Ajay Devgn shooting non-stop for Singham 2, Action Jackson

Ajay Devgn is known for his slow and steady pace. One or two films a year is what he usually commits to. But in the last couple of months, he has had to put up with a busy schedule.

Recently, the actor returned from Bangkok after shooting for Action Jackson directed by Prabhu Deva. Immediately after his return, he had to report on the sets of Singham 2, directed by Rohit Shetty in Mumbai.

The star had joined the cast and crew of Singham including Amole Gupte and Kareena Kapoor for what appeared to be a pre-shooting opening schedule.

Singham Ajay Devgan

Singham Ajay Devgan

Ajay who does not usually take part in acting workshops has surprisingly joined the leading lady Kareena and Gupte, the villain in the movie, for the workshop. The last two films that Ajay willingly took part in the acting workshop was Omkara directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and Zakhm by Mahesh Bhatt.

Reports reveal that Singham 2 is not the masala entertainer that its prequel was. The sequel will not have any item numbers or songs, which is surprising in a Rohit Shetty film. But Kareena, Devgan, and Amole however are not new to the concept.

A source reveals, “From the outside it may look like another Rohit Shetty-Devgn fun and masti film. But ‘Singham 2? ‘is not a routine khaki-’wordy’ drama about a cop doing heavy dialogue-baazi. This cops’ film will look at the burning issues in the country.”



  • Singham 2 will be huge.
    Rohit shetty ajay=blockbuster.
    The best advantage is that it has three open weeks. If it receives good WOM,then even 200 crs is possible. .

  • Eagerly waited for Singham 2, i liked Singham too much. Lets see how AJ fare but if it clash with any film than many people who overestimating their Star’s power will come to know the truth.Wish him to super success ahead.

  • But,R.I.P action jackson. It will be crap like last year r..rajkumar. .prabhu deva. .lol. . The name suggests that it will have so many unrealistic fighting scenes wher hero kicks the villian and villian falls down 100 metre away.lol.
    It will contain brainless dialogues also like “silent hoja varna violent ho jaunga” and “don’t angry me”. .lol. .but people with low iq will love it. .

  • Singham 2 will be a blockbuster….Singham franchise is not like Dabangg franchise which is more of a masala comedy entertainer loaded with item songs.

  • it’s sure 155cr above collection. Ajay and Akki comeback as ghayal sher. Now both actor lucky of 2014.

  • Aamir is one of the most lazy actor,hardly does any films…
    So they will become blockbusters becoz of the high anticipation…
    Though his choice of films is very good,no doubt about that.

    Aamir’s film work bcoz of:
    Good script and high anticipation.

  • Ajay Devgn is a brilliant actor i just hope Action Jackson and Singham 2 emerge as hits . I don’t want Action Jackson and Bang Bang to clash because both films will be affected to some extent . If it happens i will watch both the movies . Let’s hope Singham 2 is more bigger and better than Singham . @ Babaji how can you call Aamir a lazy actor he is a really hardworking actor who follows a policy to do 1 movie a year . He is a thorough professional be it Lagaan, Mangal Pandey, Ghajini, 3 Idiots etc. In fact according to me there are 2 actors in Bollywood today who are risk takers and are supremely versatile these are Hrithik and Aamir . Even Hrithik does very few movies but it is important to give good movies and brilliant performances rather than quantity . I am a Hrithik fan and i have no problem in Hrithik doing 1 movie in a year but the movie should be good and should be worth the wait . I hope you understand . I am also a huge fan of Hrithik but i respect actor as a person and also like him as an actor .

  • @nipun
    Prabhu deva is genious,bcoz he knows what the masses want…
    Rowdy rathore was a well made film,script was ok,songs were hit,action sequences were also good and Akki’s presence,and also it was a remake of a highly successful film that has been made in various languages.
    R…Rajkumar only had chartbuster music,dance sequences,action was way over the top,comedy was forced..though i think Shahid did very well but on the whole it was’nt a good film.

  • Masala films should be made,but with a good script and direction.
    These types of films are only made in india.Amitabh Bachchan,Salman Khan,they have become superstars due to these kind of films,you may not like movie’s script but masala films promise that you never get bore watching them.If you watch a hollywood film and you did’nt like the story you get highly bore..
    Industry can’t only survive with films like ZNMD,Queen,3 Idiots etc.,masala genre will always be needed.

  • Singham 2 releasing first and then action Jackson so great decision, becoz I don’t think action Jackson works at boxoffice. But singham 2 definitely work at boxoffice.

  • @Sky I wish Singham 2 clashes with one of Aamir films (without Raju or big franchise), then we will see his true stardom!

  • wooooow cant wait,it will be unforgetable movies@Nipun who said it was crap movie r..rajkumar? lolz Mr Deva is good director all his films was hitand also he is the master of masala movies

  • I never hated ajay before he worked for salman in 2012 and made case against YRF,but lost.though he got success due to publicity through JTHJ but THE ALMIGHTY never FORGIVES him for the guilty he had done,as a result he got both flop that too with SRK.so to ajay,never be a friend of an evil man.

  • @Saksham but you wanted Action Jackson to clash with Holiday and you wanted the makers to release the first look and trailer
    Truly when you see that an animal is attacking/killing a stranger,don’t say that you don’t care.Maybe after attacking/killing the stranger,it will turn back to attack you also
    Action Jackson was to clash with Holiday but due to Action jackson shoot been incomplete,it has been postponed otherwise the clash would have come on
    Most of you were happy that there was a clash while you perfectly know that both Akshay and Ajay needs a HIT.Now there are reports that Action Jackson will clash with one of the films in October(though i think that Prabhu Deva will not want a clash)

    2.A person who has fallen doesn’t fear to fall but the ones on top should fear.I will explain this later

  • 1.Happy new year-300cr
    2.Bang Bang-280cr
    7.Welcome Back-130cr
    8.jai ho-120cr
    10.bombay velvet-80cr

  • @triniman hahaha big franchise, the word stand for Srk not for Aamir, nevertheless if it happen than we will see. @babaji lazy is wrong word you can call choosy instead of that, yes anticipation is always for Aamir films due to his choosy and good cinema sense. @yash still you needing Complan with your fellow our complan boy (naam to suna hi hoga).

  • @babaji:yeah. . masala movies aren’t bad.eg agneepath,rnbdj etc .but there should be a brain behind that. .r rajkumar was a bad film,although it was the only original film by prabhu deva. I also enjoyed rawdy,but it lacks long lastingness.

    • @Nipun, R.. Rajkumar was nothing but a film inspired from several South Indian films. Can’t really call it ‘original’. Just wasn’t a scene-to-scene remake.

  • So Girish Johar tweeted – Is #ActionJackson coming on this Diwali too ?????????????
    Let’s see the final release date of AJ

  • @indicine, what about C…E….? it’ original movie? Inspired from several south films? It’ remake?

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