Ajab Si – Om Shanti Om

Ajab Si Song Lyrics – Om Shanti Om (2007)
Movie : Om Shanti Om
Music Director: Vishal Shekhar
Director: Farah Khan
Producer: Red Chillies Entertainment (Gauri Khan)
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal, Shreyas Talpade, Kiron Kher, Bindu.

Ajab Si Lyrics

Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
HOh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai
Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh ho ho oh Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai

Aaye aaisi raat hai jo, bahut khush naseeb hai
chaahe jise duur se duniya, woh mere kareeb hai
Kitna kuch kehana hai phir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahein
Sapno mein jo roz kaha hai woh phir se kahun ya nahin
Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh ho ho oh Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai

Tere saath saath aaisa koi noor aaya hai
Chaand teri roshni ka halka sa ek saaya hai
Teri nazaro ne dil ka kiya jo hashar, asar yeh huwa
Ab inme hi doob ke ho jaoon par, yeh hai duwa
Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh ho ho oh Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai

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  • Hi All,
    These songs are really Good!. All credit goes to Kingkhan alone. Now I understand why Sharukh initially does not like the tunes composed by A R Rahman for this movie. Sharukh is king and he sees that everything should be perfect. After Chak de India!, I think its time to promote Sharukh from king to shehanshah! and to demote shehanshah to king. After successive flops of Jhoom barabar Jhoom and Aag… Amitabh should think again his status in Bollywood!. There is no doubt that King khan has reserved the ticket for getting best actor award this year for Chak De India!!. And no one can compete sharukh this year atleast coz there are some actors like hrithik who are like bangladesh cricket team who can win matches with Australia only on their day and not all games!. So you cant compare Hrithik with Sharukh khan!!. Sharukh has got more awards than anyone else in the Industry!. This year the only movie which can compete chak de india is Again Shrakuh khan movie ‘OM SHANTI OM’!!!. But I feel Shrukh will get award for Chak de India- for the emotions he expressed in this movie and ofcourse how can we forget the powerful dialogues!.

    Kingkhan RULEZ BOLLYWOOD!!

    Syed Jawahar

  • Hrithik has 3 best actor filmfare awards in 6 years. He is also the first to win both Best actor Critics and Best actor Popular award in the same year.

    Hrithik Roshan will beat Shahrukh Khan one day. :)

  • Hrithik is the best. The only superstar in Bollywood who is of Hollywood standards.

    Shahrukh Khan ki shakal tho chuse hue aam ki tarah dhik raha hai aajkal

  • Hey..
    Hrithik can dance well but in dialogue delivery, showing emotions, expressions and touching every one’s souls.. only King khan can do.

    For Hrithik only ‘Kaho na pyaar hai’ movie is Excellent and recently dhoom2.And all others are average and below average movies! .
    But for king khan … DDLJ running for more than 10 years!!!, Kuch kuch hota hai, Main hoon na, Veer Zaara, Now chak de India and sooooooooooo on.!! You cant compare king khan with any dummy player.

    And now King khan also built his body which is the only draw back in him!!!! Now NO ONE CAN GET THE AWARD ANY MORE!!!!


  • Hey
    I accept that Hrithik roshan will beat sharukh khan one day but on which day??????? God only knows :-)

    Its like telling Indian cricket team will win world cup one day!!!.

    But you see… chak de India movie released and the emotions showed by sharukh… made Indian mens hockey team to win Asia cup!!!!!!

    sharukh khan Rulz again!!!!!!!!!!
    King khan is the Best of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • u wer rite Syed jawahar………..
    India has won the wowld cup n so will HRTIHIK win dat ultimate position in bollwood……….

  • hello,

    dis is is aniket dude the lyrics by vishal is awesum no words yaar
    especially d song main agar kahoon its excellent dis song touched mah soul just loved d sopng

    for clubs dard-e-disco is a blockbuster n canmake dere body at dier beats

    ajab si is also a gr8 song yaar just no words hats off 2 vishal n shekhar for such a excellent lyrics n composition

    bas keep it up vishal n shekhar

    dis moviv will b a blockbuster

  • hello,

    dis is is aniket dude the lyrics by vishal is awesum no words yaar
    especially d song main agar kahoon its excellent dis song touched mah soul just loved d sopng

    for clubs dard-e-disco is a blockbuster n canmake dere body at dier beats

    ajab si is also a gr8 song yaar just no words hats off 2 vishal n shekhar for such a excellent lyrics n composition

    bas keep it up vishal n shekhar

    dis moviv will b a blockbuster

  • Hi
    India won the Cricket world cup as well as Hockey Asia Cup….ONLY COZ OF KING KHAN!!!!!!!.

    King khan Rulez again!!!!!!!
    May God bless Sharukh khan …….. My every happiness is dedicated to him alone. coz I Feel he makes movies only to please his dearest fan in this world.thats me…..!!!!!!
    I never expect anything more from his movie…… he is 100% perfect in his acting,performances!!!.

    His movies are impacting the world especially Indians!…

    Hope his next movie ‘My name is Khan’ will eradicate/demolish Terrorism completely from our country as well as in the whole world.

    Ofcourse there were lot of movies in bollywood tells about terrorism…. but those concepts will only boost terrorism acts.. as the directors choose ONLY violence or hatred(towards certain community) by writing scripts only to prove their point Instead they should think the other way also like why the terrorists are doing like this?. No one will be ready to go and die then why suicide bombings?. What is the actual reason behind this?. What actually are they expecting from government or from group of people?. Who are actually supporting them?.

    If any bombings happen in our country then even without investigation they say Muslims have done. And they bring Islam into picture. Even when bomb blast in Masjid in Hyderabad!!..its rediculous! :-(
    They think its a easy of escaping from crime… God sees/knows the best!

    Hope Kingkhan will use his logic and eradicate terrorism completely by showing it in neutral platform.

    Allah hafiz..

  • your filim is great “om shanti om”i love that filim (exellent) movie
    i like the song ankome tere………………………………………

  • Hello,

    Hi guys l ‘m vinitha (kings’ fav) all that l can say is that the songs of OM SHANTHI OM are simply superb and SRK is mind blowing there are just no words to fumegate the smartness about SRK in this film , how ever he has rocked , he still is glooming and in the future he will be ready to road , and l feel that the comment which shruthi has given is all backwas ; last but not the least – SRK was the best , is still the best and will be the best ever. SRK ke saamne hrithik hi kya tom cruise bhi kuch nahin.

    with best wishes ,

  • Hi Vinitha,
    You were Right!. Shahrukh khan is the BEST!. One word i need to tell is that…. Nobody can compare Sharukh khan with anyone (not even Tom cruise!).. if u compare it is insulting Shahrukh standards!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tom cruise will not act like sharukh and also his movies will not run like Shahrukh!… remember DDLJ running more than 7years!!.

    Shahrukh khan is Emperor and no more King!!!!!!!.

    ‘ShehanSHAH’ RUKH Khan!!!!!! (Born like a true Emperor!!!)

    Everyone should appreciate sharukh for building his body to OSO! Its not just the 6 packs its more than what he gives in his movies!. My heartful congrats to sharukh for his tremendous dedication,determination to acheive anything in his life even at 40’s!!!!

    Actors like Hrithik has just body without any dialogue delivery!. His movies will be limited to booze girls and he cant go beyond it in his acting!!!. Even in DHOOM2, there were many technical faults in that movie so it failed even though much hyped by the media!!!. The basic blunder in this movie is that why would Abhisheik bachan allows hrithik roshan to do what ever he wants even though he knows that he was the culprit!. I think it is just to drag the movie for 2:30 hrs!!!!!!!!!! All crap!!!!!.

    According to me only 2 movies are good for hrithik…. Kaho na pyaar hai and Krissh (even this faces criticism that this is a movie for kids to watch)

    BUT Sharukh has won how many awards!!!..even in nominees for best movie,best actor most of the movies will be sharukh movies!!!.

    This year king khan has booked to get BEST ACTOR & BEST MOVIE Award for ‘CHAKDE INDIA’!!!!!!!

    Long live Sharukh khan!!!!!

  • SRK is looking great the song “Ajab si” is touching heart of youngester.It is super-duper HITTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • Syed Jawahar .
    You said the songs are good and the credit goes to Shahrukh Khan . It is not at all so !!
    If Jawed Akhtar Had not written those lyrics , the songs would not be there . And if Vishal-Shekhar would not have composed the music for those lyrics , again the songs would not be there . So the main credit behind the songs goes to the Lyricist and the Music composers . After all, they make and compose the music .
    [ It is not the actor who makes the lyrics and the music ]
    And yeah the actor does not choose the lyricist and the music-composers . It is the work of the producer to do that.
    So , the credit would go to the whole team of the movie and ‘not’ just the actor.
    Well had to prove my point and have proved it by the above statements.
    And yeah in case of Amitabh Bachhan with his status in the bollywood, in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom[JBJ] and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna[KANK] , Big B had just a supporting role in KANK and in JBJ he was with guest appearance . But the best actor til present date is BIG B and no one can still beat his Reign . Big B continues from the black and white age to the present colourful age. And SRK does not even have those many movies with that of BigB.
    Hope you all agree with what I have said above .
    Anyways, I dont wanna cook you up all .

    On the side of the movie:
    The movie is fantastic, fabulous, mind-blowing !!
    Starcast is nice . And songs are also nice especially “Main Agar Kahoon”.
    Keep it up Vishal-Shekhar .
    And SRK does not look bad by developing a body. He looks quite nice.
    Nice work by the director, producer, lyricist, music composer, fashion designer and the star-cast .

  • Hi Varun,
    Nice to see someone replies on my comments. I totally agree that composers and lyricist has a major role in making these songs a hit. But why I mentioned Sharukh khan is becoz he elevates those songs by his screen presence in the movie and No other actor can give 100% justice to the songs like sharukh does!!.
    We know there are so many songs which are very good to here But you lose interst when u see them on screen.

    The lyricist and composers are Hidden variables, and Sharukh is representing them on screen. So the success of the song depends on the Actor who performs when the movie gets released. Hope u catch my point. For eg: the songs like ‘Dard-e-disco’ is average when u hear for the first time but when you look this song on the promos with sharukh exposing his 6 pack…. unknowingly you will find interst in this song and becoz of this now this song is a HUGE HIT!.

    Regarding your answer of saying Amitabh is a BIG actor then sharukh khan.Ofcourse we all know that amitabh acted from black to color ages. what makes him something special????. Its all coz of one movie ‘SHOLAY’!… we are just backing him even what crap he does only by keeping sholay in mind.
    I totally accept with you that sharukh has acted in less than half of the films amitabh acted BUT my dear friend…. He got the status of making comparisn to so called shehanshah withthin half time !.

    Compare the Shahrukh khan big hits……Dilwale dulhaniyan lejayenge, kuch kuch hota hai and now chak de are the BIGGEST HITS OF ALL TIME!! But for Amitabh only ‘Sholay’… alwayz his fans are expecting that he will do a better performance in next movie…but his time has come now to quit. Now in bollywood his position is like Sachin tendulkar in Indian cricket team!!!. He is just playing with the records what he already had and not to make any records!!!!

    Sharukh khan is ‘SHEHANSHAH RUKH KHAN’ – Shehanshah By birth!!

  • Yeah true .. You completely forgot about Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and his awesome , tremendous song –> Suraj Hua Maddham .. I love that song a lot ..

  • I just named only 3 movies of sharukh as ALL TIME BLOCK BUSTERS because If I try to write big hits/hits of shahrukh khan then I will end up writing a whole book!!!.
    But for Amitabh only one movie “SHOLAY”!

    Sometimes I feel Sharukh khan is really crazy! because this year he already booked BEST ACTOR/BEST MOVIE award for ‘Chak de – India’ But why should he release ‘OM SHANTI OM’ also this year itself… He could have released it next year so that he can Book the next year quota of getting BEST ACTOR/BEST MOVIE award!!!!!.

    This shows that how confident he is in his Performance and getting awards every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Masha Allah!

  • Hmm… I watched Zoom Channel yesterday as well as Aaj Tak and it was SRK’s interview . SRK himself committed that AB is a bigger star than him . But, according to me it is only by his age .

  • shahrukh khan aaj ka superstar hai tha aur hamesha rahega jab amitabh bachhan ne jab shahrukh ke saath film banaya tab shahrukh ne amitabh ki tabyat kharab kardi aur raha sawaal hrithik ka to woh plzzzzz shahrukh ke saamne hi nahin aaya warna heartattack se uske maut ho jayegi jaise amitabh chup hain waise hrithik bhi chup rahe aur miss shruti maine aapka msgs pada padkar aapke upar bahut taras aaya kabhi hrithik se aap mile to plzzzzzz use kah di jiyega ki woh shahrukh se takkar na le ok bye poor girl =))

  • :x this song is really good and attractive .ilike it very much and i want to say that sahrukh is grater than amitabh. =)) :)) :d :bow: :* hi shayan iam supported you . if you wanted to share something than call at rakesh.230@rediffmail.com

  • hi guys this is ABDUL, one thing i want to say that shahrukh khan rules the Bollywood ,rules every actors i believe that he can be compare to dilip kumar :)

  • Hello,

    I was looking for the lyrics of this amazing song ‘Ajab si’ and thts when I came across this site and er…its not ‘baatang’ its ‘pataang'(kite). I dont know if someone has posted this correction before. Anyways maybe its a typo.

    Oh and btw its not really right to compare the both actors, they both are completely different individuals with different acting styles.


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