Ajay Devgn to donate part of Shivaay’s Day 1 collection to Uri martyrs

Ajay Devgn will be donating a small part of Day 1 collections of his upcoming film, Shivaay, to the family of the Uri attack martyrs.

The Cinema Owners and Exhibitors’ Association, who recently took the decision to not screen Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, have started a fund raising initiative to help the families of the Uri martyrs.

The association approached Ajay, who agreed to contribute a part of Shivaay’s first day collection to the fund.

“As a part of our tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives defending our country at Uri, at the meeting of the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association, Mumbai held today, it was unanimously decided that this Diwali, our members be requested to donate their share of the first show of any film they screen on Friday, 28th October, 2016 to the family of soldiers who lost their lives defending our country at Uri”

“We request all other cinema owners, cinema associations, multiplex owners and all distributors who are releasing their films this Diwali to join in the good work. We also approached Ajay Devgn as the producer of Shivaay to contribute his share and he has agreed for the same” Cinema Owners and Exhibitors’ Association said in a statement after the meeting was over.

“I whole heartedly support the fund raising for the family of the martyrs who lost their lives at Uri defending our country. As the producer of Shivaay, I am pleased to announce that we shall match the contribution made by the members of Cinema Owners and Exhibitors’ Association” Ajay Devgn said in a separate statement that was released to the media.


Official letter by Cinema Owners and Exhibitors' Association

Official letter by Cinema Owners and Exhibitors’ Association



  • While ADHM group is all out to collect sympathy n to promote their movies through controversy, here is the real man Ajay Devgn

  • But if he wants to Give Money, Then Why He Wait Till Film Release.
    Why he Can’t Give From His Pocket.

    Akshay Kumar & ShahRukh khan Gave Money in Chennai Flood & Nepal Earthquake By their Pocket When Their Movie About To Release But They Didn’t Use Cheap Things like this.
    Respect to SRK & Akshay Kumar.

    Ajay Devgn is doing all This To Promote his Movie.
    So Cheap He his.

    BTW I’m Gonna watch Shivaay First Day But 2nd Show

  • SRK Is The 1st Indian To Get “U.N.E.S.C.O – PYRAMID CON MARNI” Award For His Charity Worldwide [Now This Is The Biggest Achievement For Him

  • Hatt off Ajay Devgn sir,
    We Indians are with you.
    Indian Army Zindabaad.
    Hindustan Zindabaad.
    At Any Cost Nation First… Then After All.
    Only Shivaay This Diwali.

  • Some stupid srk fans still barking here against ajay devgn.
    If anyone doing something good for Nation, we have to support him other than abusing.

  • Ajay Devgn never publicize all this, but it was the decision by cinema owners for which they approached Ajay Devgn and he agreed for this. Great job indeed.
    Meanwhile, Karan Johar is busy to get symapthy to make his movie success, who is money minded but AD is doing charity for his countrymen.

  • we r proud of u Ajay sir. we all salman akshay rithik amir fans with u sir. now we have great opportunity to donate some money to our jawan’s family through Shivaay. Har Har mahadev. jai hind.

  • Nice one Ajay Sir!!!

    Whatever …public or privately…. The money is going straight to the victims family…..that matters the most!!

  • All salmaniac support Shivay advertise it everywhere make sure we have added 80-100cr in the collection. Ajay sir is a true friend of Salman bhai in the industry we should support him.

  • Hypocrisy has also limit. This loser has tried every way to hurt Karan’s Adhm. First he said that ” I’m relaxed ” then his stupid wife posted a sticker. Then this loser tried to defame Karan by using The Audio tape. There his moronic wife said I’m shocked. ( it was then when she lost my respect and upset Karan and every SRKian ) Then he showed his fake support to uri attack and said hypocritically ” another life lost how many more should we give more ” his tweets were very transparent that he wanted MNS to ban Adhm ….!!!!!!
    Trust me trust me Nobody is gonna bash this man as much as I will do if he loses this clash ……!!!!!

  • Even cheap tactics by selling patriotism can’t save shivaay otherwise bhagat singh LOC Kargil weren’t disaster

  • Respect to Akki & Ajay they are doing something special for countries & soldiers . Helping to soldiers family is such nice work .

  • Ajay devgn is so much afraid by open challenge of KRK still no1 will win and ADHM openning will be more than shivaay

  • Smart Marketing Move…. actually they ain’t helping Uri Martyr’s family, they are helping Shivaay…. how much they will give them ? akshay alone gave more than what they will give (1-2 crs from 15-20)

  • @SRK rules…… u forgot to mention hrithik’s 25 lacs donation ….

    …coming to this topic this is a smart move by ajay because in the name of patriotism u are forcing people to watch ur movie so that I can donate to uri victims ……..

    …There is another patriot makhi who is doing patriotic movies making people fool to earn money. ……

    …..so called patriots. ..my foot…

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