Amitabh Bachchan denies illegal business, says his name was misused

Amitabh Bachchan broke his silence on the Panama Papers leak, after a scandal erupted on Sunday when media groups began revealing the results of a year-long investigation into leaked confidential documents from Mossack Fonseca.

The paper, where Indian Express was the Indian partner, revealed that Amitabh was appointed director of four offshore shipping firms – one in the British Virgin Islands, 3 in the Bahamas. These were set up in 1993. The authorised capital of these companies was between 5,000 to 50,000 dollars but they traded in ships worth millions of dollars.

Below is Amitabh Bachchan’s press statement:

“I do not know any of the companies referred to by Indian Express – Sea Bulk Shipping Company Ltd, Lady Shipping Ltd, Treasure Shipping Ltd, and Tramp Shipping Ltd. I have never been a director of any of the above stated companies. It is possible that my name has been misused. I have paid all my taxes including on monies spent by me overseas. Monies that I have remitted overseas have been in compliance with law, including remittances through LRS, after paying Indian taxes. In any event the news report in Indian Express does not even suggest any illegality on my part.”



  • Mr. Bachchan,
    You are very lucky. Nobody is questioning you much.
    Had this been with SRK. People would have called him Anti National again. Protested against his film. Give their expert opinions.
    Your pain is nothing compared to him.
    Just imagine how much it hurts when people of your country call you anti-national after you gave blood and soul working in the country for 25 years and making India proud.
    You can never feel that pain Mr. Bachchan.

  • It is simple. If he has done something illegal he should be punished as per law. And it applies to all be it Big B, SRK, Salman and everyone else. Law shall be above all persons.

    Till the time he is proven guilty I will take his words at its face vale.

  • there should be probe if amitabh found guilty he should stripped all the padma shri,padmavibhushan,padma bhushan and national awards.

  • Didn’t understood even a single thing?.
    But have full faith in Bigb.
    @cvnkumar So true..that too when his father was a freedom fighter and had been even jailed during the freedom struggle.

  • @cvn Kumar a very hard truth we Indians think all Muslims are anti national and we call terrorist group Hippocrates but in fact everyone is Hippocrates ,,,,,srk is Muslim and everybody starts hate him without any reason ,,,,,,shame

  • In yet another news after a few days, Indian Express went in to a secret deal with AB not to pursue or print any related news (false/true)……It is rumoured that Indian Express just ran in to cash crunch and the marketing team had come up with some brilliant ideas to “expose” the rich and cash in with secret dealings….!!!

  • Read this, you’ll enjoy and understand the issue in simplest terms. ???????

    Panama Papers Piggy Bank Analogy Has The Simplest Explanation For The Offshore Scandal

    It’s really that simple. ?

    If you still don’t understand the significance of the 11.5 million offshore financial records leaked in the ‘Panama papers’ on Sunday, we’ve got help.

    US Reddit user DanGliesack has shared an insightful explanation of how secret tax havens can be used to ‘hide’ someone’s money – using a child and their piggy bank.

    In the simple story, you are the child, and you decide what to do when you are given a quarter.

    “When you get a quarter you put it in the piggy bank. The piggy bank is on a shelf in your closet. Your mom knows this and she checks on it every once in a while, so she knows when you put more money in or spend it.

    Now one day, you might decide ‘I don’t want mom to look at my money.’ So you go over to Johnny’s house with an extra piggy bank that you’re going to keep in his room. You write your name on it and put it in his closet. Johnny’s mom is always very busy, so she never has time to check on his piggy bank. So you can keep yours there and it will stay a secret.

    Now all the kids in the neighborhood think this is a good idea, and everyone goes to Johnny’s house with extra piggy banks. Now Johnny’s closet is full of piggy banks from everyone in the neighborhood.

    One day, Johnny’s mom comes home and sees all the piggy banks. She gets very mad and calls everyone’s parents to let them know.

    Now not everyone did this for a bad reason. Eric’s older brother always steals from his piggy bank, so he just wanted a better hiding spot. Tim wanted to save up to buy his mom a birthday present without her knowing. Sammy just did it because he thought it was fun. But many kids did do it for a bad reason.

    Jacob was stealing people’s lunch money and didn’t want his parents to figure it out. Michael was stealing money from his mom’s purse. Fat Bobby’s parents put him on a diet, and didn’t want them to figure out when he was buying candy.

    Now in real life, many very important people were just caught hiding their piggy banks at Johnny’s house in Panama. Today their moms all found out. Pretty soon, we’ll know more about which of these important people were doing it for bad reasons and which were doing it for good reasons. But almost everyone is in trouble regardless, because it’s against the rules to keep secrets no matter what.”

  • @Challa Srk’s father was a freedom fighter idiot get your facts correct.And @cvn kumar srk has not worked for us he has done it for his own welfare and if says anything against country then he will have to pay for it.You both talk about srk don’t forget Aamir Khan he suffered much more than that hakla.

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