Audience don’t only want to see me as action or romantic hero: Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor, who has done films like†’Gunday’, ‘Aurangzeb’ and ‘Tevar’ doesn’t like to be characterised as an action or a romantic hero, and says that he will “never get trapped by thinking about the perception” of other people.

“I think the audience likes to see films. They are not there to only see me being an action or a romantic hero. People believe in good work. So I will never ever get trapped by thinking about the perception. I will always go after the material, like I am doing with R.Balki’s new film,” Arjun told IANS.

Having stepped into characters with rugged looks and oodles of action in movies like “Ishaqzaade” and “Gunday”, Arjun begs to differ when asked if he intends to do more romantic films, especially after the success of his “2 States”.

“See, Balki’s film is romantic, ‘Ishaqzaade’ is also an out-and-out romantic film. I’ve not done any action in it…i’ts set in a world that has a lot of violence and this perception is created by the media.

“We as actors never think about the perceptions that are being created or what people think,” he added.

The 30-year-old actor, who was rumoured to be stepping into actor Shahid Kapoor’s shoes for the film “Farzi”, says that at the moment he is doing only Balki’s film, which is as yet untitled.

Arjun will start shooting for Balki’s project around July end, and says he is “very excited” to work with the “Paa” filmmaker and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan.

“I am pretty excited to work with two of the most talented people in our country Balki and Kareena,” the “Finding Fanny” actor said, adding that it is a romantic film. But he didn’t divulge any further details about the project.

On being prodded about his role in the movie, he said: “That I don’t want to speak about… that should stem from the director and very soon we will give you enough material about the film.

“When the time is right we’ll make sure everyone gets to know…It’s something I’m very excited about because I think today’s generation will really relate to the film… it deals with our generation and issues of this generation.”



  • Audience wants to see only Hirani. from 2003 to 2015, only 4 films are bestest films, all by Hirani saheb. All other films are crappiest.

  • Arjun kapoor will be forgotten commodity…..!!…

    Neither he has done good films… Nor his work been appreciated…..!!… Also no acting talent…..!!… And always involved in cheap aib activities….!!….

  • R balki film will flop…..!!…

    Ranvver singh also flop hero wid Kill dil , ddd ,, bm failure…..!!…

    Arjun too….!!…

  • U can relate all the ‘Worst’ and all the ‘Flop’ things to ‘arjun kapoor’.
    Crediting 2 states success to arjun kapoor is sheer stupidity. Its Alia Bhatt who outsmashed. All other films of arjun kapoor were bad to average. The most undeserving star of bollywood. Because i cannot attach the word ‘actor’ to ‘Arjun Kapoor’.

  • Average looks but quite dashing and very tall!
    Recent movie tevar I ddnt like it but I loved 2 States n cult classic Ishaaqzaade hats off acting from arjun in dat movie!!
    30 still young,hop chooses good scripts, currently among d top 6 Young brigades with a justified 100crores super hit to his name.
    Best of luck Arjun. I listen to d title song ishaqzzaade almost everyday!!

  • Hahaha, nobody wants to see you at all, not even Boney Kapoor.
    As a reviewer, when I saw TEVAR, I did not BATH for 10 days because I went into a Coma with Sonakshi haunting me in my dreams. ?
    Isliye mere naam Komal Nahi Nahata pad gya. ?

  • he sounds decent here but in the aib roast he was pathetic. i just cant forget his unethical performance.

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  • A self made star would have been crucified brutally for doing shows like AIB for E.g Akshay kumar,Emraan Hashmi , Ajay devgn etc.

    But as people like Kjo,Arjun Kapoor ,Rajeev masand were involved in it who are affliated to star-kids , they were treated as ‘Messiah Of Humour-ology ‘ as they are rooting to make ppl laugh on lewd and nude comments.

    U can see how Emraan was bashed brutally for his not so bad comments or we can say frank straight faced jokes.

    The dual-facedness in our industry is evident to the core !


  • Good content movies n great performances work in movies nowadays it not just masala flicks which r made n even those masala flicks have good content whichever works.

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  • beta tumse na hoga na, waise bollywood mein abhishekh hai ek aur nahi chahiye bhai. maaf karo aur raasta napo :)

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  • I got super excited and started celebrating like my birthday when I read the title as “audience don’t want to see me.” And thought he was leaving acting forever……then I continued reading the title. Sigh……zamaana kharab hai beta

  • Tu to ‘superman’ hai na; flop khan ka fan; usi ki tarah wahiyat film karega: next flop (khan)kapoor.. mark my word..

  • Expecting the same comments like audience are not interested in your films blah blah. But didn’t expect one of my pankha using my fake I’d to troll

    I have seen gunday,ishaqzaade and 2 states and I liked all his performance but he need to grow very much to be a superstar. These aib roast kind of thing doesn’t take him anywhere.

  • he should have ended the sentence after 7 words and should have removed the word “Only” then it would have made sense to the reality.

  • @Rajnish . Abba at last …..finally …. u used ur dumb brain and commented something other posting that crap list .

    Arjun kapoor even with his dead eyes & expressionless face looks 1000 times more handsome than srk and though his acting sucks his acting is not as irritating & torturous as nataunki queen srk’s and Lol ‘tevar’ was like a classic masterpiece if u compare it with Ra.1 or crappy new year , so agar nautanki queen srk ki tarah maha wahiyat ghatiya movies (like ra.1,hny,ce,jthj,doodwale) karega tho sirf 1 year mei he my dear arjun kapoor tere filmi career ka the end ho jayega :D

  • @sky bro i always knew that the pathetic comment from ur id was by hr duplicate. i know u r a gd sensible man.u will never write such rubbish

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