Ajay Devgan spotted in Mumbai: Pics

Post the Himmatwala debacle, Ajay Devgn’s second film of 2013 released in theatres last weekend. The film has done reasonably well at the box office.

We spotted the actor on Monday. Talking about the box office performance of the film, Devgn said “I am really happy that Satyagraha has worked at the box office. There is an audience for good films. When such films that are not your regular pot-boilers do well, it gives you a lot of confidence as an actor.”

Ajay Devgan outside an office in Mumbai

Ajay Devgan outside an office in Mumbai

Ajay Devgan promotes Satyagraha

Ajay Devgan promotes Satyagraha

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan



  • Ajay Devgn spotted in Mumbai, lol, he lives in Mumbai itself.

    It would have been something of news headline if he was spotted elsewhere. Tomorrow Indicine will put headlines about spotting someone coming out of his own house. lol.

  • Well, i just took a simple dig at indicne and they stopped publishing my post.

    What kind of censorship is this, you guys don’t like any humourous criticism of your work too?

    i didn’t absuse, no swear words, no bad mouthing, no name calling, and nothing racist, just simple one sentence dig on the title of the article, and it is not published.


  • @ Indicine thanks,

    your site is great stress buster for us, and i hope unlike other sites, it stays true to its visitors and openly welcome good humoured criticism sometimes. :)

  • Ajay is the most talented actor of his generation. The SRKs and Salman Khans of this world, are no where near the level of Ajay. But to be succesful at the box office, he has to resort to doing brainless masala crap. Thats the sort of movies indian masses prefer. And then you wonder why there are so many problems in India.

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