Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter account hacked

The official Twitter handle of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was hacked on Monday. The hacker followed porn websites from Bachchan’s Twitter account.

“WHOA !..My Twitter handle hacked! Sex sites planted as ‘following’! Whoever did this, try someone else, buddy, I don’t need this” Bachchan tweeted.

The megastar is the most followed Indian on Twitter with more than 16.5 million followers.



  • “Whoever did this, try someone else, buddy, I don’t need this”

    why with someone else ??? only you want to be safe ??? baki duniya bhaad me jaye…..???

  • On one hand hacking is a commendable job as it requires lot of skills and knowledge but on the other hand its really shameful to use your skills and knowledge for doing wrong things.

  • Must be Salman. First road crime, then forest crime, and now cyber crime. Oh but i forgot salman doesn’t know english properly. How will he do such technical work himself. It must be his driver.

  • Maybe bachchan got drunk last night and actually followed those site.but today morning he woke up realising wat he had to prevent embarrassment he gave this ‘hacked’ excuse

  • @ Emraan Superfan : How can you say something like that ? I didn’t hack Amitji’s account , because I don’t know how to hack .
    But I know very well how to smack people , the way I did to my girlfriend .

  • @Emraan superfan:: Yeah sure Bhai must be viewing porn afterall he does’nt have a gf or wife. Shera must have hacked on his behalf. lol
    We want CBI inquiry ,lol

  • Hahahhaa !!!!!!!! Look at the retards, their idols (Srk, Emraan, Akki) does not have enough dumm to show on Box office and they dont have enough dumm to comment such abuses on Salman pages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep posting such comments on Big B, Phantom, Varun Sharma’s articles and satisfy. Salman will come and blow you and your idols just with one movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chal betas burnol ley rey rey ………. ey ey ye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Babaji : you are not saint who never watched it !!!!!!!!!! Salman will watch and knows Akki n his fans ki kaise marnaa hai (Box office pe) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But your Akki is enough to troll his own fans with typical trademark verdicts (Flops, Average, below average) !!!!!! Yesterday you were barking against Sunny (funny) chachi pretending to be a saint and now your true colors are exposed again and again !!!!!! Shameless an d worst chameleon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Also the so called literate and class idols story as follows:

    * Srk – Did Maya Memsaab, a semi-porn movie

    * Akshay – Walk on the ramp and asked his wife to unzip his jeans in front of crowd. And his movie writes a moral less book and gives “Penis Penis Penis Penis” replies to media !!!!!!!!

    * Emraan : Is known for kissing and intimated scenes in his movies. Since he stopped doing such scenes his market value has gone down drastically.

    I feel proud being a Salman Khan fan, despite not so educated and intellectual he has a true indian values and morals unlike these shameless actors !!!!!!!!!!!!! He has never done any of the above things in to help his career despite going through worst phase !!!!!!!!!! Proud of you Bhaijaan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe accidentally pressed following by someone who knows the passwords!
    @Thullu’s s, its jaadoo boy who pressed the following button on the say @emraan’s idiot fan because jadoo boy was deserted in half way by his wife.
    It can be also be by Chakki to learn skills on how to publicly un-button his pant on his stage using his wife Twinkle.
    @Challa while Pornstar Sunny wished for Bhai, your chote mote porn star Sarookh showed his wish to star with @_Sunny Leone on the set of the promotion of the jackpot.
    Who knows it can also be pressed by babysitter @buddaji ka thullu in his rememberance of the baby @nipun.

  • Salman not only support good but also take action for bad.
    Salman never misbehave any girl,woman except one or two till today except one so there is high possibility that she must have done something that he has to such kind of step.
    He loves people that doesnt mean u can do anything whether it is wrong.all are same for him whether a man,woman or anyone else.he just speak or do anything straight from heart what he feels.

  • @Hrithik Please tell me the location where Burnol is available.Since you have been using it for past one decade you will be having more experience of using it

  • @Anand Any Gentleman(not somebody who beats his Girlfriend) won’t refuse to work with any heroine when he’s asked about it in front of entire public.And why won’t Sunny not want to work with Bhai since a non-actress won’t find a role in a movie starring Srk,Aamir or hrithik since she would need to act in those movies

  • I see a Bhai-fan giving lectures on human values !
    Sadly these ‘values’ were absent from Bhai’s dictionary when he abused his girlfriend , abused his girlfriend’s boyfriend (LOL) , hunted blackbuck , killed innocent people , etc etc – the list is endless !!!

  • @Challa : burnol nahi toh ice cube ley ley …. that will help you better !!!!!! BB success se jali padi hai srkians ki, Khujliwale will be another HNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough of it. No more respect. Wherever I see you Mr. @Challa you will be bashed by me and believe me every Srk article form hereon will be a torture for you guys. You are turning into a Babaji reloaded version !!!!!!! :-p

  • After @sss @I am dhakkan @Babaji @Eric it is @Challa who is a new entrant in my Black diary and will be always on top when comes to receive bashing for anti Salman !!!!!!!

    @Challa : You have been applying burnol since 2007 for poor srk inability to give HGOTY !!!!!!! Even during worst phase Salman had 1 HGOTY and 1 Blockbuster. Your so called decade ruler without a single HGOTD (Highest Grosser of the Decade) Whereas Salman has 2 HGOTD and Aamir has one !!!!!!! Lol

  • @Phenom : Do you understand the difference between morals and mistakes ?? Are you trying to defend Srk, Akshay or Emraan ? Are you trying to say Maya Memsaab was a mistake by Srk ? Was Criminal (Ra.One) song a mistake ? was conjum conjum dialogues (Ra.One) in front of a kid was a mistake ? Was bre@staking line from HNY was a mistake ? Haan !!!!!! Srk kare toh chamatkaar !!!!!! Dujaa kare to Baladk… r ?? Lol on your double standards ?? You can only bark about Salman’s personal life and his past but when comes to his professional life or Present tumhari batti lull hojaati hai !!!!!! Exactly like your king’s career is getting lull !!!!!! ROFL

  • @Challa, Sorry! Not for that! He has actually wished for hardcore p with her since he had already done softcore one in the form of Maya Memsaab!

  • Looks like after bb’s blocbuster success, srk fans are pretty much in depression that they are even using salman’s name on amit ji article. But still i m waiting for dilwale because salman khan fans are not like srkians who will get jealous of other celebrities’ success. Main difference between us and all srk fans.

  • @hrithik,oh!!!!!so much frustration due to TRUTH is coming out of your burnol/ice cube can help you ,LOL.keep burning like this.salman is listening all these words for the bad sins he did it in please you don’t try to mae him innocent.and peoples like you are the sole reason why normal peoples like you are suffering due to these rich people’s money driven criminal boy.

    When you can’t find much explanation about your clarification besides singing that bhojpuri towelwala song,say simply ‘I quit’.

    @ananad_bhojpuri,I too enjoyed how bhai is dragging skirts of heroines but can’t understood simple thing why every girl left bhai besides only his bodyguard,oh I got bhai is trying to give a message to his follower male fans like you how to live with boys instead with girls and claiming as virgin all the time how sunny claims,really it is very challenging step taken by our bhai.

    @Challa,hilarious comment bro.especially that burnol topic is too funny,@hrithik bhojpuri trolled badly.

  • I think it must be non other than unsecured king of manipulations haklu or his PR behind this hacking. He knows he can never achieved the legend status like dilip Kumar, Big B and aamir khan so that’s why he is trying all these cheap tactics because his popularity is nowhere close to legend Big B and he can never take place of Big B.

  • Lol this article was about big b’s account being hacked but look at these salman’s haters, seems that their brains (which are usually in their knees) also got hacked :D :D

    @Emraan Superfan, yeah it might have been his driver but even his driver is more popular & is more respected than the ever-desperate serial kisser emraan (who has unfortunately been long forgotten in bollywood) and of course the driver’s english would be much better than both ur’s & ur lip sucker idol’s ‘so…so…’ english, salman ke baare mei itna maath soch but yeh soch ki tere dubta hua old scooter emraan ka karenge tho kya kare, flop pe flop……. flop pe flop…..dehte ja raha hei, do something about that smelly serial smoocher man :D

  • @challa. I guess ur original ID here on indicine was also hacked by some retard queentard tabi soochru why r u comments getting more ridiculous than ur nautanki overacting queen’s senseless tweets :D i also think u must have hacked into ur own queen’s account and must have posted some nonsensical tweets from his account, that wankhede security guard whom ur item queen abused made more sense than day than ur idol’s & ur’s so called ‘wannabe intelligent but actually ridiculous’ comments makes these days lol :D

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