Arjun Rampal and Mehr file for divorce? Actor slams media

There were reports that Bollywood star Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr Jessia filed for divorce at a Bandra Court in Mumbai. Mehr, who has been married to Arjun for the past 17 years, was reportedly unhappy because of Arjun’s alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan.

However, the actor took to Twitter to slam the media, saying it would have been easy to find out the truth if they wanted to.

My wife and I where at Bandra court filing a divorce? Say Mid-day & few others. You know it’s really easy to find that out. Did you bother? #fakepress

The state of affairs about journalists in India – They (are) on group chats on Whatsapp and cook up stories. That’s where news is made. That’s the truth.

The truth about Bandra court? The couple were old friend Marc Robbinson and Wallucha. Oops they got their facts all wrong again. #fakepress

From today I refuse to do any personal interviews or discuss my personal life with any media person. Mind your own business. #fakepress

Arjun and Mehr have two daughters 12 year old Mahikaa and 10 year old Myra.



  • Shame on those losers who spread such Fake News. The people behind such fake news should be given a Kick on their Mouth.

  • Sometimes Media behaves like a stupid child . I think they should not give such false news as it affects the relationship in a big way . Arjun and Mehr are a great couple and i wish them a great future . Nowadays the number of Divorce is increasing and i hope this news is absolutely false . They are a beautiful couple . They both have lovely kids . God Bless Arjun Rampal .

  • Similarities between our Bhai and Arjun :
    1. Both were once good friends of SRK
    2. They broke their relation with SRK
    and lastly … now ,
    3. Both of them are facing trouble , trouble and trouble !

  • Indian media should think about how would they feel if someone does the same chutiyaapa with them !!

  • Who cares about this guy but I agree media can be fake n also afew critics who I feel review movies without watching them in the first place… These guys too should be kicked in the mouth like our resident wannabe strict but not so smart manipulative critic…!

  • After all HE starred in many KING KHAN movies,so HE will never give divorce other shameless catord in Bollywood and whose shameless fans are thinking divorce is a normal thing even though they are so called Indian,lol.

  • @gj007,@legend,I’m not old thinking person,this is the real value of Indians,otherwise what’s the difference between western and Indian culture that every Indian is proud of.BTW that types of values I taught and had seen from my childhood,even though I’m not habituated of interfering any one’s personal life.

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