Amitabh Bachchan set to become first Indian to cross 20 million Twitter followers

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan will soon become the first Indian (and obviously the first personality from Bollywood) to touch the 20 million followers mark on Twitter.

The actor thanked his fans on his official Twitter page.

“Badumba! 20 million! Thank you all… Now to 30 million! And your time starts now!” Bachchan tweeted. 

His Twitter page shows 20 million followers as the number is rounded off, but the actual total is yet to cross the 20 million mark.

Check out Top 5 most followed Indians on Twitter

  • Amitabh Bachchan – 19,959,938 followers
  • Narendra Modi – 18,771,481 followers ( -1,188,457 fewer than Amitabh Bachchan)
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 18,588,439 followers (-183,042 fewer than PM Modi)
  • Aamir Khan – 16,941,201 followers (-1,647,238 fewer than SRK)
  • Salman Khan – 16,766,519 followers (-174,682 fewer than Aamir)


  • Pm Modi will beat Amitabh Bachchan soon.. Last time I think he was behind SRK.. now ahead and difference also has reduced.

  • Wow !!!!! Salute to the only Mega Legend of the Bollywood industry.

    One can understand if the newsmakers and current hot property like Khans or Modi have such a huge following. But for Amitabh Bachchan (at this age and no longer a hero) it is really amazing. Just shows the respect and love people have for him even today.

    Just compare him with his co stars like Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha and one will have an idea how well has he survived and still doing great work in the Bollywood industry.

    It was probably in the years 1996 to 2000 when he realized that he longer can continue as the typical hero particularly the Lal Badshaah debacle movie. Once he realized that then there has be no stopping him with strong content based roles like Black, Paa, Cheeni Kum, Baghban, Kaante, Khakee, Aks, Mohabbatein, Ankhen, Sarkar, Piku, etc.

    Where he stands today at this age shall be the target eventually for the top senior stars of today i.e. Khans, Ajay and Akshay.

  • Amitabh is legend u give him any look & script he will shine in acting . Nobody is close to him .Respect to god of Indian cinema .

  • Duniya Ka Sabse bada SUPERSTAR

    Amitabh Bachchan

    koi sak !

    Srk is self claimed Duniya Ka Sabse bada SUPERSTAR .. have sak!

  • @ANK amitabh is god of cinema.he still has 3 khans will vanish like vinod khanna,dharmendra,dilip,shashi,shatru when they reach 73 age.
    because everybody is not amitabh or sachin.

  • Indicine salman khan recently crossed 30 million followers on fb please make an article on this also i think fb is more popular than twitter.

  • he opened his twitter a/c before any other Indian celebrity & he regular tweets something.
    he is close to 20 Million followers but his tweets hardly gets 1k RTs while other celebrities like SRK,Salman gets close to 5k-6k Rts everytime

  • @ Ravinder at 2:22 pm : Yes he is the god of cinema. But dont agree that the Khans will just vanish away.

    Among the Khans I do not have any doubt about SRK and Amir (as they have already been loved in a variety of roles) playing top content based roles at the age of 73. Salman fans may not like it but honestly I feel Salman will have the toughest time among the 3 Khans in that regard.

  • @Indicine : Few days ago SALMAN KHAN crosses 30 million followers on FACEBOOK(which is highest for any actor)…. No article on that…. When will TWITTER is being considered as bigger social networking platform than FACEBOOK…. Or is just an another example of HYPOCRISY ????

  • Why don’t you publish any article about Facebook followers. Facebook is more popular than twitter.

  • Congratulation to AB sir for this achievements…

    @Indicine, great so you make an article on this and when recently Salman Khan cross 3 Cr Followers in Facebook which is also the highest among all actors you didn’t do the same, why such partiality or you think that achieving 30 millions in FB is not a big deal. even I request you twice to make an article on this.

    Well it’s your choice I cannot do anything beside request… take care Indicine…

  • @Indicine please why you not published my article?
    I had sent you top 15 and Top 10 most followed indian Celebrities on Facebook and Twitter just 5 day before

  • @indicine..
    plz dont be biased.. Also publish article on fb..
    i know ur Srk in not even close to salman on twitter..but u should not be biased nd make an article on it..
    From – Ranbir kapoor fan

  • @indicine why u are not posted about salman,s 30million likes on facebook why so much biasedness with salman

  • @ANK rightly so. It’s really amusing to see big b reaching at this state of popularity at this age which no one else in the history of Indian cinema has reached. the fact that big b came in the industry during the period when Rajesh khanna was ruling the industry like an emperor and he was the original superstar of the industry. He enjoyed the craze and crazy fan following which no one else ever enjoyed including Big B. When big b entered the industry he had unconventional look and he was not considered as glamorous as his contemporaries like dharmendra, vinod khanna, Rajesh khanna, etc. He was only offered supporting roles or second lead in films like Anand, saat Hindustani, namak haraam, reshma aur Shera, chupke chupe with then ruling superstar Rajesh khanna and dharmendra. Who would have thought at that time that the same unconventional looking actor, slim and tall non glamorous looks would not only replace Rajesh khanna as the superstar of the millenium and rule the industry like a maestro, but maintain his unprecedented popularity and charisma even at the age of 75 and lead in all spectrums be it twitter, TV show KBC, as family person and lot more. Though the craze of Rajesh khanna was never matched by anyone, but the mega stardom and respect achieved by big b is really unparalleled and implacable. Hats of to this Mega legend and Megastar of the millenium AMITABH BACHCHAN.

  • Boogie Woogie children costume prop show. Hahaha asli aukat of most flop giving actor in bollywood Joker. I can see why Srk Salman Hrithik Aamir rejected the role. Smart move by the real superstars of bollywood. His films are always be grade type of storyline except for some few of recent. budget may be high for those movies but acting skills still like that of a amateur. Lucky man to get offers and fame because of his cheap availability for anykind of roles narrated to him.

  • Where are makkis saying Aamir has no followers? ROFL Gobar fans. Yesterday Sid today blank in both articles.

  • @Vyom makand, beast & others…. bro, indicine post only those articles in which srk is ahead of salman bcz Indicine know well that we salman fan will tear them in that article.. example… Lowest grosser of an actor, but indicine didn’t posted any article on highest grossers of an actor bcz indicine know well that Salman or even HR is ahead of him.

  • @Stark1 : There are more bot accounts on SRK followers list than anyone. I am sure if those fake PR and bot accounts are removed SRK will have less than Salman and Hrithik followers !!!!!!!!!!!! Respect the legend called Big B if you cant say good about him STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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