Ajay Devgn talks about meeting SRK over dinner in Bulgaria

Two Bollywood superstars, Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgn, aren’t the best of friends in the industry. However, there were reports that the two bumped into each other in Bulgaria and even had dinner together.

Confirming the same in an interview, Ajay said “Yes, we did. We sat down, shared a nice conversation and practically, had dinner together. The older we grow the more we mature and evolve. You have to forget your past and say we must move on now. That was Shah Rukh’s attitude and that was my attitude. We connected well and spent time happily chatting.”

Asked if they plan on sharing screen-space in a film, Ajay said he would be happy to work with anyone as long as he likes his role.

“I really don’t know. If we have a great script, why not? I don’t have a problem working with anybody as long as I’m happy with my character in the film.”



  • thanx ajay for saying this.i used to hv lot of respect towards ajay but his comments and bhvr during sos vs jthj clash dissapointed me hugely. but glad to see has changed and old ahay devgn is back both off screen and on screen (drishyam).

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    When Big B or Aamir or Salman reaches 11M, 12M, 13M, 14M followers on twitter, they don’t care.
    When Salman reached 20M likes on FB, they didn’t post an article. When he reached 25 M on FB, then also they did not.
    And now another article related to SRK having lunch. I mean, is this for real?
    How blatantly stupid are you, indicine?

  • i heared that dilwale is inspired from old classical movie chalti ka naam gaadi. if this movie will create 50% of humor what classical film did dilwale could be huge.

  • Congrats….SRKAY…u r so lucky…to have dinner with a national award winner King AD

  • Ajay Devgn is a gem of a person . I love his simplicity and humility . It is great to see that everything is fine between Ajay and SRK . The clash between SOS and JTHJ became ugly . There was also a clash between BB and Haider but i loved the way Hrithik and Shahid supported each other . I feel clashes should not become ugly . Because in future we will see many clashes because the pattern of blocking festival dates will not work every time according to me . I am very much excited for Drishyam . It looks like a brilliant movie . It will be a treat to see Ajay with Akshay or Aamir or SRK or Hrithik or Salman in a movie . It will be huge . I hope the relation between Ajay and SRK goes further and further .

  • ajay devgan is an arrogant man.he doesn’t now how to respect his SENIORS(YASHJI,KING KHAN).he had done many gulity.among which clash against JTHJ is the major one for which I can’t forgive that man ever even though KING KHAN has decided to move on with him.

  • He also said something about Dilwale but don’t know why you didn’t post.
    .Dilwale is biggest movie of srk.


    DILWALLE or LUNGIWALLE whatever (120)clash conformed.
    FAN (150) Bad release date.
    RAHEES (130) clash with B**P

  • My Gut Feelings Say Even with clash Dilwale will cross 300CR. Let’s see what will happen..

  • @ sss ajay is not arrogant, he is audacious, he has the guts to release his films along with other stars if he believes in that, be it akshay, salman or akshay. Your haklu SRK is a back stabber and does not have any courage, he begged jeetandra to release OUATIMD one week after Chennai express and then back stabbed him by not fulfiling his promise

  • @Komal Nahi Nahta- Because Bhai Fans Are not interested in bhai Articles they are only interested in SRK
    They are not bhai lover they are just SRK haters
    Don’t believe me?
    Just check the number of comments on fan teaser article and BB trailer Article
    Bhai Fans start their Day with SRK and ends with SRK
    So don’t blame indicine

  • Ajay devgn has changed a lot…..!!…

    But our fannyless tevarless flop arjun is still the same and abuses others like he did in shameful aib……!!….

  • @sambuddha mukherjee

    don’t say thanks mate. I recorded this interview for you only. Infact i was just searching you on this forum to say sorry to you.

    My behaviour during sos vs jthj hurted you Bengali Idiot a lot. I plead sorry to you. But i don’t think you should be worried what i say or talk! Better comment about my films only.

    Thank you @indicine for providing a platform to me to talk with a @Bengali Idiot !

    Once again i beg mercy @sambuddha Mukherjee .

  • @sambuddha mukherjee

    just demanding one help from you, please help me with it!!

    Would u just provide me with a moral code of conduct so that i can be assured that what should i talk in interviews? Or would u just write my interviews for me?

    Or would you just mention the actors whom should i lick (boot-lick) that would make you happy?

    Plz reply @sambuddha mukherjee

    thank you @indicine for providing me platform to talk with a Bengali Idiot who read my interviews very carefully and point out faults and anti-bootlick lines from it!

    From -Ajay Devgn

  • The real actors ..who made their names themselves and came without any filmy background like srk ,ajay and akshay …warna aajKal ke actors(youngistaan) kuch nhi aata toh actor ban jaate hain….bollywood future not in safe hands

  • Ajay truely simple person and those who are talking about respect shall first think about the crores invested in the project.

  • The people in industry who know srk
    very well know that srk is not the kind of
    person u can trust for long and that he
    is a cunning opportunist.

    And even a 5 min role of Ajay dís acting
    in any srk movie is enough to
    overshadow srkís entire performance in
    that movie and hence our nautanki
    queen wouldnít be willing to share
    screen space with an actor much better
    than himself, deepika is not a great
    actress herself but she completely
    overshadowed srk in CE & even in hny
    so much so that the biggest reason for
    CEís success is attributed to Rohit &
    deepika and in contrary the only bad
    things in CE were the hamming
    overacting of the nautanki queen & its

  • Jthj vs SOS is an old matter we need to move on.Actually I never understand how Ajay is in his real life.He sounded so arrogant during the clash and also during the promotion of Himmatwala
    @Ajay Rofl..sambuddha would be so proud

  • @hum hai buffalo Kumar chaturvdi,leave KING KHAN aside,your cheapest national award winnerís success is even lower than his own wife KAJOL due to KING KHAN,and so your 2rs national award winner should be proud of her wife as he couldnít able to give a big success of his own,what a shame and thanks to KAJOL to save the respect of disaster king koyla devgan.

    @sush,itís a dream come true for your disaster devgan,lol.

    @yuvraj,DILWALE is not inspired from any movie ROHIT SHETTY already confirmed about that rather than itís a fresh script.KING KHAN only did 2 CLASSIC REMAKES of Bollywood DEVDAS,DON2 and HE has no time for more remakes of bollywood.

    @servant of khans,yeah itís YRUTH itís your koyla devgan who dare to release his masala movies against JTHJ.tell your koyla devgan to release any CLASSIC movie against KING KHAN,same will happen what happened with satyagraha.who is jituji and whatís his existence now in Bollywood?????itís KING KHAN who allowed his daughterís ouatimd to release on 2nd half in a generous way,lol.and the result would have the sameecen of ouatimd word have release 1st,for an example chaku(CE) apple(ouatimd) pe gire ya apple chaku pe,kat ta to apple hi hai,ROFL.

    @neanderthal vapid saky(nvs),all stars overshadowed whoever worked with your bhojpuri star,and in the other hand KING KHAN overshadowed even BIGB in HIS films.so bhojpuri kindly check about you’re blabbering.your robotic expression giving buffalo actor will now overshadowed by a small child in bb,after that come to here I’ll make you understand how.

  • @indicine,it’s my final request to you as an old user if your site to kindly please publish my 8:30pm comment and show it to others.because I replied in the similar to those comments whichalready published by you,so please kindly publish this of my important comment and show it to all.

  • @Bhai ka fan at 4.29 , its ur illusion that we salman fans don’t read salman’s articles & don’t like to comment on them , we do read all his articles but we don’t comment unnecessarily & boastfully unless really needed unlike srk fans who seem to be so jobless, good-for-nothing & obsessed with srk that they have no other better things to do in their life other than being on the net 24/7 and arrogantly doing srk’s shameless chamchagiri all the time.

    The love of salman fans towards salman is much more than the love of srk fans towards srk but we don’t show the kind of shameless , obsessed ,over-the-top exaggerated bluffing love that srk fans seem to show for him everywhere because our love for salman is genuine, pure, matured & from the heart & not the kind of ott unabashed love that srk fans seem to show , we salman fans absolutely love salman but we are not so obsessed , we are matured & restraint enough and we praise him but don’t brag arrogantly & be boastful like srk fans and that’s how true love should be.

    To put in more simpler words srk fans love for srk is like the drama queen rakhi sawant expressing her love to her lover in some reality show while salman fan’s is like the eternal madhubala expressing her love to dilip sahab in the timeless classic mughal-e-azam and that’s the exact difference between salman fans & srk fans , kaha rani madhubala aur kaha ganguteli rakhi sawant :D :D

    you srk fans are so ridiculously obsessed with srk that even if indicine posts an article about srk by the name “srk’s fart breaks the record for being the most stinkiest odor ever ” on its site then also u guys comment on the article with comments like “wow, that’s why he is called king khan” or “the power of the king” or “king khan is the only person in Bollywood who can do such incredible things” etc and what’s worse is u create so many fake IDs & comment multiple times from so many IDs and then like all the shity comments about srk & dislike every anti-srk comment even if it is true .

    But one thing is for sure u can either love him or hate him but u can’t ignore him and that’s the reason why he is the most hated actor in India & his fans the most hated ones and one more thing if anyone wants to know India’s unemployment rate then check the number of comments of srk fans on online sites as both are directly proportional , the more the comments the more would be the unemployment rate as most of the srk fans are jobless , unemployed , worthless losers with no good things to do in their delusional lives.

  • ajay one of best actor and geniue person of bollywood
    2 national awards in bst actor category, really hats offf

  • @Sss: don 2 is a remake!!! Really???
    Leave others atleast apne king ke bare me to sahi infotmation rakh…lol.

    Btw, congrats! Your threat to #indicine worked big time and they posted your shitt.

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