Akshay Kumar meets PM Narendra Modi, discusses ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’

Bollywood superstar and National Award winning actor Akshay Kumar met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss his upcoming film ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ – a film for which Akshay has dedicated extra time to promote.

“Met PM Narendra Modi and got the opportunity to tell him about my upcoming ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’. His smile at just the title made my day” Akshay tweeted.

Akshay Kumar‏ met Narendra Modi

Akshay Kumar‏ met Narendra Modi

The film is said to be based on Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

The movie delves on the need for toilets for sanitation in the country, and this message is conveyed via a love story.

Modi has been campaigning for the need for toilets in every home for better health and sanitation.

‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ released in theaters during the Independence Day weekend this year.



  • genuinely TOILET-epk is perfect for the independance day weekend. Akshay is brilliantly mixing every genre nowadays. Truely the backbone of bollywood and lifeline of exhibiters. concept wise film will be a quality stuff.Akshay you born to rule. i wish #TOILET-epk for i-day weekend and #SRK next for Dwali!!! .

  • omg started promoting the film so early so its confirm that content is crap..just to beat srk taking help from even pm..
    has srk become so big?? such a shame..

  • Akshay Kumar Is Most intelligent personality in bollywood not only he keeps on making films but also give time to social activities like free martial training to girls, donation to army (his app creating wonders), helping farmers and motivating youth! He’s best for reason Love you akki from Hyderabad

  • he can’t give openings on his own so taking help of PM, Toilet ek badbudaar katha will still not get opening Makkhi kumar, u need fans for that 😂
    BTW, ye darr mujhe acha laga, The Ring will crush this Movie..

  • 2-3 three times you wrote Modi
    Give some respect to the prime minister
    ”Modis swacch bharat ” instead you should have wrote prime ministers
    Didn’t except from you indicine

  • Haha so it’s BJP connection, how Akshay gets Best Actor National Award for Carrying 1 expression in Rustom lol good going.. Ab Politics bhi join kar lo thode dino me…
    Oh sorry!! U need Indian citizenship for that

  • last year also he started promoting Rustom from march onwards…this year also he’s doing same…
    anyway other actors go to TV shows/news channels/interview to promote their film..
    Akki paaji goes to PM’s office, CM’s office and all other government offices to promote his films along with government officers

  • This line love it

    Bollywood superstar and National Award winning actor Akshay Kumar met Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Thanx Indicine 😄😄

    Highly waited TEPK

  • Toilet is the best place to keep akshaya’s national award.. gifted by priyadarshan

    shame on u indicine for mentioning that

  • So Now he is taking Modi backing
    This was what I was scared about!!
    SRK shud postpone, not bcoj of this 10-12cr opener Makkhi but bcoj of Modiji

  • Haters will Dig hasty assumptions now..
    But that won’t hinder TOILET-EPK from becoming SUPERHIT at BO…

  • Devoting more time to promote this film because it is about something which he believes in and want to spread awareness about it.
    Haters will say he is doing cheap publicity,but still he is making movies which spread awareness and not movies like Raees ,Happy new year and dilwale.
    Promoting movie like TEPK will in some way benefit the society.So appreciate the initiative taken by him.

  • LOL
    Dekh rahe ho SRK? Now this film will be promoted by Bhakts. Aka India backing. Akalmandi isime hai that SRK backs off. Else more negativity will be fueled by Bhakts

  • this movie will be one of the biggest blockbuster!!! it will also get tax free status in all over the country!!!! hope it will cross 200 crores!!!!!

  • So good to see these two together. PM Modi ji and Akshay sir both started with nothing and today they rule our hearts. Doesn’t matter whether Akki is doing this for his film or why but the fact is someone is doing something. Hope Toilet gets all the attention it deserves.

    Waiting for Toilet-Ek Prem Katha!!!!!
    All the Best to The Ring as well.

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