Akshay Kumar holidaying in France with wife Twinkle Khanna

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar enjoys the best life amongst top celebrities in the industry. He does 4 movies a year, all of which are wrapped up within 240ádays (60 days per film). Even during the shooting schedule, weekends are dedicated to his family. Movie promotion takes about 2 weeks each per film, a total of 8 weeks or 2 months per year.

The remaining two months in a year is set aside to holiday at exotic foreign locations with his family. Akshay is currently in France holidaying with his gorgeous wife Twinkle Khanna.

He posted a few pictures on Twitter. Have a look!

Akshay Kumar with wife Twinkle Khanna in France

Akshay Kumar with wife Twinkle Khanna in France

Akshay Kumar holidaying in France

Akshay Kumar holidaying in France



  • Akki is having a fab 2015 .
    Baby won audience and critics hearts plus did fair businesses
    gabbar was a massy hit
    brothers should b a monstrous blockbuster and if sib somehow manages
    To b avg grosser then it wl b a great yr fr akki and his fans

    all the best akki

  • so finally akki fans bashing works now they wont argue with indicine that they should make articles on srk when srk wake up when sleep cuz this article will prove indicine can give same enjoyment to akki fans.

  • Thankx Thankx
    The Most Charismatic Superstar Of ▀ollywood .
    one in a Trillion ..!
    EnjoyYy Akki
    Bollywood Bekar ▀ina Khiladi Kumar .

  • First family important for Singh is King . Just feeling good how akki sir manage family & bollywood .

  • and thats the reason why his good movie like baby , holiday etc failed to beat bo collction of srk and salman ‘s bad movies .holiday was really a good film. It got post ipl release and still collected a little more than jai ho.
    srk’s hny which is one of his worst movie collected 200 cr or 180 cr. This not only shows his stardom but also his marketing skills. I ‘m sure if tees mar khan would hav starred srk then it would also have been a b.o success.
    brothers is in kjo’s hand so it will be marketed well and thus it will be a huge bo venture for dharma.

    akshay needs to change his pr team and then we will see some big blockbuster frm him

  • Pity on Twinkle. She is looking hot & sexy while Makkhi Kumar is looking 70 years old her waiter.

  • Really Well Said
    he Really enjoys the ▀est lyfe among all big celebraties in Bollywood ..!
    He Iz too cool in his real Lyfe , Not ▀oring like hiz other contemporaries ..!
    Without Any godfather
    now earning even more then The khans..!

  • With each holiday Akshay is really improving, from giving 60 cr movie to 80 cr grosser he has come a long way

    Thanx to Sid and Dharma, Akshay will finally get a real 100 cr movie which might cross 150 cr

  • Waiting for brothers eagarly…….it has good shot for 200cr…..I am die hard srk fan but first I am movie lover. …..brothers now only needs good music…..then it will be among highest grossers…..

  • One of the most cutest couples in Bollywood.I love Twinkle’s sense of humour and her blogs are too fun to read

  • That’s why He is the best in Bollywood…Long Live Akki….We Love You….Brothers will be humoungous…!!

  • Our King also visits Paris, newyork etc but for not spending holidays there. He visits those places to earn money by dancing on streets….

  • Lol it’s always funny to see Akshay Kumar trying to pretend that he is faithful to his wife. But the real question is, will Brothers be able to cross at least 90 crore?

  • Dis is called life….too much work.. Too much success.. too much holiday with family….
    Akshay is really a fantastic..adorable man on this earth…

  • Akshay kumar
    King of bollywood (source wiki)
    King of boxoffice (2500 crore total collection)
    King kumar akshay kumar!!!!!

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