Ajay Devgn announces ‘Sons Of Sardaar’ for Diwali 2017

Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgnáhas announced the biggest film of his career.áTitledá’Sons Of Sardaar’, the filmáwill beábased on the “battle of Saragarhi”. The actor has promised to match the scale of Hollywood film ‘300’.

Ajay has also locked the release date of the film. Sons Of Sardaar, which has absolutely no connection with his 2012 comedy film ‘Son Of Sardaar’, will release during Diwali 2017.

The actor tweetedá”Need your best wishes for ‘Sons Of Sardaar’, will match the scale of Hollywood war film ‘300’ and based on epic Battle of Saragarhi. Diwali 2017.”

The historic ‘Battle of Saragarhi’ was fought on September 12 1897. 21 Sikhs of the 4th Battalion of the Sikh Regiment, gave up their lives defending an army post by fighting against 10,000 Afghans. The battle occurred in the North-West Frontier Province and is now named the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Ajay has a busy schedule ahead of him. After completing the shooting schedule of Milan Luthria’s ‘Baadshaho’, Ajay will begin shooting for his directorial venture ‘Shivaay’ which is scheduled to release during Diwali next year.

After the completion of ‘Shivaay’, Ajay will begin shooting for ‘Sons Of Sardaar’.

With two films scheduled to release during the lucrative Diwali weekend, it remains to be seen if Ajay can break the ‘Khan monopoly’ with two massive films. Karan Johar has also lockedáhis film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ for Diwali next year.



  • Wow! Looking forward!! Last Diwali release of Ajay SMILED despite all negativity spread on him by many fanatical fans supporting huge bannner jthj.
    @dummy…from juhi,madhuri big b akshay aamir salman Farida jalal sonakshi preety ashwariya Anil kapoor rani to vivek zayeed abishek amrita rao kajal agrw kareena to priyadarshn kuku mani ratnam vishsal ranbeer kapoor mithun da etc.. No Bollywood actor younger or older than Ajay who did a movie with ajay will tell you ajay never played pranksters with them.Memorable ones are with Aamir Juhi madhuri and Big B. That serious loooking hunk has always put smile even on spot boys during shooting. Makes everyone laugh,so down to earth and humble. Have you ever heard of ajay fighting in a party or slapping supporters in a stadium? Stop being bias and jealous pls….he is one of d most respected superstar in d industry so TAMMEEZ SE PESHAU!! know d meaning of arrogant then you comment!

  • I doubt it could match the scale of 300 due to budget difference, which is huge. Filmmakers shouldn’t make false promises to the audiences, otherwise it will comeback to bite them.

    Anyways, sounds interesting.

  • @challa your opinion??
    He trusts himself,we trust him that’s all. He has already proven before he can pull crowds okay. Just b cos Aj and Drishm ddnt dosent mean he can. In 2014 no one thought he could pull crowds on SR 1st 2nd 3rd day? If he cldnt pull crowds on a SRK festive favourite diwalli period highly affecting jthj collection so wat else do you want from Ajay Devgn. ?? U comment good so pls stick with that. The same you said had drishyam gotten a better release date? Ryt? For an off beat low budget movie? He scored very high sin of sarda r in Diwali back then with SRK clash so why doubting his capabilities for SOS2 on Diwali and probably solo??

  • Ajay devgan is having very interesting line up..Diwali is one of the best periods to release so I expect two major blockbusters from Ajay devgan but they should be solo releases because he deserves it

  • Ha ha ha ha,looking like koyla has been too much overconfident now a days.forgot he gave most disasters in Bollywood.and he is doing film of scale like 300!!!!!haad hota jai fekne ka,lol.just like how he said actions jacksion will be a grand martial art based movie,but after that we have seen only rope based crap stunts.is koyla is still thinking his father veeru made this Bollywood industry that he is locking every date?????,ROFL.but don’t worry he’ll not get solo release and HIS contemporaries will kill his film.and next year KJO SIR will kill next movie on DEEWALI 2016,LOL.

  • Now I think no doubt Ajay is a real big shot in Bollywood! Already 2 Shah ruks best festive period(diwali) hijacked by Ajay? This guy is so underrated but again he is a master of his own.
    @tiger agreed. Yes but don’t you think Hritik should be on 4th spot ? I know acting wise no comparism in any manner but his filmfare awards and success ratio shd make him pop ajay to 5th. Just your view,I p personally also believe after shah rukh 3rd,it’s ajay 4th hritik 5.

  • Is he too unsecure to lock 2017 2 years beforehand? Im sure he wont get any of diwali after drishyam, we had seen what kind of fan base he has and what kind of “superstar” he is, “superstar” of 8 crore opening)

  • Vaah @arjan vaah..Maash Allah that’s unlike u! U too have join others I normally use to always appreciate their comments before.
    Your 1st comment on this page is Shivay will be hit. Your next comment is shivaay will be flop? So which one?
    Why only khans should release on diwalli with due respect? Shah rukh had d opportunity to release eida fan on Diwali but he did not? So why forcing them? Any real superstar can perform any time of d year with good numbers…SRK aamir salman…. they have d starpower apart from fans followers! and have proven them by releasing on non holidays few times.
    So ajay is small star? For this decade…. alone
    2010…..golmaal3 Diwali….. blockbuster…,comfortable 100 crores plus!!
    2012…Sos vs jthj … Diwali… with a much more bigger superstar than him Srk! A clash……?? Hit and another 100 crores.
    So from above ..Ajay was given a chance this decade 2wice…one solo one clash and both made profitable business with a hit and blockbuster verdict!
    So I don’t really understand what you mean??

  • Also remember… we also have anoda superstar
    with holiday n RR…okay agreed independence day was offered to him 2015=but d final verdict is not out? I love the 2 khans and highly respect the 3rd…but I think even the strongest of their fans would love them to release not necessarily on Diwali!!! Reason? They trust their idols and know that their movies have been accredited to many super hit-atbb not necessarily on festive period. Forget the khans devgns roshans n kumars…can’t u give a try to d younger ones? Yes if they fail it’s their on d records that actor A or actor b was given a diwali or xmas release but failed…simple then we now have more confidence to say even our veteran superstars at their present ages and longetivity in d industry are still UNTOUCHABLE till date!

  • even salman releases prdp at dewali 2017…sons of sardaar will be washed out..and prdp will be blockbuster….

  • even salman releases prdp at dewali 2017ůsons of sardaar will be washed out..and prdp will be blockbusterů.

  • even salman releases prdp at diwali 2017ůsons of sardaar will be washed out..and prdp will be blockbusterů.

  • Don’t know when this 40cr club star koyla will realise about his wife beaten career and will realise about his 19 special disaster given to bollywood.

    Anyways he’ll not get any solo release,after beating badly by KJO SIR next year, his mental stability will be all clear.forget ‘300’,if he can do a better action film than action jacksion/himmatwala/sos,then that’ll be a great achievement. Untalented papa and media made stars like amir,salman,ajay’ film’s action sequences are very poor they can’t be as higher as like DON2,HNY (helipad fight),LOL.

  • Low budget movie HIT krwa nhi paata isliye big budget movie karing now ..good strategy 2 create buzz .

  • @Challa yah like hrithik attracted so much crowd for a big budget movie Kites .only 42 crs LOL.
    I NVR said Ajay’s movies can’t earn big .
    Despite less fan following , he can match the collections of any star with a good universal appeal movie .
    He iz a Hard working actor nd has good reputation ..! Go ahead , it will be a big hit if it has good entertainment value ..!

  • Devgn deserves a big festival release n after Khans he can take full advantage of such release dates. Jadoo boy uses manipulation n joker boy bankrupts exhibitors so these 2 clowns should never EVER again get a holiday release…!

  • Sons of Sardars is a great idea but Joker Boys plans for Sons of Bhojpori Bastards starring kSHITij n fanny chechi is a really bad idea….!

  • After flops like Asoka n Jadoo Boys upcoming Morning Darr it will be nice for hindi audiences to see a grand epic film succeeding at the BO…!

  • @@@ wen I came to know that ajay will be acting in drishyam I just said yes! Ajay is a trump card,there is advantage that I am getting to work with Ajay. I could have done any movie with him and had the opportunity to unite with him@@@
    National award winner Tabu on acting with ajay devgan in drishyam.

  • first he should take care of his present movies.
    ajay is too hungry for holiday dates and also also to spoil it with all time craps.

  • Madhoo
    Sonali bendre
    Twinkle khanna
    Ayesha jhulka
    Kajal agarwal
    These lead female actresses during their career had done few movies like pather ki phool dalal prem qaidi etc which were below average or semi hit. What do these ladies have in common? Their 1st major recognized Hit or super hit movies were all oppurtuned to have Ajay devgan as the lucky mascot! Ajay devgan is a very respected superstar of his generation. Unfortunately behind the khans but still recognized and appreciated even after 24 years.

  • @indicine. Do take note, pather ki phool was a below average or maximum an average movie and not hit. Thank you

  • Wow look interesting. I like this man guts he is only actor who is ready to release his films on holidays without fear of Khans

  • @Aisha @Sunny I never said Ajay isn’t a superstar I am only concerned about the budget.He can’t pull the audiences like Khans or Hrithik.A movie starring somebody like Srk even if made on a humongous scale will recover the costs or just break even if the audience doesn’t appreciate the movie so the risk factor is low.Same is the case with other Khans and Hrithik.That is perhaps the reason why Ra 1 recovered the costs and Bang Bang did good business.I am not sure whether an Ajay movie with a high budget if not able to incite the audiences will prove to be a profitable venture for the producers.Example being Tezz

  • No doubt sons of koyla’s will give somewhat quality like sos or action jacksion gave,that doesn’t mean koyla should reserve holidays to ruin those craps.

    Ha ha ha ha koyla locked holiday excatly seems like no one has locked the holiday.after a.koyla is theost disaster giving actor in Bollywood,how can he survive in front of everyone who’ll meet him on that holiday because KHANS will surely kick on his face and more importantly whatever innovation may he showed ,but people don’t wanto to see his ugly koyla face anymore,that’s the main reason,lol.

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