Arjun Kapoor Movies in 2015 – 2016 Upcoming

Arjun Kapoor is fast establishing himself in the industry. His first release of 2014 Gunday, did reasonably well, but his second film ’2 States’ with Alia Bhatt grossed nearly Rs 175 crore worldwide. The future looks good for the actor.

In 2015, he has just one film scheduled for release and that could be it for the year, unless he does a quick film that releases in the later half of 2015.

Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha - Tevar

Upcoming Movies of Arjun Kapoor in 2015 – 2016

Tevar (Next film of Arjun Kapoor)

  • Release Date: 9th January 2015
  • Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpai
  • Director: Amit Sharma

Tevar is an upcoming action-romance film which is due for release this week. The audience will get to see the first-time on-screen pair of Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. The buzz around the movie is fairly good and if the content turns out to be strong, it has all ingredients of being the first hit of 2015.

As soon as Arjun Kapoor signs his next film, this page will be updated.

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  • arjun is very selective about his films that’s why he hasn’t signed a film after tevar.he is not in a hurry but wants to put all his steps carefully and gradually climb the ladder of superstardom

  • I know target 130cr is almost impossible for arjun to achieve with tevar but I want him to give his best shot abd try to get around 110cr for the film

  • anyways thank u indicine for ur recent articles about arjun,ranveer and also the indicine award that u gave arjun yesterday.luv u indicine.ur website is the best website ever

  • He has recently said that he would do just one film a year.It that is the case it won’t do much good to his career since he hasn’t established himself as a superstar like Ranbir.

  • tevar will be Big hit….movie will definitely cross 75 cr….
    bcoz I watched Mahesh babu okkadu….
    okkadu was must watch movie…and okkadu was 1st
    blockbuster of Mahesh babu career which he got
    filmfare award for best actor (Telugu)…..
    same thing happen with tevar too…
    I will watch this movie…

  • lol at the poll is currently 50-50 but will soon go down to yes -10% & no-90%

    but I pity those who r pressing the no button bcz after 9th jan they will suffer from huge regret

  • it has decent buzz and only one week free run and after pk I don’t think it can cross 35 crore. means flop.

  • This guy isn’t good enough to be supporting role actor, let alone lead actor.

    Least talented skilled most overrated. Lucy to have papa who financed Mr. India.

  • @nipun thank u bro for saying that and i gurantee u that u will njoy it as much as u had njoyed masala films like ghajini,agneepath,krrish3 and mai hoo naa

  • Just watched PK finally…loved it!!
    4 stars from me..Aamir is brilliant and so is anushka.
    The show was almost housefull even on Tuesday you can expect the euphoria.A guy sitting beside me told that he is watching PK 12th time in theatre.
    So yes it deserved all records!!

  • @indicine No news on akshay kumar’s BABY is making you the hypocrites Bollywood website .Be neutral and also give some news like::BABY will have no songs, but a promotional song to be shoot with Esha gupta….review of BABY new dialogue promos,,,etc etc

  • those who doubt should think twice.
    I don’t thino there’s anything going against the movie except for Sonakshi.
    The movie has the talented Manoj Bajpai, Arjun Kapoor is fairly good too and is ever improving, he looked effortless in 2 States, also the original was a huge Hit.
    @indicine a similar article for Sidharth Malhotra too please :)

  • @zeeshan sid has an excellent list of upcoming films
    1 brothers directed by karan and based on Oscar nominated film warrior
    2 bhavesh joshi directed by vikramaditya motwane about making of a superhero
    3 time machine film produced by farhan’s excel

    sid should enter top7 within 2 years

  • @indicine did I request you the same thing as @Dhrubo in chinese language that he got a reply and not me ? well #Kidding duhh !!
    @arjun kapoor fan, thanks for the list ?I have heard much about Bhavesh Joshi, it should be a landmark movie for him if the content is top notch.

  • I have seen ghilli which released 10 years ago, it was a good entertainer masala film, after 10 years they hv made a remake… Ridiculous !

  • Flop hero….Pathetic Actor.
    Doesn’t know ABCD of acting. He does not have any films after tevar as no one wants to cast him. Tevar also is his home production.
    Also Indicine, it looks you have no other major stories to tell as you are wasting your time on writing articles on this flop actor.

  • Arjun kapoor is very good Actor I like Arjun kapoor Acting very much
    .Than Arjun carry on with your upcoming movie’s

  • Tever was a fantastic movie I aprisiate for the movie but want arjun to be more action and romance in next movie in 2015. Arjun please do one more movie this year

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