Akshay Kumar set to break his own records with Brothers

2015 has been good year for Akshay Kumar. ‘Baby’ was the first big release of the year and even though the film did not open well at the box office, it was Akshay’s most critically acclaimed film in a long time. The film sustained well and went on to do business of Rs 96 crore.

The superstar returned in May with ‘Gabbar Is Back’. The remake catered to Akshay’s fan-following at mass-centres, where the film did well.

So the big question with ‘Brothers’ is if the film, which is targeted both at single-screen and multiplex audience, will take a good opening.

The trailer received a good response, the song and dialogue promos has managed to raise the curiosity among audiences with its
storyline, emotional connect and realistic action sequences. Apart from action, Brothers also shows the relationship between two brothers, father-son and husband-wife. In short, the film has something for everyone.

Brothers will be releasing on 3500 plus screens all over country and the big question on Day 1 will be if Akshay Kumar, combined with Sidharth Malhotra’s fan-following amongst the fairer sex, can break his own records with the film.

All records currently belong to his film ‘Rowdy Rathore’ which released in 2012.

1. Highest Opening Day: Only 6 stars – Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor and Ajay Devgn – have managed to give their films a opening of 20 crore or more on Day 1. When it comes to opening day numbers, the last Akshay film that took a good start was ‘Rowdy Rathore’. Since then, the opening of all his films have been below par. While ‘Brothers’ should beat the 3 year old record of ‘Rowdy Rathore’ (15.1 cr), it remains to be seen if the film can open at 20 crore plus.

2. Highest Opening Weekend: No Akshay Kumar film has managed to collect Rs 50 crore in its opening weekend and Brothers, because of two holidays on Saturday and Sunday, has every chance of beating the record of ‘Rowdy Rathore’ (48.3 crore) by a big margin. The same applies for films starring Sidharth Malhotra in the lead – his best is Rs 49.7 crore of Ek Villain.

3. Highest First Week: Another record that’s likely to be surpassed is the for the highest first week business. The record again belongs to Akshay’s Rowdy Rathore (79.52 crore). If Brothers is well-received, then the film could cross the 80 crore mark in 5-6 days!

4. Highest grossing film in India: Akshay’s highest grosser so far is Rowdy Rathore which collected Rs 134 crore back in 2012. Sidharth’s last film ‘Ek Villain’ collected Rs 104 crore and Jacqueline Fernandes is way ahead with ‘KICK’ collecting Rs 233 crore during Eid last year. Realistic targets will be crossing the business of Rowdy Rathore and collecting 150 crore plus.

5. Highest grossing film overseas: Akshay’s highest grossing film overseas is the 7-year-old film ‘Singh Is King’, which collected a little more than $7 million. Both ‘Baby’ and ‘Gabbar Is Back’ have performed poorly in the overseas markets, so it’ll be interesting to see if ‘Brothers’ takes a good opening. The Dharma factor should help the film.

6. Highest grossing film worldwide: The record currently belongs to Rowdy Rathore (Rs 201 crore gross), Akshay’s only film to cross the 200 crore mark worldwide.



  • brother will beat crappy hny 178cr lifetime…..mark my world srk faaaans……outside chance 200cr…..brother rock…..

  • if a great film like baby and a mass film gabbar couldn’t touch 100 crore shows akki lost his super stardom due to his bad selection of movies, any way now he is doing some quality movies..hope he will back to his stardom….

  • Realistic target is not mentioned..please mention it in the 4th point..I believe 150 crore should be the realistic target..the opening is important..anything below 20 crore will be a disappointment..plus,it has a huge national holiday on its second day do weekend has to be around 70 crore or more.

  • yes dharma factor will help him just like in baahubali’s case but when srk in the movie he is sole reason of opening! lifetime business will depend on akki’s performence. 16 crore opening will be good because mi5, bajrangi, drishyam, baahubali is still going good.

  • No promotion on reality shows and low promotional strategy will not ensure brothers to take a good opening.
    They should have promoted it on reality shows at least

  • it is sure to be Akshay’s biggest hit.
    i hope it does 200cr.
    this is also the time that Akshay should prove his stardom and silence his critics.

  • Brothers won’t break any records but singh is bling will break many records. Singh is bling will beat all JOKER records.

  • Don’t know whether opening day collections will touch 20 crores or not , but surely Brothers will be breaking Akki’s highest opening weekend record . If the film receives positive word-of-mouth , then opening weekend can touch 70 cr figure . In that case , 100 cr can be achieved within 1st week itself !
    Best of luck to Brothers Team !!!

  • 60% of Brothers opening will be due to Sid. He attracts youngsters, while Akki cannot attract audiences anymore.

  • Hope family audiences come in huge no. to watch Brothers,as indicine mentioned there’s something for everyone in this film.

  • This is a very golden chance for Akki to come back strongly and stand in the same place- Where Aamir-Salman- SRK- and Hrithak are.
    He definitely deserves to be in top 5 but unfortunately his choices really let him and his fans down.
    Thanks to his last 3 movies Holiday- Baby-and GB. His last 3 films are not big grossers but at least gained some respect.
    His Brothers and Sing is Bling will cross 150crs each and we hope 1 of them cross 200crs.
    Hope for the better!!

  • Manjhi full movie is leaked in hd print, availible on various sites.
    Comming to brothers 16-18 crore openning will be xcelent. Lifetime 160-180.

  • Siddharth’s biggest opening day- 16cr.

    Joker boy’s biggest opening day- 15cr.

    Siddharth’s biggest opening weekend- 49.5cr

    Joker boy’s biggest opening weekend- 48cr.

    So, clearly Siddharth is bigger star than jokerboy.

  • Brothers will be a free hit for Akki, due to Sid. But he has other flops like Singh is bling lined up. Flops are coming… he will then have to sit on the roads and start begging.

  • I am not interested to see this movie but seeing very melody song of the year SAPNA JAAHA.. I get surprise..

    And with passing day BROTHERS is getting bigger.

    Now I am going to catch this movie on Monday because of my exam on Sunday.

    Brothers will be Akshay Kumar’s biggest blockbuster till date

    It can cross 180cr+ mark but still it has a chance to cross 200cr+ mark.

    SAPNA JAAHA…. Now I am live

  • @indicine.. i dont understand why you place Ajay Devgn under actors who gave 20 cr plus opening? Just make it Rohit Shetty or Singham.

    Lets be realistic, his second best opening after Singham Returns is less than 12 crore. Drishyam takes opening of 6 crore. He’s not even capable of giving 15 crore opening on his ow..

    If Akshay does Dhoom 4 it’ll also take 40 crore opening..

  • Even Kangna’s TWMR collected 150cr easily. But crossing 100cr mark is a dream for jokerboy (baby & gobar- 80cr)….too much fun.

  • People don’t laugh at my sensibe comment..

    As everybody know Aksay Kumar is the real superstar…

    Brothers trailer had record views….

    So opening will be minimum 24 crore…
    He is super star without holiday….so imaging if he get holidays, so second day 34 cr…..
    Third day 36 cr…

    Lifetime 240 cr.

    Overseas mein his only challenge is Amirkhan…
    So total 400 cr world wide collection is guaranteed….
    If anybody have doubt ask akshay fans….
    (Sensible comments)

  • akshay being 20+ years in industry shud stop doing 4-5 films a year better is tat he shud do 2 films a year n market his pics well even without doing much films I guess he have only 2-3 films big b is being highest earning actor why akki is don’t ng so many films just do 2-3 create hype n be dammed sallu-srk type megastardum

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