Akshay Kumar takes Ice Bucket challenge, challenges Salman Khan!

Akshay Kumar took the ALS Ice Bucket challenge in Cape Town and also challenged his wife Twinkle Khanna, friend Ashwini Yardi, Salman Khan and Johnny Lever.

The Ice bucket challenge has gone viral on social networking websites like Facebook and Youtube, where more than 1.2 million videos have been uploaded.

The challenge isan effort to raise awareness of ALS where participants must dump a bucket of ice cold water and then dare someone to do the same. If they can’t, the alternative is to donate $100 to the ALS association..

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The disease is thought to affect 2 people in every 1 lakh of the global population. The life expectancy of the disease is 20% of people live 5 years or more, up to 10% live more than 10 years and about 5% live up to 20 years after diagnosis.

According to the ALS website, more than $23 million has been raised after the challenge went viral on the internet.

Akshay took the challenge in Cape Town, South Africa where he is currently shooting for his upcoming television show Dare 2 Dance. He was challenged by Ritesh Deshmukh.

He tweeted “I accepted my friend Ritesh’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and did it within 24 hrs but unfortunately being in a different country & owing to bad connectivity I couldn’t upload the video on time. So I’m donating to the ALS Association, you could too on www.als.org Now I nominate my wife Twinkle Khanna, my business partner Ashvini Yardi and my friends Salman Khan? and Johnny Lever to participate and raise awareness for ALS. And you’ve got to do it within 24 hours, your time starts now.”

Watch the video of Akshay Kumar taking the ice bucket challenge.



  • Ya watever but just wait n watch how non charismatic,not so popular 3rd class actor arjun kapoor delivers his hatrrick of hits with critically acclaimed finding fanny.u hv put him and ranveer behind john who has given just 1 moderately successful madras cafe and rest all hits in double hero multi starrers with zero acclaim for his performances.just wait n watch for fanny storming the bo and touching billions of hearts

  • No one can match the charisma of action n comedy of aki, Noone can match the charisma of romance of srk, respect 2self made megastar

  • indicine only blvs that stardom is measured by avg collection done by last 5 films and verdicts,performance acclaim r useless!so according to them its better to do 115cr failure like jai ho instead of 80cr superhit like omg or 60cr big hit like queen

  • Oh…Ice Water at 3.8 C???? Akki jumping…LOL! If Salman’s still facing Trigiminal Neuralgia, extreme cold is not good for Salman to do it as advised by doctors. Else, I also can do it…

  • @babaji
    what akki is doing nothing new just doing masala entertainer and south remakes.
    rowdy, boss, holiday these r remakes.
    still he is struggling to cross 100 cr
    and now gabbar
    now I m sure gabbar will not cross life time collection of singham returns.
    dabangg, d-2 ,ett these movie r not remake.

  • @arjunkapur, for u stars 80-100cr movie can be superhit/blockbuster but Salman movies bcm failure even with 115cr collection, this shows how big star Salman is!

  • srk fans saying self made star everywhere as if Actors son’s & Daughters have been super successful in the industry :p. They should say Yash Uncle made star

  • Akshay truly is an inspiration wen it comes to daring stunts or action sequences…
    ice bucket challenge was no suprise foh me. lets see if our suleman bhai can accept it or not.. hez super human in movies only.. else in real life hez a coward.slapped by a woman at a party.lol

  • @Damnnnn, As if your icon is adventurous and daring in real life. He is a big phatto in real life. He does not move around without his bodyguards.

    Don’t try to play the dirty tactics of dividing.
    1st of all, Akki won’t call your SRK ‘my friend,’ if he does, it will be just be a diplomatic approach. SRK hardly has real friends as he is no one’s friends. He gets what he gives.
    As of the doing that, I have mentioned above. First ask your icon to do the stunts properly in his movies and without getting injured while doing minor stunts like knocking down a door.

  • @Abhinav : Salman is also facing a neurological condition but it is different kind not ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Most ALS patients about 20 percent lives for five years or more, upto ten percent survives more than ten years and only five percent lives for about 20 years. This disease gradually develops leaving the patient paralysed and lastly it effects the breathing too.

    Salman on the other hand is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia, due to which intense pain occurs in the facial region.

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