Amitabh Bachchan visits Dilip Kumar in hospital: Photo

Industry legend Amitabh Bachchan visited the Lilavati hospital in Mumbai to meet his idol Dilip Kumar, who is steadily recovering.

“Mr. Bachchan came to meet Dilip Kumar today at around 7pm. They chatted for around half an hour. As far as Kumar’s health is concerned he is absolutely fine and he now desperately wants to go back home,” said Udaya Tara Nayar, Kumar’s close family friend.

Dilip Kumar who was in ICU ever since he was hospitalised was shifted to the general ward Sunday afternoon.


Amitabh Bachchan meets Dilip Kumar in hospital

Amitabh Bachchan meets Dilip Kumar in hospital



  • It’s a treat to watch Dilip kumar and Amitabn bachan together. They are the 2 pillars of bollywood, where is the 3rd pillar?
    @Indicine team: Is Srk’s short visit to mumbai is to meet Dilip Kumar in Hospital?

  • @soroop: what happened to the 3rd shahensha (srk) of bollywood? oh !! he is still busy counting money from CE success or may be shooting for another crap called HNY. Your srk appears only for money or glam (filmfare cover). It is sad Dilip sir n Saira Ma’m had called a person like srk as their son who have no time for parents !!

  • @Hrithik shahrukh dont socialise his meetings unlike salman khan…
    Salman shows off datzz y weneva he meets somebody… paparazzi’s r already dere to capture him.

  • @Hrithik Where is you Hrithik then or other bollywood stars? You’re just a fool who doesn’t know anything, SRK’s a great person and helped many people, doesn’t need to do it publicly to prove anything to people like you.

    Just worry about krish 3, songs were crap and so was the trailer. Why is hrithik doing films like agneepath n krrish 3? They’re also for money or are they offbeat ‘quality’ films as well?

  • @Damnnnnn….!!!: we salman or hrithik fans never call our heros as 3rd pillar or consider in the league of elders not bcoz they dont deserve but it is the respect to highness of Dilip sir n Big B. It was srk fans who were shouting from roof when the Filmfare cover with Dilip sir, Big B & srk was published. A real star would stand in league in any situation not just to grab some glam or publicity. Last, dont talk like stupid, if srk does not publicise such things then why his visit to see Hrithik Roshan in hospital was published in media with pics?

  • @hrithik no u r wrong.Thakur has not paid the bill of Lilavati hospital when he visited last time there for his shoulder operation so now he will meet Dilip kumar when he gets

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