Anurag to cast three Television actors in a film

Anurag Basu has decided to direct a film featuring three main actors Ajay Choudhary, Rohan Tiwari and Payel Kumar from his television mini-series ‘Love Story’. He wants to prove a point that the small screen actors can make it big on the larger screen.

“I started on television. I directed hundreds of episodes of Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, made a feature film Kucch To Hai for Ekta Kapoor , and then moved on to do films like Gangster. But I never lost my links with the home medium. In fact while directing Gangster I also directed the TV series Love Story.” says Anurag.

Basu is known for fighting seemingly and taking up challenges. Will he succeed in this venture where many others have failed??Only?time?will?tell



  • Yes, i m sure Anurag basu can give more true n talented stars to this industry,,, i have a faith in Ajy Choudhry alot… his acting skill r excellent,,, the death of DEV in the Love sotry shocked me for over weeks,,, which clearly shows tht he acted so well in the whole series,,, tht iit makes me upset fr such a long time… ANurag Basu’s gangster is also very touching mvoie.. ANurag ji… you are the only talented director industry has in todays time.


  • Hello Anuragji and anyone who reads my comments,
    My name is Sagar. I am a student in Eldoret, Kenya. I have watched tv only for the series Love story
    by Anurag Basu. The whole story has touched my heart. The story is somehow similar to my life in terms of anger, anti-socialism. I used to watch the whole series in sony tv but i dont know what happened to them that they stopped casting that serial. I was only able to watch until the episode when akash and bhatti are out of the jail and akash meets shruti after five years and that akash and shruti have a daughter names Arushi. Suddenly, after that episode the sony people broke my heart by putting a sudden end to that serial. Please tell me what happened after that. I will be more than grateful if anyone tells me what happened after that. My e-mail id is Please please please.

  • hii,….

    can anyone plz plz plz tell me the names of the three frnds…
    akash… dev and bhatti….
    i rally wanna knw their real name

  • where is aakash can some1 tell me some details,some profile or his future projects,plz tell me where is he some news

  • Ajay Chaudhary has just finished a serial called Phulwa in the role of SCP Abhay Rai Singh and I liked him very much. So I wanted to go back to have a look at him in Love Story which I did not watch when it was televised as a serial. I did not know anything about it. But I had often gone through the episodes of Love story online and found it very interesting. I particularly wanted to have a look at Ajay Chaudhary’s role as Dev in Love Story because I have enjoyed his role in Colors Phulwa and have listened to him in some interviews and read about him in So when I read this piece of news about Anurag Basu making a film version of his TV serial I am quite thrilled about it. But I do not know whether it is now or sometime gone. But if it is to happen I really look forward to it. Ajay Chaudary is wonderful to watch and I would like to see more and more of him. Thanks

  • sir I just love ur every projects.I loved very much ur show love story.frndz who couldntwatch it on sony,plz go youtube ,u ll find it.The ending was really awesome

  • Love story was an awesome serial televised on tv.. but we all want its season 2. Same cast and crew with a different story.. mishal and payel should b lead.. endibg of this serial was not soo good because there mood maker bhatti and dev werw dead. Akash and shruti together looks fab.

  • Anurag basu sir you should make a season 2 of this serial with same cast. Akash and shruti and there married life.. but dev and bhatti should come back.. or watever u want. But akash and shuruti should be together.

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