Ajay is like an elder brother to me: Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty, who has worked with Ajay Devgn in several films, has said that the actor is like an elder brother to him.

It was Devgn who launched Shetty in the 2003 film ‘Zameen’, after which the actor-director duo went on to make films like the ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Singham’ series of films. 

Shetty, however, has moved on to direct Shahrukh Khan in ‘Chennai Express’ and the upcoming Christmas release ‘Dilwale’.

“I never realised when this friendship reached such a tremendous level. We kept on working with each other and today we are close to completing 25 years of friendship.”

“This continuous working together created a bond between the two of us and it developed into a relationship. It grew so much that Ajay is now like an elder brother and family to me.”

“Gradually, we started involving ourselves deeply in terms of content for the films that we were doing together and also as co-producers” he said

‘Dilwale’ also features Ajay’s wife Kajol opposite Shahrukh Khan.



  • The best thing about Rohit is he is so down to earth and never bad mouths about anyone.Despite being one of the most successful directors in Bollywood he has always valued his friendship with Ajay.He hasn’t forgot his roots
    He will surely get the biggest gift in his career with the blockbuster success of Dilwale

  • Rohit ur next movie will turn out flop ….
    no one can save this movie not even god…
    Mark my words…

  • Without Ajay , Rohit was nothing
    But in a way Rohit is the only reason why Ajay is in the league of big boxoffice stars. ajay was always a gr8 actors but its rohit who turned him into a commercial star and a crowd puller which can be seen by the fact that ajay’s nearly every big commercial success is with rohit except sos

  • I would have loved to see rohit shety direct akshay in a comedy film. I guess they will be great pair knowing how well both excel in comedy.

  • @shaggy u r obsessed with srk
    kamal karte ho aap har bat to kisi na kisi tarah srk se jod he lete ho

  • Ajay devgan has also performed extremely well In all of Rohit shetty`s movies..he is a fantastic actor..

  • Akki fans always say that let the 3 khan deliver huge hit like akki on non holidays and den we will consider them huge.
    Firstly if your idol don’t get a holiday release then its now over problem .
    also aamir’s talash (offbeat) collected 90 crores on non holiday in 2012. & two weeks before its release their was a historical clash b/w sos and jthj, Also your idol’s khiladi786 released 7 days later and yes it collected way less than talash . khiladi786 was a regular masala flick with possibly the biggest music album. and then christmas saw release of dabang 2 with which salman conquered
    & Yoy guys target SRK for MNIK (like really). this movie is possibly the least commercial movie done by any superstar in recent years. also it was released 5 years ago. Akki;s special 26 which was released on the same period but 3 years later failed to beat its collection. and yes how can we forget its overseas collection are more than collective overseas collections akki’s 10-20 movies lol….

  • Most successful directorbin india ever
    rohit shetty
    rajkumar hirani
    s s rajmouli
    s shankar
    Aditya chopra
    karan johar

  • Srk is nothing without Rohit shetty/Deepika. Without this 2 he cannot cross even 120 crore lol. No wonder his career is going down and he needs another Top 10 star Varun to give a hit.
    Unlike Aamir and Salman, who can give a highest grosser/blockbuster movie on their own. Eg. Ghajini, Deepika without any big director or top actress.

  • Also salman is nothing with out south remake/masala genre.

    Result—-with out them salman is decade disaster star from 2000-2009.

  • What Rohit Shetty was actually trying to say:

    “Ajay is like an older brother to me… and Sarkar is like a father figure to me…”

  • Rohit Shetty revived Queens career in 2013 after Queens previous consecutive epic maha craps like Jab Tak Hai Complan, Con 2 and Ratoon Point One…! Lungi Express took Queens mediocre record of giving just meaningless worthless HITS to delivering his first Domestic BB in nearly 2 decades…!

  • For idiots like @sss a movie like ETT is a south remake or masala !!!!! His idol never gave a 100 crs with YRF until JTHJ n fell flat on face with Billu n Swades despite south remakes !!!!!!!!!

  • I want Golmaal 4 from Rohit Sir, the first ever fourth installment of any movie in Bollywood.
    Please make Golmaal 4 before Dhoom 4 or Krrish 4

  • Everyone tell srk’s highest non holiday collection is of mnik(72 crores? … Wat abt rnbdj???? 86 crores???? it was highest grosser of bollywood until ghajini released

  • Pity on @shaggy and myanmar nanga’s comment ,they replaced MAD(MAXIMUM ATBB OF DISLIKES) winner @navin a uncle’s position.now this will happen to anyone’s comment if they’ll talk against THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD who made YRF/DP and YRF saved amir/sallu’s career ,hence KING KHAN saved career of chotu and motu indirectly.

  • @hrithik,yes ett is a masala genre movies ,I said south remake/masala genre,so my comment got justifies.may irfan starrer billu is a south remake also KING KHAN gave special appearance due to request made by priyadrshan but SWADES is not a south remake you lallu rather it’s remake done in Tamil you fool,otherwise refer wikipedia you illiterate .BTW you are ‘ non existing ‘ case.BTW what about your Ramdan period about month ,it seems like you couldn’t enjoy due to me,lol.

    @navin,maximum heroines as well director ‘s thinking also same about about our bhojpuri bhau’s plastic surgery look,lol.

  • @Sss’ass, Srk depend on rohit shetty because srk’s table fun and raess shift on 2016. Otherwise your srk can’t give blockbuster. Varunwaale aka multistarwaale struggle to cross ETT collection.

  • @sss : Don’t blabber if you don’t know anything. Ramzaan will be starting from Thursday or Friday. I always stick to my words unlike you phatto who lost a bet with me and shamelessly still wandering on Indicine. Looks like you were the most happiest person when you read that I will be off for a month. That’s enough for me if you are concerned or terrified from me !!!!!! Lol just enjoy 1 month free run then you will have it from me. BTW Swades was inspired from a Kannada movie Chigurida Kanasu n they slightly changed the story. Your king is known for scripts n scenes ki chori unlike Salman who openly buys remake rights n make the movie !!!!!!!!!!

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