Ajay Devgn Films response to Yashraj Films

ADF’s response to Yashraj films: The case of ADF (Ajay Devgn Films) is that a producers/distributor/exhibitor cannot be allowed to enter into a tie-in arrangement which adversely affects competition. YRF (Yashraj Films) has entered into a tie-in arrangement with the exhibitors in a manner that it has made it compulsory for the exhibitors to exhibit the untitled movie of YRF on Diwali day and two weeks thereafter with all 4 shows. A tie in arrangement in the present circumstances of YRF of compulsory showing an unnamed movie on a date fixed in advance with the exhibitor while entering into an arrangement to show the film “Ek Tha Tiger” itself violates the provisions of the competition Act, 2002 more particularly Section 3. It is well known fact that YRF is the most dominant player in the film business for the past four-five decades.

YRF is vertically integrated i.e. it has a studio, production house, in house director, all the equipments required for the production and it has distribution arms all over the world which creates a dominant presence/impression before an exhibitor.

Under the threat of not delivering “Ek Tha Tiger” which was the only film to be released on Eid/Independence day (an unusual day being a Wednesday for a film release), YRF forced the exhibitors to tie in the release of the untitled movie (which is now titled as “Jab tak hai jaan”) on the Diwali day i.e. 13.11.2012 which is also an unusual day for release i.e. Tuesday. ADF is entitled to release its movie on the Diwali day which right is protected under Article 19(1)(g), Indian Contract Act and Competition Act, 2002 and provide effective competition to YRF’s movie.

But for YRFs tie-in arrangement with the exhibitors which is apparent from the various agreements executed by YRF, ADF would have achieved single screen exhibitors in the range of more than 1200. However, because of the tie-in arrangement, ADF has achieved only about 600 nos. of single screens which clearly shows the cause against YRF.

To substantiate the above through some examples, a catchment like Dadar in Mumbai has 7 single screen cinemas out of which ‘Son of Sardaar’ has only 1, and ‘Jab tak hai Jaan’ has 6. In Hyderabad city, out of 17 single screen (Hindi playing) cinemas, ‘Son of Sardaar’ has only 2, and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ has 15. The trend is similar almost all India which can be scrutinized by anyone.

For ADF’s last movie i.e. “Bol Bachchan” ADF had achieved about 1350 number of single screens which film was released on 6th July, 2012. ADF could have also restricted the release of YRF’s movie on Diwali day by entering into tie-in arrangements then but ADF has always been fair and in any case does not carry dominance which YRF has in the market to dictate anti-competitive terms.

YRF is trying to hide behind its dominant position in the film market. It is wrongly touting this cause of action to be based upon an alleged enmity between Mr. Ajay Devgn and Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, which does not exist. The case of ADF is legally maintainable and ADF shall fight till the end on this legal issue.



  • srk & yrf will never win. kyunki this diwali is all about SON of SARDAAR.
    sorry yaar diwali bekaar bina son of sardaar.

  • Ajay who has spent a whooping 80 crores on his upcoming masala flick is leaving no stone unturned to make sure SOS emerges as the clear winner in the epic Diwali battle this year. But with the legal notice being reduced to a cheap piece of publicity gimmick, it is upto Ajay to save his sinking ship from drowning in the already set battlefield! As of now, Yash Raj with its Jab Tak Hai Jaan clearly stands out as the choice of the audience majority but it is too early to file any statements.

  • Hi, mujhe to lagta hai ki Salman ka Ek Tha Tiger ka record koi bhi nahin tor payega, waise bhi unhone Yash Ji ko eklouta 100 crore ki movie di hai. Aur dekho no DABAANG 2, aa raha hai.

  • Twilight will effect JTHJ, because they are multiplex friendly movies. but SOS is single screens friendly. SOS will take benefit from single screens.

  • whatever the yrf’s cheif strtegy ultimate winner would,,, son of sardar and only son of sardar…..because public want to be entertained like SOS SIZE

  • srk and his fans r so cheap wen tmk bombed at boxoffice srk celebratin at mannat this diwali jthj wil be flop ppl wil celebrate diwali

  • srk’s career is finished after JTHJ.
    Happy Diwali everyone. watch SON OF SARDAAR destroy the other film this diwali.

  • Ajay is running behind
    Distributors for more screens &
    Distributors are running behind
    JTHJ to give more screens. Thats
    The Difference!

  • Breaking News: salman khan
    caught stealing dog food from
    Shahrukh’s house Mannat. He
    was peckish and needed a snack.

  • my father s owner of 3 multiplex in trivandrum in kerala. 2 have been given to jthj and one for sos. as per the rules advance booking has been started. but now the problem is even though there s just one screen for sos. the advance booking is not that great. its just around 36% for the first day and 24% for the second day. where as for jthj its 96% for the first and 98% for remaining 3days.
    every one would be thinkin Wy am I saying it. coz this is the first time we have given 3 screen to Hindi movie s AND that too coz I like Hindi movies . but looking at occupancy of sos my father s going to kill me. that would incur huge losses to us. some body plz save us. guess would have to scrape it completely.

  • so friends plz give feedback. so that I decide the future action. coz I as business man is concerned about how much money my theatre makes rather than support any hero. Ur feedback would be valued and appreciated . thanks

  • @asim. thanks for showing concern bro. but I am sorry bro. we have a binding with kerala theatres association as well as with film authorities. we can’t disclose it.

  • @ asim. the only thing I can say is its huge. and for my multiplex to recover all the money is atleast the film should have occupancy of more than 85 percent for atleast 5 to 6 days. which is looking very unlikely with sos

  • @noamaan. poor u. I am die hard fan of srk. but I pray to god that sos should have good opening at least for Ur multiplex sake

  • @tam. thanks for Ur concern. really amazed u being srk fan praying for sos movie just coz of my multiplex. u have heart bro. thanks once again

  • shame on ajay devgn and his fans??/such a loser…what he thinks of himself to sue YRF???he has no right and no dignity.already SOS will flop, not because of SRK movie but because of 007 movie skyfall making a huge impact all around indian theatres housefull shows and bookings for next 2 weeks closed too here in delhi.no chance of his movie anyways. just because he produced some surprise hits with golmaal and all, please be on your grounds ajay.you are STILL NOTHING!!

  • will any body tell budget of JTHJ and how much deal done with satelright rights and music right’s there have must another SRK record king rocks…!

  • @ Noamaan
    plz for God sake….everyone knows that exhibitors,distributors do not comment on websites like this….
    get a lyf man…do not lie….
    well who ever wins …future will decide…plus Ra.1 also had good advance booking…but was a dud later on…
    i respect Yash ji…eagerly waiting for JTHJ…
    but my feeling in that it will not be a that big hit…Even my fav movie is lamhe (the best love story ever my point of view)…….
    & SOS will win as it’s comic & action too…
    though i ll wait for the dvd of SOS…..
    (above are my intuitions that JTHJ ll be only a hit like Don 2….not more than that…)however, i may get wrong if script is good……
    plus i can not spend that much to watch 2 movies on diwali…else i ld love to watch SOS too…
    but, as it’s Yash ji movie i ll go for JTHJ…
    for people , who want true entertainment & laugh….just watch SOS….
    My gut feel SOS will win….and JTHJ ll survive too….

  • plus as far as AD’s legal notice…there must be something beneath….else AD ld hv never sent them a leggal notice…
    so guy’s it’s not a publicity gimmick………
    as when Yash ji was ill, some people said it’s publicity gimmick…but it was not…….
    & i support AD……..YRF are dominant( big in term of production) but that doesn’t mean they should rule……..on there terms and conditions….

  • @nrkadilz. u get a life first. I know what I am doing and what rights I have got. I ain’t promoting any movie here. the only thing I am concerned is my multiplex should make money rather than which hero wins the so called battle. And to top it there s a difference between distributor and multiplex owner. make that clear. I do agree distributor aren’t allowed. but I as son of multiplex owner can and will. that’s my birth right.

  • @nradils. if u think I am promoting any movie than feel free to promote sos in trivandrum so that atleast my dad gets back the money what he has invested. I am just concerned about making money. get Ur facts correct bro. any ways thanks for responding. that’s what I wanted. no hard feelings bro

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