Akshay Kumar with Ileana D’Cruz on the sets of Rustom in London

Akshay Kumar was spotted with his leading lady Ileana D’Cruz on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Rustom’, which is still scheduled to release during the ‘Independence Day’ weekend in August this year.

While there have been reports of the film getting preponed by a week, sources close to the film have refused to confirm the same.

Rustom will be Akshay’s third release of the year after Airlift (which released in January and did very well) and his biggest film of the year Housefull 3 – which is scheduled to hit screens a week after the IPL.

Akshay Kumar with Ileana D'Cruz on the sets of Rustom in London

Akshay Kumar with Ileana D’Cruz on the sets of Rustom in London



  • @ aisha at 10:35 am : Sorry for that. Recently have been reading different comments and discussions on who was ahead in what decades etc etc so yes i kind of mixed it up with that.

    I do keep mixing those things again n again but good to see ur patience with that. I stand corrected and apologies again.

  • @HS Tom and Jerry am here to read updates on bollywood in general.
    Do you know what Sardar ji? You have said nothing.. because Hrithik even on some irrelevant points is much ahead of Gobar. Fan followers of Shahid if it was relevant he would have had at least a 70 cr grosser. I know you are targeting @Aisha but dint worry it’s of no use look at your all time highest collection since when Aamir collection was higher than Ajay? Guy cool down take a chill pill your remuneration is blatant lie. Do you think media are fools not to know that they are hyping figures. Who will actually tell you what he is collecting. Meanwhile correct that list not only SRK both Salman and Ajay fees are changeable. Most of the time they consider the producers not like greedy gobar. Meanwhile Aamir has no fees too he shares profit as his fees after the movie generate big cash at box office. While Hrithik renumeration fee is 50 cr for MD you coconut head.. Go and prepare yourself before posting out of anger. Next time post it to @Aisha Ajay fan directly since its him you are targeting knowing you can’t even deal with Greek god?

  • @abhi thug

    About that renumeration part buddy, just search in the net as highest paid actors 2016 and u’ll get many results like



    Maybe Aamir doesn’t charge fee just like SRK. My point is look at the fees of Akki and Hrithik. Almost the same amount, irrespective of the time dedicated and genre.

    Talking about Shahid’s fan following, u can yourself check it out in Twitter. And correction, it’s 8 M now, not 7 M.

    I am not bashing @aisha, she is an Ajay fan and everyone knows Akki is a bigger star than Ajay. The fan following and remuneration are an evidence to it. Apart from that, even Indicine said it out. I am not interested in constantly reminding that and pulling her leg.
    My comment was targeted at you only, where u took the Koimoi reference and placed over Ajay over Akshay and that you mentioned their previous clashes.

  • @indicine

    Any comment Id that comes from my ips or whatever data you have about me and my country… Don’t post it on any Akshay Kumar related article. They are fond of calling me @Floppy or whatever…Reason?

    From today I have stopped commenting on his articles n opening any of his article. Nor do I want to see Ajay belitten by bunch of childish kids nor do I want to say anything negative about Akshay Kumar on his own article. Can’t just see the logic behind somebody referring to me that I want to make Ajay bigger? Thats an insult…. That’s it…. Pls go ahead and post…I respect my decisions always. Thanks

  • @ Abhi Thug at 11:16 am : Dont get angry with Sunny aka Yogi. I think he is actually angry seeing the name of his favorite actor, Saif Ali Khan, below the list and beneath the names of Sanjay, Anil, Sunny and Govinda.

  • These akki fans are useless liars. On article bring Ajay down saying he collects lower than Ranbir and not mentioning after profit shared while on the two articles their fan posted both Ranbir behind Ajay. Downey highest paid Kangana highest paid. So bigger that Kurt, Harrison, Leonardo, Georgia, Cruise? Kangana bigger than Deepika Priyanka? Downey fan followers not upto 1.5 million? What useless parameters are these fans of Akki trying to bring and prove. Forget it. Akki a commercial superstar Ajay a versatile and reserved all rounder superstar. Incomparable.

  • @Saksham well said. @ANK is the only srk fan whom i respect the most. And he is the only reason why i have stopped bashing srk. There is a lot to learn from @ANK. The best thing about him is that he balances himself between excessive fan wars and keeps himself as neutral as possible and never bashes other stars!!!

  • @aisha first of all I dont even know whose fan you are, but you better check your facts first before blabbering anything. How was 1990s belinged to lallulal? He was always a flopstar before 2010. His so called masala dependent fake stardom only came in picture after 2010 when he imitated all time Biggest Megastar Aamir khan. 1990s belonged to sunny deol/anil kapoor and YRF/Dharma Banners (Not that overactng ki dukaan aka recent disaster Fan Star). And lallulal has mostly supporibg movies. Last decade belonged to Megastar Aamir Khan and Hrithik. This Decade belongs to only and only Megastar Aamir Khan. Period. Think 1000 times before blabbering anything.

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