Al Pacino all praise for Akshay Kumar!

One of the greatest actors of all time, Al Pacino who played a ‘Don’ in the ‘Godfather’ series of films, was all praise for Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s act in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara.

After watching the trailer of OUATIMD, the legendary Pacino was reminded of his ‘Godfather’ days. According to a source close to the film “Al Pacino and Barry Navidi were casually discussing the changing scenario of films. Navidi happened to mention Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara while mentioning gangster films made in India and showed him the trailer of the film.”

Akshay Kumar - Al Pacino

Akshay Kumar – Al Pacino

Impressed by the trailer and Akshay’s performance, Pacino said “My friend Barry Navidi showed me a promo of an Indian gangster film with Akshay Kumar. It brought some fond memories back from my Godfather days.”

An elated Akshay told reports “A touch of appreciation is always held dearly by an actor, even if it’s from the simplest of people like our beloved spot boys. But to have your work spoken of so kindly by the world’s most admired gangster Pacino himself, I had goose-bumps thinking about him watching the promo. I was so humbled as an actor, but more so as a huge fan of his legendary work. This man just made a dream come true for me, with one simple message. I just pray he enjoys the film as much as he liked the promo.”

Director Milan Luthria was all smiles too “I’m walking around with a silly grin and you know why. The only actor’s portrait in my cabin is of this God of Gangsters (Al Pacino). He is an all-time legend and a personal favourite”

The Godfather films have inspired thousands of filmmakers across the world. In fact, Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar was a tribute to what is widely believed to be the best film of all time.



  • this is the true responce.
    where r those intelluctual srk fans,who r commenting ,
    akshays dailogue delivery is not good and he is not the right choice.
    the real gangster actors r liking it.
    actually srks don was parody of bigbs don.

  • He doesnt even mention akki’s name.

  • indicine
    now what is there in my comment to check the facts.
    its true pawan kalyans movie in telugu,vijays movie in tamil and mammootty movie in malayalam r releasing on same time.
    if any legendary pesrson said,i remembered my acts after seeing u is itself a praise.
    big blow to ce and srk.
    huge movies r releasing in south on same weekend with ce.
    ce will loose atleast 10cr in its first weekend itself.

  • So the producers are
    themselves sending an
    article to newspapers &
    websites about Al Pacino
    praising Akshay. Desperate!

  • RIP Akki haters…#OUTIMD has just crossed 5lacs likes on fb wheras ce is still crawling on 2lacs likes n they said its buzz is reached 100% lol

  • If a legendary actor like Al Pacino is praising Akshay kumar that means surely Akshay has given outstanding performance in OUATIMD.

  • for me it doesn’t mean whether its al pachino or any big bollywood or hollywood actor praising someone whether it is Akshay,salman,Srk or even my favs Big B and Aamir. for any movie faith i decide with my own as per the trailer and dialogues of Ouatimd for me it was below average and both Akshay and Imran are looking unjustified for this kind of Movie. but if movie content and reviews are good then definately i will watch this movie. Lets hope for the best. Good luck to ouatimd team.

  • How can u evaluate praise someone’s performance just by watching a trailer? I think al Pacino might have been referring to the look/feel of the film as a whole rather than any one actor. In any case, it’s good publicity for the ouatim team.

  • al pacino may have not seen ajay in ouatim… akshay and balaji always spread fake article to promote themselves.. akshay as a don is joke, audience verdict will be out next month….

  • Paid News hai ….guys….u should have common sense to figure it out…..QUatimd ka promotion nahi hua dhang se…toh buzz ke liye aisa PR kr rhe hai

  • news came in Times of India….SRK fans pichhle 3 saal se dusre superstars ko intensionally downgrade karne ko try karte hein…. SRK is doing one movie a year and he has given dabba movies contineously since last 3 years. Akshay ne ek hi saal me usse jyada movies kiya hai.. and he has given Superhits and Blockbustera in that…. SRK fans were blaming masala movies earlier .. now when SRK is doing masala movie to save his career den it’s OK with dem..Shame on All SRK fans….any way OUATIMD is gona rock dis independence day……..

  • Dre is Just One thng which i want to say….if Al Pacino wouldnt had said anything…..Still Akshay is d best……OUATIMD will rock……Akshay wont say anythng but will Shout,Say,Bang wid his movie….!!

  • High praise indeed and its well deserved. Since I saw the trailer I knew Akshay was gonna be the ‘show stealer’. Looking good and expecting great things from team Balaji this August.

  • @abhi: abe u surma bhopali… akkal hai nai fir bhi bak bak karni hai…. pehli bat ajay n aki cant be compared for OUATIM as ajay was playing a different character which was not a DON u dumb…. better read the articles and try to understand them properly…
    n d ones who r saying about AL PACINO… get some lyf guys… aukat nai hai uske bare me bolne ki…. either u havent saw Godfather or u didnt understood it :)

  • @rishi akshay performance in ouatimD is compared emran….still he loses battle here…castin akki is big mistake….

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