Anurag Kashyap breaks his silence after Bombay Velvet tanks at the box office

Anurag Kashyap’s latest film ‘Bombay Velvet’ is the biggest Bollywood disaster of all time. The film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar, was received poorly both by the critics and the audience.

The director took to social media website Facebook to express his thoughts on the ‘Bombay Velvet’ debacle.

“Its time to close the book and move on. its been a journey, as if one life is over with Bombay Velvet. a lot of people do not connect with it and a small number of people did. Maybe when the shock of the narrative wears down , you will revisit it in the calm of your homes and will get into it. Maybe our experimenting with the narrative didn’t work for most but i firmly believe in the film. This is the film i wanted to make and i am glad i got to make it. I am very happy that all those who have been part of this journey firmly stand with it. No i am not depressed or hiding, this has taught us a lot and is my absolute personal favourite, there have been no regrets whatsoever.”

He also thanked everyone who was associated with the film

“I want to thank Fox Star, Phantom, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya, Madhu Mantena, Vivek Agrawal, Sonal Sawant Rajeev Ravi Kunal Sharma Gyan Prakash Vasan Bala, Thani Mudaliar Niharika Bhasin Khan and team Deepika Gandhi Kshipra Jain Prerna Saigal Thelma Schoonmaker , Bharati Bahrani Padmini Nandakumar, Karuna Dutt , Smrutika Panigrahi Saqib Pandor Kulish Kant Thakur Vicky Barmecha, Sabrina Khan, Utsav Singh Hada Vyshakh RV , Dhara Jain Chuck Picerni Shilpa Srivastava Vishal Tyagi, Naveen Reddy, Navit Dutt Prana Studios, Mehma Sachdeva Kunal Ahuja, Mukti Mohan Neeti Mohan Amit Trivedi, Krutee Desai-Trivedi Amitabh Bhattacharya, Shaira Kapoor Shikha Kapur and teamErrol Kelly and team, Vijay Singh, Pathak, Harsh Kapoor, Satyadeep Misra, Kay Kay Menon, RK (Ranbir Kapoor), Anushka, Karan, Manish Prakash Chaudhari, Vivaan, Vicky Kaushal and all the actors, Shrikant Desai and team, everyone else who i can’t find on my Facebook, Every one who believed in the dream and lived it together, Ranjan Singh who stood behind us, Tanvi Gandhi, and the Film Team from Srilanka, Sarada Narayan Madhulika Jalali Gabriel Georgiou Puneet, Soumyajit Nandy , thank you all of you, and all the others who i can’t think of at the moment.”

“Thank you for your pride and love in what we did together, the process was beautiful and we have all come back richer from it. i think i am very rich today for having so many friends and people in my life and their faith. now lets get on to the next and lets kick ass. Films is what i breathe, what i live for, does not matter where i go and where i stay , i will only make films , and no i am not done with making films in and about my country, rest is just a little detour. none of you need to worry about me, we have survived so much, have been standing 22 years in the face of adversity and rejection. and i am still free with my choices. Bombay Velvet has been worth all the heart ache and pain and a memory to cherish for life. i love you all so much and i also feel all your love. Let my silence not worry any of you. i am solid, we are solid. The Applause or Brickbats do not matter, what matters is who is standing in the arena. its us who go out there and risk it, its us who choose not to take the easy route, its us who stand tall when they let the lions loose on us, we are and will be the gladiators, lets just keep playing the sport.. lets continue reinventing, lets give everything our best. and like Schwarznegger said, I WILL BE BACK..”



  • Main problem with Bombay velvet was its extremely Bad music….!!…

    Its songs such as dhadam dhaam, .. Ka gha kha … Fifi.. Buri bimari..darban ,, bezubaan were extremely pathetic and 3rd class B-grade stuff…..!!::::

    bombay velvet content was extremely pathetic and garbage…!!…

    But i liked 2nd trailer of bombay velvet…. Is just my personal confession now…..!!…
    But film was bad and worst of year,….!!….

  • Expecting similiar kind of letter from zoya akhtar for dil dhadakne do …….!!!….

    Dil dhadakne do budget is also pretty high…..!!.. And film is looking extremely dull and pathetic ……!!…. They r resorting to cheap publicity also….!..

    So bv,ddd biggest disasters of 2015 n indian cinema …….

  • The worst thing about hypocritical haters is that they are calling it a CRAP EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVEN’T WATCHED IT!

    I mean how you can know if a film is bad or good even without watching it?

    Many people are blindly supporting this negativity over social media. So mentality of “following others blindly to target a person” has really make them ugly .

    And even if you’re calling BV a bad film just becoz of its critics reviews, then call Gabbar and Rawdy Rathore Crap too! Becoz if BV reviews are average, Rawdy and Gabbar reviews are Bad. But you guys won’t follow the critics in these two films case becoz it does contain your own favourite star.

    And, I rate a film in terms of its content/quality, and not genre.
    Here are the films of 100 crores whom I found Bad/below average to Average in no particular order:

    1. Jai Ho
    2. Ready
    3. Bodyguard
    4. Kick
    5. Bang bang
    6. Chennai Express
    7. Ra1
    8. Happy New Year
    9. Rawdy Rathore
    10. Son of Sardaar
    and manymore whom I cann’t even remember! I have included only those films whom I’ve watched.

  • Bombay Velvet Deserved to be Disaster But Ranbir Fans Should not be sad Bcoz Biggest Disaster Of Bollywood Is Given By Our Bhojpuri Superstar Salman Khan Marigold(2007) Lifetime Below 1cr

  • AND YES! I’m saying it again.

  • Both Kashyap brothers have ruined poor Ranbir’s career.I remember Abhinav during Besharam’s release predicting the movie to cross CE’s collection

  • Where is our babyface ranbir kapoor…
    why he is hiding now…
    I have a doubt about shandar n udta punjab…
    Bcoz both these film is produce by anurag kashyab production phantom films…

  • Bombay velvet will find it difficult to cross imran hashmi’s Mr.X collections :.

    Bomvay velvet got average 2.5 / 5 stars..
    And mr X got 1/5 stars…

    BUt the hard fact having said that is MR x was a better dilm than bombay velvet…
    I find Mr x was gud than bomvay vetvet

  • @nipun be ready now
    I feel that
    dil dhadakne do will turn out flop movie or may be disaster…
    bcoz people didn’t like trailer n songs
    Once again this movie is not for single screen audience…
    and mainly people r waiting for emmi vidya starer hamari adhuri kahani…

  • Yes, Its not your fault. Actually, Ranbir ruins your career.
    Dear all directors, #StayAwayFromRanbir.

  • @Nipun ur blindly supporting Youngistaan let me tell u some more nonsense 100cr movies according to ur Logic
    1) Ek Villian ( too much overrated was hugely helped by music & Ritesh deshmukh negative role apart from this film is big 0)
    2) Ramleela ( Another overrated film again hugely helped my songs & Deepika who was in top Form that time film was full waste nothing new)
    3) Yjhd ( Ok film but reviews were not excellent again helped my music big way & Deepika presence + dharma production made it more bigger)

  • @Nipun ur blindly supporting Youngistaan let me tell you more nonsense 100cr movies according to ur Logic
    1) Ek Villian ( too much overrated was hugely helped by music & Ritesh deshmukh negative role apart from this film is full waste)
    2) Ramleela ( Another overrated film again hugely helped my music big way & Deepika who was in top Form that time still is )
    3) Yjhd ( Good film but reviews were not excellent again helped my music & Deepika presence + dharma production made it more bigger )
    only 2 States was well Deserving 100cr of Youngistaan

  • When directors will make fun of the public and their liking for commercial cinema,the public will spit on their face and their garbage offering.

  • I like anurag kashyap because he is fearless in his interviews and straightforward just like emmy.
    Although anurag is a bit over the top when he said ‘ i will reject 5cr but will not watch Grand masti ‘.
    This gave him more haters.
    Anurag makes dark movies . I really LIKED gow 1,2 of his. Hoping he works with emmy some day.
    Emmy also has slashed his price from 12cr to 3cr. So he can afford emmy.

  • @Srk Fan: Blind support? ? Lol. . How much support I have shown earlier for films like Gunday or Tevar? Even though they were bad films, there were no such negativity.
    All I can say is.. One shouldn’t follow others blindly to target a person.
    When someone is making a brave experiment, it will either fail or succeed! The Brave experiment by Kashyap has failed. What’s the reason and need of so much hatred?

  • But it is too higher than the lifetime collection of bhaijaan all time disaster marigold 30lakhs. Lol
    bhaijaan rocks!!

  • @nipun….

    Gabbar was 1000 times much better than worst bombay velvet…..!!…

    And Rowdy rathore was 10000 times more better than bombay velvet……!!…

    Accept this and get lost u moron loser…..!!…

    Tired of such fake pseudo intellectual…….

  • Just an idea- Instead of closing the book Mr Kashyap maybe you should open up your fat cheque book n reimburse distributors for huge losses they incurred in financing your perverse fantasy….!

    PS on a serious note- money men should not indulge such fantasies of crappy directors like Anurag or RGV in future- such directors should NEVER be given a budget greater than 10cr IMO as their kind of perverse cinema is only enjoyed by the lame in our society ie nipuns….!

  • @ Nipun It doesn’t matter what critics say about a particular film. At the end of the day, the JANTAS ( the people who pay their hard earned money) … the people who want to whistle and clap at theaters to their loyal stars matter… The pseudo intellectuals critics such as Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra and Raja Sen will never appreciate the Masala movies because they can’t understand the pulse of Aam Jantas…..

    Rowdy Rathore made even more money than 3 Idiots and Dabbangg in its 4th and 5th week…. are you trying to say those people who come out in Lakhs to watch a movie are stupid? Even Gabbar is back is inching towards semi-hit status ……

    People who watched Rowdy weren’t stupid, but the producers of Bombay Velvet were stupid because they made a niche dark film in a whopping budget of 120 crore.

    So Logic explained. Case Dismissed.

  • @3:02pm

    You yourself defended Non Flying Kites for yrs as being a good film but only last yr you farcically admitted you still had not seen it in its full entirety so isnt that hypocrisy Mr Hypocrite Manipulative Wannabe Critic…?

    Those like me who paid to watch that crap in 2010 upon release have an opinion thats worth more than yours as you only saw that crap for free yrs later on your pink laptop with floating baby lootera dolls in the background…!

  • There is a joke in twitter made by KKR that Anurag Kashyap is going to make a Bhojpuri film next. I think Anurag should take Nipun as a lead actor.

  • first time my prediction went wrong.I predicted 65-110cr. but I still believe Ranbir is better than akshay.


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