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Q. Who do you think who will be most successful in this decade?

A. It’ll be tough to beat Salman Khan this decade. He already has 8 blockbusters. So unless Aamir Khan starts doing more films or SRK turns things around and delivers 4-5 consecutive blockbusters, Salman has already done enough to top this decade.

Q. Do you still think Tubelight will collect 146 crore as per your prediction?

A. No, it’ll fall well short. Even a 130 crore total is looking difficult, the film has crashed.

Q. In your last Q&A session you said that Dhoom 3 & Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo are the top two most expensive movies of Bollywood made till date and Padmavati is going to break all records of Bollywood in terms of budget. But in your site I saw the budget of Dhoom 3 and PRDP was 115 cr. And Mohenjo-Daro and BAJIRAO MASTANI budget was 138 cr and 130 cr respectively. Pls can you clear my doubt.And tell me the top 5 most expensive movies of Bollywood.And whats the budget of Padmavati and SRK dwarf film. Pls I am asking it for the third time(list of expensive movies) Pls I hope you will not disappoint me.

A. Sometimes, we also mention the acquisition cost of films i.e the price for which the theatrical rights were sold for. Purely in terms of the amount of money spent on production, Padmavati is going to be the most expensive Hindi film of all time. It’s budget will cross 170 crore. SRK-Aanand L Rai film will be expensive too, the shooting schedule is one of the longest for SRK and he’ll be expanding his VFX team too. It’s an ambitious film, which can go on to be a major grosser for SRK. The other big budget film will be ‘Thugs of Hindostan’.

Q. What is your Prediction now for Tubelight ? The movie is almost crashed since Friday is just 2 crore ?

A. 125 crore lifetime.

Q. Which is biggest flop between FAN & TUBELIGHT ?

A. Theatrically, Tubelight is the bigger failure as distributors lost more money on the film. The losses are humongous for the distributors, but producers of Tubelight made a lot of money. A better comparison would be Dilwale vs Tubelight. Both films were profitable for the producers, distributors lost. But SRK covered some of the distributors losses on Dilwale, which was a very nice gesture.

Q. Is there any chance of Akshay Kumar overtaking Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in terms of box office opening after the disaster of Tubelight and average collections of SRK movies?

A. Salman Khan is way ahead at the moment. Both in terms of opening and average lifetime collections of his last 3 films. He can only be compared to Aamir Khan. Shah Rukh is ahead of Akshay in terms of opening and even a ‘Jolly LLB 2’ with a solo release, fell well below the collections of Raees. And barring the last two films (FAN and Raees), SRK films used to easily outgross Akshay’s highest grosser. So both in terms of opening and lifetime, there’s a significant gap between the Khans and the rest – both in India and Overseas.

Q. How Much Jagga Jasoos Need to collect for the Clean hit Status? And how’s response from trade as well as audiences after 2nd theatrical trailer….

A. It has to collect more than 100 crore. The costs have increased due to re-shoots and delay in releasing the film. The 2nd trailer has received a mixed response. The concern for ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is, the film looks interesting from the promos, Ranbir holds attention. But holding attention over a 2 minute promo is easy, but making this kind of film engrossing for more than 2 hours is going to be the challenge. We think it’s either going to be a runaway acclaimed hit or fall flat. There’s unlikely to be anything in between for a film like this.

Q. Do you think Jab Harry Met Sejal can beat Tubelight’s 64cr weekend (as was without festival) in normal 3 days if the word-of-mouth is partly negative?

A. It would need excellent word-of-mouth for a 65-crore weekend. From what we’ve seen so far from the promos of Jab Harry Met Sejal, it’s unlikely to come anywhere close to 20 crore on the first day. We’ll have to wait for the trailer and hope it’s better. Even a film like Tubelight has made one thing very clear, star power alone means nothing if it isn’t backed with box office favouring content. The star in both Fan and Raees were the same, but on a partial holiday FAN did 19 crore (actual value after deducting holiday advantage is around 15-16 crore), but Raees with excellent promos did 20 crore on a non-holiday inspite of clash with another big film.

Q. Who will collect more Toilet Ek Prem Katha or Jab Harry Met Sejal?

A. We’d put our money on Toilet Ek Prem Katha at this point in time, as it should appeal towards a far larger section of the audience. The trailer has received a very good response and there’s plenty of positivity about the film in the trade too. Having said that, we’d have to wait to see what sort of response the two films get from the audience.

Q. What is the life time collection of Bahubali 2 in Hindi version?

A. Rs 510 crore net. All Time Blockbuster.

Q. Your prediction for JHMS is just 130 JHMS have solo release having partial holiday on in my opinion JHMS can collect 130 crore in 1st week itself with positive or even mixed word of mouth.what you have to say about this ?

A. 130 crore isn’t a small number. Raees collected 130 crore even though it opened to 20 crore on Day 1. It’s difficult for a film like JHMS (again, from what we’ve seen so far) to collect 130 crore in the first week, because that would mean the opening has to be in the 25 crore range and weekend 80 crore. Highly unlikely for this sort of film, even with the added backup of corporate bookings etc that SRK manages to get.

Q. Do you think Hindi industry is in a crisis with newcomers not getting the hits and the superstars not getting the big grossers….and after bahubali and dangal noone else in the industry is able to get the audiences back to theaters.

A. The problem is the content. The audience is there, more than willing to pay for the right film that entertains. But even some of our major stars and directors have now started making films that only the metro city audience can relate to. And even at metro cities, the audience for most of the films that are made today, is limited.

Q. Wasn’t the trailer of Toilet-EPK released a bit early. Normally trailers are released around 40 days before the film. But isn’t 2 months too long? Audience might lose interest (like it happened with Baby). Want to know your take on this.

A. Raees Teaser was released a year and half before its theatrical release, yet it retained its freshness. So we can’t be generalising. The audience is willing to wait if they like the trailer. The campaign of ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is a little different from other films. It’s a film that they’ve made for a social cause, to increase awareness on the need for toilets and cleanliness. It’s still a word-of-mouth film. It should take a solid initial, but the goal seems to be to get as many people as possible to watch the film. Educate and entertain at the same time.

Q. Can judwaa 2 cross 20 cr nett mark in south states his previous highest is abcd 2 – 13 cr

A. In south states? If you are talking about all-India collections, Judwaa 2 has a very good chance of crossing the 15 crore mark and getting closer to 20 crore on Day 1. It’s a big film that most would want to watch.

Q. Comedy films haven’t done well in recent times, will this affect Judwaa 2, atleast as far as expectations are concermed coz it’s not a big franchise like Golmaal.

A. Well made comedy films will always have an audience. It’s just that we haven’t had those films in recent times.

Q. Gold, Crack or Mogul- which is potentially the biggest film among these three?

A. It’s too early to comment on any of those films, but from what we’ve heard, it would be Gold.

Q. Can Tubelight still beat Raees and Rowdy Rathore to become the highest grosser of the year 2017 so far and the month of June respectively?

A. No.

Q. After Tubelight flops at BO can we say that RAEES is the winner of First half of the year? Also Raees is a highest grossing hindi movie 2017.

A. Bahubali 2 aside, Raees is the biggest grosser. But the most successful film in the first half of 2017 is Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Q. Padmavati has to be an outstanding film to get anywhere close to recovering its costs, going by the speed at which the makers are determined to complete the film, they might have to compromise on the quality somewhere or the other. Won’t that be a risk?

A. This was the topic that we were discussing yesterday. The makers currently do not want to let go of the date that they have (17 November) because the first three months next year are packed with movie releases. Due to various delays, they are shooting non-stop to get the film ready in time. Bhansali is not known to compromise on production standards, but with a huge amount of money at stake, Padmavati will have to be an exceptional film (atleast upto Bajirao Mastani standards) to work at the box office. Any compromise anywhere (visual effects, editing etc) will harm the film.
Q. Thanks for the Q and A indicine. Always looking forward. I want to know if they are releasing trailer of JHMS or not. Also, god forbid, if it somehow underperforms or opens below expectations, will trade and you people write off SRK?
A. There will be a trailer. No question of writing off SRK. But given the fact that he still commands a fan following across the country, it’s disappointing to see films like ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ which severely restricts the potential of business that his films can do. At this age (we think) romance should be the side angle and not the main story of films. And even if it’s a love story, it has to have a desi feel to it. Do note however that we are purely talking from a business point of view. Films need not necessarily be made only to earn 200-300 crore – even though those big grossers often mean that a larger section of the movie going audience is watching and enjoying films in theatre.
Q. What has been the response to Jagga Jasoos Trailer? Looking at the trailer and songs, is it safe to say that it can open around 15 cr? Also, since the trailer has shown a lot of potential, can it actually do big at the box office?
A. 15 crore would be expecting too much from the film. We think it’s going to open in the 10 crore range.
Q. What will be the verdict of tubelight? Considering distributors lost more than 50 % and loss is more than 100 cr?
A. It’s a Flop.
Q. So isn’t it quite clear that along with content, audience want entertainment? Combination of both is required now.
A. Yes, but how many wholesome entertainers have we had in recent times? Very few. Badrinath Ki Dulhania wasn’t a great film, but it was entertaining and catered to audience across the country and they came in big enough numbers for a Varun Dhawan starrer.
Q.Who is bigger star? Shradhaa or Alia in terms of fan following.
A. Currently, it’s Alia Bhatt by a fairly big distance.
Q. After failure of Tubelight, your expectations from Tiger Zinda Hai? And also Salman Khan’s upcoming movies in chronological order and their BO prospectives?
A. Expectations from Tiger Zinda Hai does not change. Unless there’s a major slide due to poor films, fan-following or interest to watch an actor on the big screen, does not change with one or two failures. Salman remains unaffected, the only thing that’s changed is the perception and that aura that he had managed to create that his presence is bigger than his films. Tiger Zinda Hai is a big film, it has those commercial elements and the release date to make it the biggest film of 2017.
Q. So according to you the mini trails of JHMS are not creating an impact. Will it backfire the buzz? How is the movies buzz in trade circle?
A. No interest currently to watch the film, except on the internet and amongst fans. They need a good trailer.

Q. According to you, what will be the first day box office collection of JHMS & why are you sounding very negative regarding the film just on the basis of few mini trials specially when even the theatrical hasnt been released ?

A. We were accused of being biased and negative even when we did the ‘Tubelight Teaser’ report and said it was the weakest teaser for a Salman Khan film in a long time. But after the release of the film, everyone started saying that the trailer and teaser did not get a good response. It’s the same with Jab Harry Met Sejal. We did a theatre survey during the release of Tubelight and the interest to watch Jab Harry Met Sejal was less than 25% of Raees. Even at metro cities it was the same. Internet buzz can be created, we get to now the real picture only at theatres from the paying-public. Also, to avoid any unnecessary negativity, we haven’t done any article on Jab Harry Met Sejal. It’s only in the QnA that we have spoken about the response. Article will only be published after the trailer.
Q. Apart from 28% GST will there be additional municipal tax by local bodies on theaters based on their own discretion?
A. Apart from Tamilnadu, all other states will have only GST at 28% for tickets over 100 rupees and 18% for ticket costing less than 100. Tamilnadu is double taxed at the moment, there will be protests because double tax will affect both the Tamil Film Industry as well as business of other films. Exhibitors will end up paying nearly 60% as tax as well.
That ends the QnA for today. Thank you for joining us.


  • Once there was a time when many good films comes to srk first such as 3idiots rang de basanti robot munnabhai.but now no big director choose srk for their first choice…..why???

  • How the viewer are counted?someone watched the film for just 5 min while someone watched the whole film,both will be counted as a viewer or the one who watched the whole film?plz answer @indicine

  • INDIcine why you are talking about fan fan and fan about SRK’S movie , your own so called superstar movie on EID only 22 cr he collect with clash on rebublic day 26 cr again very good movie still you are talking who is king , there is only one king and he is SRK .

  • @Aakah Sharma
    Let me make it easy for you
    Copied from @NN
    Shame on you Dishonest joker. How much more will you stoop in morality to prove your Gangu Teli superior..??What type of Moronic stat is this..?? You are even comparing Hey Ram(small cameo), YLJK(11 years delayed without SRK’s dubbing), billu barbar(SRK’s extended cameo) with full fledged Gangu Teli sallu films.
    Let’s see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri’s favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2000—sallu> SRK
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn’t Gangu teli’s film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1993—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1994—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1995—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1996—-SRK> sallu (Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli’s film)
    1997—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1998—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1999—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000—-sallu>King Khan
    2001—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2002—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2003—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2004—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2005—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2007—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2008—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2009—- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013—-SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014—- King Khan>sallu.
    2015—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016– sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.
    Let’s look at other achievments of Gangu Teli:

    Number of flops sallu =2* SRK’s flops
    Number of Disasters of sallu= 3* SRK’s Disasters( Let BOI update whole 90’s, the number of flops and Disasters will increase for sallu)
    According to BOI: Success Ratio of SRK>>>>>success ratio of sallu(huge difference)
    HIt Ratio of SRK>>>>> Hit ratio of sallu(Huge difference)
    Blockbuster Ratio of SRK>Blockbuster Ratio of sallu(small difference)
    Sallu’s achievement in Clash:

    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)
    -Probably Chamatkar vs Jaagruti(Though not updated but as per IBOS) in 90s clash-1992

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -Saawan vs Positive(Akshay Khanna)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    The stats clearly show that Gangu Teli sallu wasn’t even a star before 2010.

    Indeed SRK in his lifetime can’t surpass this achievements and records. That’s the fate of SRK, cause sallu has indeed contributed in the history of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats. 😂😂

  • SALMAN KHAN DOES NOT DESERVE NEXT EID HOLIDAY SOLO , HIS DIGASTER IN THIS EID . and where is there a hit movie you always said salman khan when it flops you siad director write etc etc

  • how can you siad it is big films dhawan fist of all he dont know how to act only one thing he can do is little dance otherthen that he is nothing

  • indicine , ask salman khan to come on nonholiday and make it 150 cr then will agree he is supersttar other then that arjun kapoor is bigger star then him .

  • Box office talk (jhms vs tepk or tubelight vs fan) will always continue. Best part of todays qna for me was :

    “But SRK covered some of the distributors losses on Dilwale, which was a very nice gesture.”

    Good gesture definitely. Stars are not bound to compensate these losses but glad that SRK did it with Dilwale.

  • Lol. Tight slap on akki fans. Good reply indicine Khans huge huge gap between the rest. Idiot gawar fans of Makki were calling him 2nd?😂😂😂😂

  • What is actually going on with Padmavati? All the cast seem to be shooting for a few days and then on a break? And Ranveers role seems to be hyped up the most even more than the titular role of Padmavati?

  • After Amitabh Bachchan, who is biggest star Bollywood has seen ? Between Rajesh Khanna , Dilip Kumar and Khans ?

  • Hi Indicine

    Of late your prediction of big films have been wrong. Ex tubelight & Bahubali. The trailer of Tubelight was rated very high by you, infact better than Raees. And now you are saying trailers we’rent upto the mark. Now you seem to be very keen on promoting Akshay film though many are not interested in watching it. I feel you are being v biased in your views. Would appreciate if you just state facts.

  • Some idiots are crying over No Entry and Jeet.
    In both these movies Salman had 45mins role<<<SRK In dear zindagi
    So shut up

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