Arjun Kapoor on GQ and Star Week Magazine Covers

Arjun Kapoor, who awaits the release of ‘Tevar’ tomorrow, is featured on the cover of two magazines for the month of January 2015.

GQ India calls Arjun the ‘unexpected movie star’, while Star Week says “Few would have guessed that this beefy boy would enchant girls’ hearts one day. But he did, and Arjun Kapoor is mighty aware of what it took for him to have come so far”

Check out the magazine covers of Arjun Kapoor. At the bottom of the article we have two pictures of Arjun which were clicked in 2006 and 2007. The transformation from a obese teenager to a fitness freak has been staggering to say the least! Any guesses as to who inspired him to get so far? Post in the comments section below!

Arjun Kapoor on GQ Magazine Cover

Arjun Kapoor on GQ Magazine Cover

Arjun Kapoor on Star Week Magazine Cover

Arjun Kapoor on Star Week Magazine Cover

Arjun Kapoor Before losing weight

Arjun Kapoor Before losing weight

Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss

Arjun Kapoor in 2007



  • thank u indicine for this article.
    arjun has throughout his life fought with personal trauma and physical unfitness to reach to this level by overcoming all of them successfuly


  • arjun is looking deadly in the 2nd pic

    thank u indicine for this respect for u has increased after the way u hv beautifully published so many articles about arjun,ranbir and other youngsters this year.

    thank u

  • He is an inspiration for all the lazy fat a** :p
    …i have seen few ppl who get offended when we call them motu/moti/fatso (except who have some disease) ..
    its ur body work hard …do gymming… exercise….there is no secret …just stay fit,healthy,happy.

  • This guy has suffered a lot. I may have issues with one of his fans, but I respect Arjun Kapoor. He lost his mother when he wasn’t even an established actor. He saw his parent’s divorce. Was an obese child who was bullied by class mates.

    And he rose above the tragedy and today he has a big money spinner like 2 states to his name. Keep up the good work Arjun Kapoor, you deserve respect!

  • Agree,how fat he was and now how good he looks.These 2 magazine covers is prime example.Arjun kappor in rugged looks like a rich business tycoon.
    I loved 2 states and Gunday was also a good film.Hope tevar won’t disappoint and continue success for him.

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