Amar Singh on Shahrukh Khan

Amar Singh on Shahrukh Khan, the detention in US, his friend Amitabh Bachchan, his health and a lot more.


On SRK and the US detention issue –

Shahrukh says he’ll pray for my physical and mental health. Why? Because I commented on his detention at the US airport? Please tell him that I’m fine, both physically and mentally. But I pray for a better zubaan for Shahrukh. He must understand that I didn’t comment on him. I commented on an issue much larger than his detention. Where were those four central ministers who’ve been so vocal about Shahrukh’s detention, when Abdul Kalam was detained at an airport? Why didn’t they speak up then? Why has Shahrukh’s detention become a national issue? If it has, lets immediately cancel all diplomatic ties with the US. Indians are stripped and frisked routinely at London airport. Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) has been similarly detained in France and Switzerland. Have you ever heard him complain? And he isn’t even a Khan. My wife was detained at an international airport recently. So whats the hue and cry about?

On his health and ‘brother’ Amitabh Bachchan-

My kidney transplant has been performed successfully. But I’m here in Singapore till at least September 10, under medical observation. After that, I’m free to return. But I haven’t really taken a decision on when to return. I’m very happy here. My wife is here, and so is my elder brother, Amitji. I wont insult our relationship by saying hes my friend. Friends toh aate jaate hain, sukh-dukh mein. No friend does what Amitji’s done for me. He’s been with me here, looking after me. I must’ve done something really good in my past life to deserve this.

Today, I know nothing matters more than my health. Not my political allies, for sure. If I died, what would they do? Hold a condolence meeting and move on. Mahatma Gandhi, Nehruji, Indiraji, Rajivji – they all died. But the government and the world moved on. No. I’ve realized that only family and a few close friends matter, like my brother Amitji, Anil Ambani and Sanjay Dutt.

Credit : Times of India



  • all the people are similar …if anything different then that’s the attitude…what people understand is depend on how people think…attitude ….that’s why some1 +ve toward srk and others are -ve…..

    if someone think srk must be dettained
    or he his dettaintion should be buried in crave
    or india mustnot voice over injustice…..

    or these kind of dettaintion must be followed in following day with another superstar, idol, president, prime minster and people of india…..then what can i say….this is all what in their mind……

    srk has voiced over that injustice….not just as the superstar,,also as an indian…who are always domineted…..bcoz of there cast, their nationality…..

    his effort is considerable and regardable….atleast someone stand against that….i think he has done no mistake

  • I don’t like Amar Singh at all. He is always against muslims and he doesn’t deserve to be a part of Indian Politics because of his arrogance…..

  • hey allien kutte tu kya samajhte ho apne apko? ye amar singh kon he koun janta??? how many people know him in world ???? srk is the one of the biggest superstar of the world.. and one and only king of bollywood ..

  • hey Khan,

    Grow up or go to school first and learn english , read that artical properly and try to understand what Amar Singh ji is trying to say and tell you all.

    its not about muslim or any religion.

    and the fact is these stars like Sharukh they are like popcorns they like to pop coz they are corns only.
    look at amitabh he never like to come in media , in news or in reviews because he know what he is and he will remain same all his life, he do not need to prove himself coz he is a legend.
    and for your information the amitbh is working from the time when sharukh did not even thought to come in industry he was a baby with his feeder playing around in his home with toys.

    you don;t need to speak to tell mass that what you are, one day they will come to know what is fact…and the fact is srk has started feeling insecure as his popularity is going down so surely he need to speak about himself or need to bring himself in attention just to make ppl relaize that he is still there but not amitabh because ppl know what he is and he dont need to remind ppl that he exist.

    sorry buddy i cant write in hindi or urdu coz dont have any option here, you can ask someone to translate for you.

  • well said Navs. Nothing more to add. Well done boss and Mr. Khan pls don;t create bad controversies Grow up man. Don’d b sick.

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