Akshay Kumar takes action to the next level in Brothers

The action in Karan Malhotra’s upcoming film ‘Brothers’ starring Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra in the lead, is as real as it can get. In fact, Akshay, who has done some incredible action scenes in some of his older movies, insisted on real punches for the film.

“Karan (Malhotra) believes in very authentic action. The violence in his first film Agneepath (2012) was dark and brutal. But Akshay wanted to take the violence to the next level in Brothers. None of the boxing scenes in the film are faked. Akshay insisted on real punches. He wanted Brothers to be the first authentic boxing film of India.áIn Brothers the action comes closer to the real thing than any other Hindi film.”

With less than 24 hours to go for the trailer of Brothers, the excitement is peaking for one of the biggest films of 2015 – releasing during a period that is best for business outside the three major festivals for the industry.



  • @bipin What about HR K3 244 bang bang 181 agneepath 125 Znmd 90 Guzaarish 22 and Kites 46
    Total 708 crs

  • @bipin

    Now work out the cost of production to see if Akki was making money or losses for each of those producers…

    Akki fans- any joker can make 4 movies a yr but that trend was popular more than 10 yrs ago when actors only cared about turning up on the set n wait for ACTION n begin shooting but nowadays all actors old and new want more involvement in the pre n post production activities of a movie but not our akki Sir whos only interested in the fat pay check n off he goes to his next venture n so on n on…! Hardly an achievement to star in 4 craps a yr consistently- mithun Sir used to churn out 20 crapgiri movies a yr during the 80s but noone remembers 95% of his craps just like Akkis modern day crapfests…!

  • vidyut jamwal is the real action king. I don’t consider akshay in even Top 10 superstars. He has not hardcore fan-following like khans, Ranbir & H.R

  • Really hoping Sid KOs akki just to shup up his joker fans who mourn about lack of holidays or any other excuse for his shabby performances of late… Aamirs pk had no holiday release in China but it still earned well over 100cr coz he cared enough about his movie to properly promote it unlike greedy akki who most likely keeps the marketing budget all to himself…

  • Another mediocre akki film on the way- hope Sid can give a knockout performance n save this project

  • Waiting for brothers after DDD.akki should do these type of real action movies.because he is the one who can justice ri such roles.if akki can give best action through ‘brothers’ by beating the best a action movies of India still so far ‘DON2’,then I will be very happy.previously also many akki fans claimed his south remakes will be the best action film but they couldn’t so I’m very happy,but being a KJO SIR film if it could do this,then I will be very happy,special thanks to KJO SIR and also karan malhotra to made all these possible.

  • @challa – dont worry, brothers will be second to,dilwale but both movies will be behind top 2 grosser of the year bajrangi bhaijaan and prdp.

  • Just can’t wait!!! I am expecting to be one of the best trailers of this year..
    Indicine you should have posted those 2 6 sec. teasers,though nothing much is visible in them…

  • I am not to predict anything for this film as Akki’s big budget films haven’t done good in past be it blue,Tmk,OUATIMD …

  • King of Action- Akshay kumar
    King of Comedy- Akshay kumar
    Will be King of Bollywood in next 2 3 years
    all the best king kumar!!!

  • OK I have full confident on Akshay Kumar dat His performnce & Action will ▀ Mind▀lowing Bt I hve doubt on the director Of The Movie ! Remaking an Hollywood movie Iz Tough Taskk …
    B.T.W After brothers trailer , everybody will forget LalluS Bazrangii BhaiiJan .
    only the Eid Occasion will save this film .

  • @HRITHIK Salman last action hero ??? oh yaah he Comes at last In terms Of Action abilities if u compare him With Akshay ,Ajay & Hrithik …!

  • @HRITHIK Salman last action hero ??? oh yaah he Comes at last In terms Of Action abilities if u compare him With Akshay ,Amir ,Ajay & Hrithik ….!

  • I cannot wait for trailer. I just hope siddharth does not spoil the film like how imran spoilt once upon a time in mumbaii dobara

  • @Navin well said bro akki is a crap actor and i am crappiest fan of him but its not bother me cause I really feel happiest person to be a crappiest fan of Megastar akki

  • Bhagwaan haters go & search story of akshay kumar on YouTube by MTV.
    Then decide what kind of superstar akshay kumar.
    You will fall in love with such hard working & real person.

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