Akshay Kumar: Box Office Opening of last few films

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar’s new film Special Chabbis has collected Rs 5.7 crores on it’s opening day. Below is a ‘first day collection’ comparison of his latest release with some of his last few releases.

Rowdy Rathore is Akshay’s biggest opener to date, followed by Housefull 2 – both films released in 2012, which was a great year for the actor. His last few films Joker, Khiladi 786 and Special 26, have been below-the-mark.

  • De Dana Dan – 6.15 crore
  • Housefull – 9.35 crore
  • Khatta Meetha – 6.86 crore
  • Action Replayy – 4.76 crore
  • Tees Maar Khan – 12.85 crore
  • Patiala House – 3.96 crore
  • Thank You – 3.91 crore
  • Desi Boyz – 8.1 crore
  • Housefull 2 – 12.9 crore
  • Rowdy Rathore – 14.4 crore
  • Joker – 4.89 crore
  • Khiladi 786 – 8.64 crore
  • Special 26 – 5.7 crore


  • Rowdy 15.4cr,hf2 13.6cr.what do u mean by posting this article.what was the first day collections of other stars at the time of singh is king

  • It shows his box office numbers depends on the content of the films. Stars like Salman, SRK, and Aamir still manages to recover the cost of their movies in worst cases.

  • Akshay is not big star as compared to salman,srk and aamir.His movies box office collections are depend on word of mouth.stars like salman and srk cross 100 crores even with negative word of mouth.

  • salman and akki are never consistent with their films…esp akki pioneer of big flops followed by salman..thts why overall srk stands as global star with 8 atbb in overseas and in 2 atbb in india..hope salman take care of his rest of his career..

  • Yeah,agree with above comments. Akshay & even Ajay is not as big as Khans. His movies need good content & positive word of mouth to get good results in box office.

  • Then howmuch veer,dhobighat and ra.one recovered.may anyone can comment that aamir was in a guest appearance in dhobi ghat,what was ‘omg’ and both have good word of mouth .about 100cr thing,salman and srk movies r collecting because of natioanal holiday releases.if we take akshays only holiday release tees maar khan.tmk is the worst movie of all time.then also it collected 70cr ,that too with very less no of screens compared to this time.finally akshay is always a king

  • “It shows his box office numbers depends on the content of the films. Stars like Salman, SRK, and Aamir still manages to recover the cost of their movies in worst cases.”

    It shows akki’s an all rounder, if an art film like s26 works then that would be icing on the cake. btw, akki did not do an ounce of comedy in s26. OMG worked because he had big role and backed the project. When salman tries something like london dreams, no one excepts him. btw rowdy rathore is not content driven film.

  • Who makes star.people make them super stars.if we watch crapes like ready and turn them blockbuster than we are stupid for sap porting this kind of movies.sp26 is 100 times better than all south remakes and fake love stories

  • When srk tries something different it works, when aamir tries it works, when ajay and hirthik try it works, when akki tries it works, but when salman tries non masala genre, it fails. i.e that is not an all round superstar imo

  • @boss akki can compared to salman both r not superstars by any means if talk of akshay before 2007 he is nothin but normal as suniel shetty or ajay devgan..same for salman who started his career with bang but left his career in hole becoz of controversies..if you present sucess of salman he cannot be reckoned as superstar only thing favourin salman even after bad situation hes bounced back without help of big production houses thts why some respect for him…and akshay’s career is gambler career never wht happens…So srk is a superstar after ranbor is superstar in makin..

  • Rajesh beta,Salman khan is the only actor in India to have blockbusters in each & every genre & everyone knews it except you & i think you only saw his films in 2012 only.My advice to you is that watch his films from 1989 – 2012 then automatically u will know who is called an versatile actor.

  • @rajesh hahaha srk tried something different it works so what abt Ra one, Asoka, Paheli and Swades all are srk duds, Aamir tries it works i agree but his Mangal Pandey was a failure, Hrithik never tried a Masala genre and Comedy so you can’t include him, Salman was equally successful in Action, Ramantic,Comedy movies he is not an actor like Srk or Aamir but he has a star kind of Persona which acts as a magnetic force to people to attract them you can’t even compare Salman to Aamir or srk, hr,Ajay or Akshay as a star personaa he is ahead of All and if you r talking abt acting than there are only two actors who can do any roles Aamir and BIG b, other actors either not tries all genre movie or no successful in ll genre.

  • salman khan

    London dreams – disaster

    salman has not done any different films since wanted, all of them being action comedy, at least in between 2010, akki did challenging role, krishna in OMG, now ajay singh the gang leader in S26. srk excelled in MNIK, where are salman’s ofbeat film?. patiala house would worked if it released in 2012 instead joker, PH came in akki’s bad period. OMG would not of collected 80cr plus had akki not been involved, at best with good wom it would of collected 30 plus cr with good wom if it just had paresh and mithun, but because akki was involved, his fans flocked to theatres after wom came in. similar to aamir’s association in TZP where he did not played the lead actor but his starpower association enabled to film to get more buzz coverage, more screens and pick up massively, had aamir not been involved TZP would of been just a small success with good wom. So saying akki does not have starpower is rediculous claim. Special 26 was not promoted as a masala film, promotion was low, but it was in the news and trended massively on twitter before release because akki was associated, now good wom has come in expect big pick up for a genre like this, if akki was not in S26, then hardly any publicity, and with critical acclaim it would of been maybe just a small success and small pick up. Salman has been on a lucky ride because of the genre and the timing of it’s release, had ETT or D2 not had a solo christmas or eid independence release, then rowdy rathore would of been the highest grossing film has it had better wom, but lacked the holiday release. salman is considered the weakest actor out of the big stars. He did a movie called veer, and it had some of the worst acting, worst expressions.

  • Akshay has copied salman bhau’s action in many movies like rowdy rathore,k 786 etc, so he is niether an action hero nor a comedian…he is just an average hero, who does not deserve a better start.

  • agree with you boss, and suniel shetty can’t be compare, he does not have one solo hit that was in top 5 grossing category, akki has many, like KKK, sabse bada khiladi, MKTA, these worst amongst top 5 grosser, his career dipped after KKK because of low budget c grade action movies, it’s true rr had the best wom last year but did not get a national holiday.

  • Nice discussion khans vs kumar that means kumar is equal to 3khans.akshay is not following salman,salman is following akki,because akshay is doing action movies from the past 20 years. When aamir played a guest role in a briliant movie dhobighat it collected 15cr,when akshay played a guest role in a briliant movie oh my god it collected 85cr. Srk cant play a massy charecter like rowdy or khiladi.so akshay is an alrounder.

  • @ rajesh – salman khan became a superstar with his first movie maine pyar kiya which was an ATBB! do u even know what an ATBB means?? oh sorry how would u know, akshay kumar has not given any ATBB in his career! salman khan has given blockbusters in all the genres whether it be romantic, comedy, action from the very beginning of his career n till date.. so plz dont talk rubbish.. n for ur kind information movies like ready n dabangg 2 did not release on any holiday but were blockbusters

  • @ rajesh
    salman khan – 4 atbb, 6 blockbusters
    akshay kumar – 0 atbb, 2 blockbusters (only 1 blockbuster as a solo hero)

  • RAJESH beta@ when SRK tries sumthing different it works then what abt those movies like RA 1, PAHELI, SWADESH etc ets,
    when aamir tries it works then what abt MANGAL PANDEY, DHOBI GHAT and recently talaash
    when hrithik tries it works then wht abt KITES, GUZARISH etc etc.
    akshay and ajay the also tries then it work movies like ACTION REPLAY, TEZZ, PATIALA HOUSE, etc etc
    but when salman tries its not works movies like HUM APKE HAIN KAUN, DABANGG 1, TERE NAAM, MAINE PYAR KIYA etc etc
    i think you are right RAJESH beta

  • Akshay gives 4-5 hits per year , hence we need to respect such actor . On other hand one ator , whose one high budget , most hyped , bb on youtube , with big names struggles to cross 100cr or to get hit status . No doubt Akshay is Superstar of bollywood.

  • akki is nonactor i hav seen films like aflatoon,international khiladi,chandini chowk to china,talash many flops…akshay is stuntman not actor for ppl lik rajesh,boss he is actor becoz thy even dont knw actin akki try differnt things lik tasveer it failed badly…

  • Salman has atbb in 3 diff genre . . Mpk complete romantic movie . Hahk family drama romance movie and Dabangg masala movie. . Where as Srk ddlj romantic and kkhh romantic. .

  • for those who say salman a non actor
    maine pyaar kiya (romantic)
    saajan (romantic)
    hum aapke hain kaun (family drama)
    karan arjun (action)
    biwi no 1 (comedy)
    hum dil de chuke sanam (romantic)
    tere naam (romantic tragedy)
    mujhse shaadi karogi (comedy)
    wanted – dabangg 2 (masala,action comedy)
    mental – based on social idea

  • he has given hits,superhits,blockbusters and atbb in each genre
    mental is on social message so he has been successful in each genre

    accept it guys its true ….. i hope u all agree with above list

  • the only complete actor in the history of Indian cinema after Amitab bachan.
    Akshay rocks. special26 is the finest movie of the year. we have to support this kind cinema rather than making crape south remakes and fake love stores block buster hit.

  • the only complete actor in the history of Indian cinema after Mr Bachan. special 26 is the finest movie of the year box office collections are not important for an actor like akshay kumar these days. bec he made a lot of money. now he need quality work like SP 26. we the audience have to support this kind of cinema rather than south remake and fake love stories

  • Biwi ho to aisi is salman’s first movie whice flop. He can’t act compared to SRK,Hrithik,Aamir,Akshay. Salman’s future is dark. But he never won filmfare best actor.

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