AR Rahman on why the music of JTHJ wasn’t his best work

A R RahmanIn an interview to a local daily, Oscar winning music composer and singer A R Rahman spoke on why the music of the much-hyped Jab Tak Hai Jaan, disappointed some of his fans.

“Some movies have this acceptance of whatever genre you do. There is a particular style of filmmaking they (Yash Raj Films) have tried and tested and they make amazing amounts of money. People love their movies and I had to fit into their genre. Their parameters were very small.”

When asked if he compromised on the quality of his music, or was restricted in some way, Rahman said “Not compromise, but I had to set my tone to their level. I had two songs in Punjabi.”

“They promote their songs very well. They are amazing people, they have a great studio. So I have probably gone out of my zone to meet their expectations. The film made Rs 250 crore. So they are very happy about that.” he added.

With Yash Chopra as the director, Shahrukh Khan as the hero and the Academy award winning Rahman-Gulzar behind the music, JTHJ was the most-awaited music album of the year. Unfortunately, on release, the songs on offer left a lot of Rahman fans underwhelmed.

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  • The very fact that he wasn’t nominated at any award functions, says it all. Ever since he won the Oscars, our award ceremonies have given him awards on a platter even when he didn’t deserve them.

    Pritam and a few others, have been consistently better.

    JTHJ has to be his worst in the last few years. Even Ek Deewana Tha with Hosanna was a much better album.

  • I ask why? you were too jealous to use big singers like Sonu Nigam, too proud to confess you can’t and give the work to composers like Shankar & too overrated to do a great job every time!

  • AR Rahman Sir dont worry about JTHJ, the movie which gave your fans a headache is now eventually forgotten and erased from our memories. The film was boring and you tried your best to lift the film but the script, dialogues and poor acting by Kat and SRK were the real reasons for the films poor showing. You can relax and in future stay clear of any SRK movies.

  • No. A.R JTHJ music was fresh and I wasn’t disappointed even a bit. Its just that JTHJ was SRK film, u had to take the heat of some haters..

    Its very bad that u were not nominated while SAJID WAJID and TALAASH’s composer were nominated.. for the shit they made..

    I loved JTHJ album and the 2 punjabi songs HEER and CHALLA they were ur best song pieces in the album..

  • U get some idiots who claim JTHJ was boring and poor acting!!! the film made over 120 crores in india and 75+overseas!! if it was the crap it shouldnt have crossed 50crores!! Indian mentality will never change with idiots around!!

  • Sajid Wajid were much better than Rahman Sir In 2012..

    Teri Meri Kahaani, Rowdy Rathore, Housefull2, Ishq In Paris, Dabangg 2, Tezz and the last but not the least…. ‘MASHALLAH’ EK THA TIGER.

  • @aashkaran Talaash’ music was fresh and relevant to its movie. JTHJs music was very dated- reminiscent of previous YRF films. The 2 punjabi songs were remastered but done so poorly that they too lost their soul like the rest of the movie. You clearly do not know refreshing music. You say Talaash was ‘shit’ when everyone agrees that it was a very out of the box album and had modern musical compositions. You also say JTHJ was refreshing when it was very ‘outdated’ as AR Rehman said himself. Mr Rehman is known for composing ‘refreshing’ music so if he reckons the music of JTHJ was not refreshing enough then who are you to disagree with the great maestro? Take of your SRK rose tinted specs and you will see what the world saw: JTHJ had a boring mundane storyline along with boring acting/dialogues/music and so on.

  • @kam You are the only idiot here my small minded friend.
    FYI JTHJ has made 200 cr worldwide but that does not mean it is beyond criticism. Nowadays films due to good publicity and marketing can make upto 150 cr worldwide in the first week of release, provided there are good holidays in that time. Just Look at all the money crappy made inside 1 week too.
    You should look at collections of movies in weeks 2 or 3 and this will show which films are good or bad. Kahaani, Rowdy Rathore and Dabang 2 had huge 2nd weeks so public acceptance was approved. When JTHJ had falling and negligible collections in subsequent weeks then that means the public can no longer digest that film. In simple terms so a person like you can understand, the film is rubbish and had succeeded in conning the public in watching it in first week before word of mouth or reviews could come out!!! Producers can make anything from 65% to 80% of their theatrical money in first week. Digest that before you criticise good films and blow the trumpet for bad films.
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan I will defend good cinema over bad cinema.

  • He’s so humble to admit it. Now I can understand why this happened. Yash Raj’s must have influenced & manipulated A.R. Rahman in a way they wanted. If A.R.R. was given the freedom of making music in his own style he would have definitely done justice to the album. At least he would have made the album situational;if not to please people.

    Some of his previous albums, like Rockstar & Raavan, (which I personally didn’t like much, apart from few songs) were quite situational. And even when the movies flopped his music was superhit.

    I wish next time he will again deliver a superhit album with Kochadaiyaan.

  • Jthj is easily the great a.r.rahman’s worst project so far but despite that, his worst work is the only best thing & the only saving grace of jthj. The record number of you tube views & likes that jthj got were mostly because of this genius & the legendary yashji.

  • @Navin . Talaash fresh music.. I dont even remember listening to any song….or should I say bearing any song for more than 30sec..Talaash would have been better off without any music..

    OK talk abt SAJID WAJID.. they are worst composers around..DABANGG2.. each and every song lifted from old songs.. still they are getting nominated..and u said JTHJ had outdated music..well VZ had outdated music too.. but look at that album.. PURE 24K GOLD..JTHJ was a very good album.. yes it didnt live up to its mammoth expectations….

  • i just don’t know, but looking at the previous comments !. each one knows exactly what happened while doing the movie!!!! and how Yachji forced Mr. rahman & limited whatever he wanted to do!!! and every one is a music critic understands exactly in every sound and tone!!!!!. and the last but not the least, SRK must has his share of offenses!!!!. very SAD.

  • @aashkaran whole duty of your life is defending SRK and his films.. Your talking about Dabangg 2 songs being lifted, what about those movies that are made by lifting scences from old hollywood classics? and here we are, giving awards to those film and performances..

    Ranbir Kapoor was clearly inspired by Charlie Chaplin and critics are praising him.. There was nothing special about his act in Barfi.

    Basically media gets money from these actors.. like NDTV supports SRK and writes all sorts of crap on Aamir, Salman and Akki..

  • @Aashkaran JTHJ music was the biggest failure of this year. You cant compare it with DDLJ or Dil To Pagal Hai or Veer Zaara. Those classics have had the 24K gold music.

    To be honest I dont even know all the songs in the album. Two or three songs, I’ve heard once. All i remember is the theme song in trailor and i like challa song because i am punjabi, rest of the songs i dont even know or remember.

    With that being said I should add that I loved the songs in SRK movies like DDLJ, DTPH, KKHH and specially Veer Zaara one of my favorite, one cant compare old classic songs with the sub-standard tracks of Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

  • if yash chopra
    influnces music director why then jatin lalit utam sing
    didnt get affected
    itz just ar rahman music doesnt reach to the level to these two great music composers
    but i like challa though

  • sajid wajid copied teri meri from fromromanian catholic song
    also pritam is the biggest chor ever he shouldnt have won this year

  • In an interview AR Rahman said:

    How was your experience working on Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

    There are two things over here. Firstly this wasn’t a comfort zone for me. I was entering a completely new school of thoughts. They have been successful for decades. I couldn’t say no to Yash Chopra. He was a legend so I had to work with them. Adi (Aditya Chopra) was very forward thinking whereas Yashji’s thoughts were classic so I had to satisfy both of them.

    When Yashji liked a tune Adi wouldn’t like it; when Adi liked one Yashji would refuse. So I had to match both of them and had to play a very interesting game. The music in a way was driven by both of them, I was just catering it. They were very clear about the script. I am very happy with the outcome. It was a great team.

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