Anushka Sharma’s NH10 to be screened at Beijing Film Festival!

Anushka Sharma’s maiden film as a producer, NH 10 has been selected for the 5th Beijing International Film festival. The festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

The movie was appreciated not only for its storyline and direction but also for the commendable acting performances from its cast. Anushka Sharma herself did an amazing job which resulted in national wide commercial and critical acclaim for the film.


Directed by Navdeep Singh, NH 10, also stars Neil Bhooplam, Darshan Kumar and Deepthi Naval apart from Anushka. The film will be screened on the 19th of April and it has been confirmed that the actor turned producer will be there representing our country. The presence of Navdeep Singh is yet to be confirmed.

Anushka is already having a great time both personally and professionally and with this honour she adds another feather to her cap. The actress has two big projects namely ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ directed by Zoya Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Bombay Velvet’ lined up for release this year.

Anushka Sharma  NH10

Anushka Sharma NH10

Apart from NH 10, Fig Fruit and the Wasps, by debutant M.S. Prakash Babu is another Indian film which is selected for the festival.



  • Great news….I dont knw whats the reason behind so much negativity for Dil Dhakdne Do…….People hate Ranveer….Yes! He is impulsive…..Cnt keep his bigmouth Shut…..But that guy surely knows how to act……I know its hard to digest for.his haters but movies like Band baaja Baarat,Gunday,Lootera,Ram Leela. Showed that he can act…… pretty sure DDD Will rock…..Abt Anushka…..She acts fab…..Be it in any Flick

  • I would say it really deserves it…. i watched the movie on DVD because they didnt release here.
    anyway here is my short review of the film

    Anushka did a fantastic job in this movie . neil bhoopalam was good but darshan kumar as Satbir surprised me, big time. Terrific job by all.

    The camerawork is very good and the sounds also work fine. There aren’t any surprising shock sound effects here, which is a good thing. That belongs to cheap Bollywood wanna be horror or thriller.

    NH10 keeps you on the edge of your seat. Some scenes will definitely shock you but it’s not over the top, as in many other horror/thriller movies. For me, “NH10” was the best crime/thriller I’ve seen for a while. Definitely worth a look, if you’re into more realistic thriller movies.

  • *****My top secret

    Actually i did’nt liked it but since critics loved it so i have to like it and write good words for it because i am going to be the best critic soon.

  • It was a gud movie but not a movie for watching in hall though i did ,it was based on social crime which crime patrol or savdhaan india had showed also many times but only diff. was that it have famous heroine and an diff. And better ending. This type of film is not meant for a good cinema i guess and these type of story are shown on tv many times u cannot make movie on these line ,it is completely waste of time and money for public and in these way the public will also ignore side movies so they should try diff. Stories .

  • I did not like DDD trailer at all….!!..
    But since there r names attached to it n also some critics raving abt it….. I was forced to say good…!! …
    My DDD real review– 1/5 star…!

    Actually i hv a big inferiority complex…. I tend to rate films according to banner for e.g i rate shitty 2rs phantom films higher becoz i don’t won’t to disappoint rajeev napasand, shubra gupta etc…….. I m biased critic….!! … I can’t be successful critic…. Worried!!! …..

  • “I didn’t liked it” ! ! ! Now I’m sure that @maNIPUNlation is none other than our Babaji ka thullu !

  • Very good @nipun!! Sorry to say but ur detective skills r not that good,i am not manipunlation.

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