Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor on Koffee With Karan: Watch

Filmmaker Karan Johar was in conversation with the glamorous father-daughter duo of Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, who are yet to share screen-space in a Bollywood movie!

If you happened to miss the show on television (aired on Sunday night) you can watch Anil Kapoor talk about his relationship with Sonam. Sonam’s cousin Arjun Kapoor too has a few interesting facts to share on Sonam and Anil.

Also, find out who wins Karan’s Koffee hamper.



  • Sonam is just a big-headed, arrogant, overconfident bitch. Not only she thinks that she is an icon but also thinks that she is a great actress. For her entire career she has only 2 hits;Bhaag Milka & Raanjhana. Even in those movies were talk of the town because of the male leads, not Sonam. In BMB she had a role of less than 15 minutes & she is xlaiming it to be her film! Just get a life girl..!!

    Plus if she is really a fashion icon, she can’t make a mistake at any place, at any event. But what the hell is she wearing on this show? She looks like a granny & claiming to be a style icon. Before watching this show I thought it’s her bad luck not getting good movies, despite being a pretty lady. But now I don’t want to see her in movies at all. I really hate her and her rubbish attitude. All her prettiness will last until she opens her mouth.

  • yo @anupama,chill out man,Sonam is not what you think,she is tlanted and she have good will see her in 2015 in two big films

  • Who cares for this show. Interestingly indicine updated article for every KWK Show but missed of Akshay’s episode. @anupama yes you are right about her attitude she should control his attitude and its better to do hard work rather than being a fashion icon for no reason, you missed IHLS which was hit for Sonam in 2010.

  • @Anand: I hate luv storys was just an average movie;not a clean hit. Some said its hit, some said its average. Plus why should I be jealous of her? She has absolutely NOTHING for me to be jealous of her. There are enough people in the industry who are much prettier, talented and fashionable than her. If at all I would be jealous of them;not of Sonam. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? ;-)

  • i heard that maximum people called her as PANAOTI.
    agreed, neither she can act nor she has the ability to potray the good image. Just she get chance in salman’s next movie she has started talking bull shits

  • Sonam i jst lov eU.
    i want to watch kwk (your episode)
    somewhere i heard srk nd trolled
    wah maza aayega…

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