Ashutosh was destined to win Bigg Boss!

As young gun Ashutosh Kaushik is declared the winner of ‘Bigg Boss’, there is a numerology theory that has been stamped.

“There are times, the public helps participants win a reality show. There are times good PR helps boost their case. There are times the on-screen frivolities propel them into limelight. And then there are
times, when ‘calculations’ show them as clear winners. Though Ashutosh Kaushik had the votes in place, and a good dose of the glamorous Diana Hayden for company, we should not forget that he was also ‘destined’ to win,” states PR specialist Dale Bhagwagar.

He revealed that numerology has played a key role for Ashutosh to be the ‘Bigg Boss’ winner? “Winning is in Ashutosh’s streak. He first won the ‘MTV Roadies’ show first, and now ‘Bigg Boss’. Don’t be surprised if you see him shine in Bollywood next”, says the celebrity publicist.

To justify the numerology claims, Bhagwagar pin points at the calculations of noted astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi, who had also visited the ‘Bigg Boss’ House as a guest with Pooja Bedi this season.

Bhagwagar says, Sangghvi has well-analyzed how the science of numbers has played a key role in this small town boy Ashutosh’s success. Here goes Bhavikk Sangghvi’s theory.

Ashutosh is born on October 2, 1979, which makes him a Number 2 in numerology ruled by Moon (Number 2) and Neptune (Number 7). Numbers 2 and 7 always go hand in hand. He is a Libran (which means, he is ruled by Numbers 6 and 8 – Venus and Saturn) and his destiny number adds up to Number 2 (Moon again). (2 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2 ). This, in simple words, means, Ashutosh is ruled by Numbers 2 and 7, not once, but twice. Which is ‘twice’ as good!

According to numerology, Numbers 2 and 7 are both soft planets, signifying peace, love, harmony, warmth and affection. It is very likely that people just loved Ashutosh’s innocence and honesty on the show and thus voted for him in large numbers.

Furthermore, according to Sangghvi, technically, Ashutosh entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house as an inmate in his 29th year (before his birthday) and came out a winner in his 30th year (after his birthday). So, while in the House, he entered the age of Jupiter (Number 3) – the planet of wealth and prosperity. He was bound to win the booty as he had a ‘dhan yog’.

The astro-numerologist says, the current year of 2008 which adds up to Number 1 (2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1) has turned out favorable for most Number 1, 2, 4 and 7 persons. Going by this theory too, Ashutosh qualifies in this study with distinction marks, both in terms of date and age. (His birth date – 2 and Age – 29).

The finale episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ happened on Nov 22, which added up to Number 4 and the compound number obtained from this date was Number 7. Both are Ashutosh’s strongest numbers.

Sangghvi further remarks, “Being a Libran, Ashutosh is partly ruled by Number 8 (Saturn), and all people ruled by this planet should avoid the color ‘black’ and opt for ‘blue’ instead. It was a Saturday (the day of Shani) and Ashutosh was rightfully wearing a ‘dark blue’ velvet coat in the final episode, while his competitor Raja Chaudhary was wearing ‘black’.”

What’s more! The boy’s voting ID was also ‘ASH 11’ which again adds up to Number 2.

Needless to say, if numerology is to be believed, it was Ashutosh’s game all the way.


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