road(career) already crossed by KING KHAN in which your stars.are still chasing.

    amir(11-12 hits)<<<<<<<<<<<KING KHAN

    the career's best performance which got thrashed by Shahid's HAIDER proved how big actor is your perfaketionist????? Have can maximum can choose a good script but can't give a strong intense performance like BIGB/KING KHAN/SHAHID/RANBIR/AJAY.so in that perdpect or getting FF PERFORMANCE also

    chotu half actor khan<<<<<<<<KING KHAN

    Ha ha,another big joke chotu's dangal pandey will only will cross the-laash if he will get solo release that already reserved by Ayan-Ranbir's next film.or Golmaal4 may get relase.now with/ with out Raju ,Rohit/Ayan are not the kind of directors who'll let the chotu to get their most anticipated release date.

    Chotu likh ke lele,if anyone will break pk's domestic+overases both record then that only be non other than KING KHAN.who can.even deliver such a huge opening with Farah Khan also.

    And kindly check what you have written,I don't think so english genius like you writes like this—-(I doesn't need to even argue with you).now you can't say even.it's a typo or small mistake.point your finger towards someone if you're 100% correct and having 0% error.so.try to better with next time.I know my comments are little bigger as chore comments tumhare pagal dimaag main kahan ghushta hai.as you're needing so much explanations,lol.

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