Amitabh Bachchan crosses 13 million followers on Twitter

Bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan is still the most-followed Indian on social media website Twitter. His following has now crossed the 13 million mark.

Bachchan is followed by Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Narendra Modi as the Top 5 highest followed Indians on Twitter.

The megastar is also the most active personality on Twitter with an average of nearly 20 tweets everyday.

He tweeted:

T 1756 – And its finally 13 million on twitter .. thank you all my wishers .. !! 13 million !!

Meanwhile, Bachchan awaits the release of his upcoming film ‘Shamitabh’. He will be seen opposite Dhanush and Akshara Haasan.



  • Great numbers..
    Mostly number of followers suggest a huge popularity certainly but not necessarily that they will be converted in boxoffice numbers..
    now it is pretty much clear from all recent movies boxoffice performances..
    Meanwhile ,, big b was is and will be all time biggest superstar.
    dont like to compare him with any other stars be it srk or salman or any.
    That era was completely diff..
    no comparison at all..

  • Great going Sir- PS I should join in on the fun too myself but Im just happy following our Global King n reading the nonsense of his fans like ‘king is king’, ‘thats king khan for you’, ‘300cr lungi storm coming’ etc etc

    Too much fun following king

  • Having around 11 million followers with just 260 tweets and 7 following is just astonishing!
    Kudos Aamir!
    SRK has tweeted 9000 times and Salman around 40K.
    Being a researcher at hike, I have noticed that until Jan 2014, difference between followers of SRK and Aamir was 0.6 Million but this Jan 2015 it is down to 0.2 million. So, I can safely say that Aamir will equal or cross SRK by the end of this year!

  • @Navin – u r unnecessarily dragging srk in between in each and every topics.we srk fans never said any wrong about salman whenever not needed.Dont force us.U dont like srk its fine its ur choice.
    Be a gentle one.

  • @Navin, the fag with the most dislikes on Indicine. Rememeber his 150+ dislikes with one comment, shame on you!!! After getting so much dislikes I would hide in a dark corner and let all Indicine commenters throw rotten tomatoes on me.

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