Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Box Office Updates

All box office updates of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani will be here.

Thursday – Several preview shows were held across the country and if the response, despite the India Australia cricket match, was anything to go by, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani could be Ranbir Kapoor’s first career HIT – Saawariya flopped, Bachna Ae Haseeno was average, Wake Up Sid did above average business. So clearly Ranbir box office pull is increasing with each film.

Friday – Occupancy in several multiplexes in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi were close to 70% for morning shows, which is fantastic. Initial reports suggest positive reactions from most of those who have already seen the film. The evening and night shows were houseful (100%) in almost all multiplexes in major cities.

Many believe the opening is as good as the top stars in the industry could achieve. If this turns out to be true then weekend collections could be anywhere between 20 – 25 crores. Can Ranbir achieve a 37 – 40 crore opening week, this early in his career? He possibly could, but it remains to be seen how much the crucial India Australia cricket match could affect collections on Sunday, which is a very important day for any new release.

If Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani does well on Sunday, sustains during the weekends, Ranbir would go past Shahid Kapoor,  Abhishek Bachchan and enter the big league!


Saturday : Not many predicted Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani to open as big as it has over the weekend. The business on Saturday was excellent and should be higher than Friday.  Should easily achieve HIT status, unless the cricket match on Sunday severely dents collections.

If Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani goes as expected on Wednesday and Thursday, it would be next only to Love Aaj Kal for the year. With a opening as huge as this, Ranbir Kapoor makes a smashing entry into the Top 5 – 6 stars in Bollywood, quickly going past his generation of stars like Shahid Kapoor, Imraan Khan and also the much older John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan.

Desperately in need of bankable stars, Bollywood looking for the next true blue superstar after Hrithik Roshan, can finally rejoice.


Box office collections

1st weekend – 23 crores
Week 1 Total – 38 crores

2nd Weekend – 11 crores
2nd Week Total – 16.5 crores

Total so far in 2 weeks – 54.5 crores



  • Bristi- i did tell bout my fav actors in d previous comment.

    Indicine team `ll delete al dese comments n say its not for casual chat… wait n c…;) ha ha

    aishwarya i used to lik but nw i feel she s a bit old.

    its natural to lik some1 of our age group rt.. so kat n deepika r my fav at present…:) ha ha

  • I understand yaar…we r wrong..no?we r discussing only related thing….
    no problem,,drop your ffriend..

    I ll go to watch after that only 3 idiots…

  • Monday 9th November 2009 14.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani has set the box office on fire as it massed a huge 25 crore nett over its first weekend. The film collected around 40 lakhs in paid previews. The Friday collection was 6.75 crore nett and Saturday picked up further with a huge total of 7.75 crore nett and then Sunday collected a humungous 10 core nett. It is the fifth film to have collected 10 crore nett in one day with Ghajini, Love Aaj Kal, Singh Is Kinng and Rab Ne Bana di Jodi achieving this feat on their respective first Sunday’s.

    The collection is amongst the top five ever for first weekend and similar to films like Singh is Kinng and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. The film is doing fantastic business all over India and some multiplexes have seen record weekend collections.

    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Ki Kahani is certain to be a hit and may emerge a Super Hiit or Blockbuster as the youth have really taken to the film and weekdays should see good collections. The opening numbers have simply shaken the trade and taken Ranbir Kapoor into the top bracket which consisted of six stars prior to release of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Also Raj Kumar Santoshi has his first hit since Ghatak in 1996.

  • Looking at d fig.. Ranbir s already in top5..;) just kidding….. but he s having a very gud yr.

    Wake up sid- semi-hit
    APKGK- superhit
    Rocket singh- sure hit.

    The top 5 actors r in trouble…;)

    ok suppose Ranbir makes it to d top 5. which actor `ll be removed from d list(considering SRK,aamir,hrithik,akshay,salman as top 5 actors) any idea guyz……………………………???

  • dats da problem Amish. dem 5 actors r goin no where for da next 10 years. I CAN GUARANTEE DAT.
    Saif and Ajay (who does good work all da time) r dere. hez only 4 films old and id his first real success. if hiz next couple ov films fail den people r gonna strat doin u know wat. Only dem 5 stars now r above hits and fails.

    aamir khan
    akshay kumar
    ajay devgan
    sanjay dutt
    sunny deol
    anil kapoor
    manoj kumar
    mithun chakraborty

    yash chopra
    karan johar

    hrithik roshan
    rakesh roshan

    NOW can you imagine that who is the POWER HOUSE of film industry . Ha…..HA….Ha….Ha….

  • amish
    sallu uncle will be out i am dammn sure. coz now he looks like uncle and uncle never be a hero. he should get father’s roles

  • Salman khan,akshay ,hrithik,aamir,SRK are not going anywhere ……they will remain on top 5 for next 3-4 years…May be media say bla n bla abt Salman or akshay but SALMAN N akshay is not going anywhere!!!They both rocks simpli rocks rocks rocks n rockssssssssssssssssssssssss……

    Finally year coming to end, And i m looking forward for two movie”DE DANA DAN” and 3 IDIOTS…..Other r not tht much interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope this movie will not dissapoint me!!!!

  • guys just leave premshankar sharma’s ajab ghazab and talk abt TUM MILE now 4 days more to go and kunal deshmukh + emraan hashmi + mukhesh bhatt combination will be out wht do u think will it work ??? like jannat kunal prooved that he is also one of good director and jannat’s last sceen when emraan died and interval sceen when cops cought him ohhh my God who can we forget these two sceens i think these were emraan’s career best sceens ever his face expresion were so amazing . i m hope full at this time he will touch the sky again. coz stpry line is diffrent and titanic touch may be 2nd half will be like titanic .
    i m going on friday evening for this movie , then i ll put my review i m very much hopeful it is 4 star movie like jannat, raaz , gangster

  • ajab ghazab’s weekend report :
    The first weekend has been sensational. The film has set new records at several screens. Is easily amongst the Top 3 openers of this year. Also, one of the biggest openers of all times. Monday was 15% to 20% less than Friday, which is fantastic.

  • Nauman ji- dont think tum mile `ll be a hit…. nor it `ll take a excellent start. it `ll be a decent opener. the publicity s far from gud..
    only chance s if it has a gud story(which am sure it `ll have) and visual effects shud be pleasing.
    still it may b`com a above average to semi hit.
    APKGK mania s on and its difficult…
    am just hoping DDD gets a gud opening.

    ladhkiyan majority hogayi hai yaar… aur unka dil ranbir par aagaya hai.. tho apne akki ko aur young dikna padega..;)

  • who was expecting from Jannat ??? i m hopeful with Tum mile coz story direction casting n timming of movie every thing is good cricket is nearly finish 2 more games more to go n ranbir mania will finish coz emraan is also populer among girls and now every movie has only one week to work next week every one forget old movie n people try to find new one . may be movie wont get good opening like ajab ghazab but if movie is good and report is positive diffinately it will work.

  • @nauman : buddy u r wrong, ppl expected jannat to do well becoz its music was excellent while tum mile’s music is good but nowhere near to jannat . moreover jannat was publicized as a movie based on pakistani coach bob woolmer’s murder. so it was expected to be a hit . but tum mile as amish also said i dont expect very good opening for the movies nor does i see this becoming hit . lets see maybe movie boast of some good content then obviously i wd like it to hit the bulls eye

  • @amish : i think AKKI still looks good just that he has to keep the movie budget in control and check the loopholes in the script . i personally feel Blue had a good concept which was wasted by the director it wd have become a huge hit. The top 5 superstars i dont feel face any threat from ranbir kapoor as of now

  • This is never seen before since Ghajini, Multiplexes increased the screenings on Monday and deducted some shows of Jail. DT Cinema CEO Kajal Aijaz said ” Looking at phenomenal business of Ajab, we are realizing our mistake of giving it a moderate release, Due to prior deal we were not able to deduct the shows of Jail otherwise with sensational opening on Friday, Number of shows should be increased on Saturday at first place. Business of Ajab Prem Ki gazab Kahani is best after Ghajini, even if i say it’s better than Ghajini will be no tall claim. As of today all shows are house full and Tuesday advance booking is best ever recorded compared to any movie from past. Audience are not even thumbs up, they have all fingers with their legs are up for this movie. Looking at advance booking response of Tuesday it seem to surpass Ghajini collections of first week by a big margin in our chain, we are hoping for approx 10 Crore plus gross figure in first week for our chain in NCR, We are glad DT cinemas are performing best among all leading multiplexes in NCR”

    – BollyBusiness

  • Bristi ji- suna? APKGK s gonna beat ghajini….
    main tho shock hogaya hun! new comer , 4 movie old ranbir breakin ghajini`s record…. my God….;)

    Rishi kapoor- ‘khush tho bahut hoge tum”.. he he

  • unbelievable . but overall all over india i dont think that it can break Ghazini’s record .
    he is budding star no doubt but this kind of succes is awesome

  • Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Set To Emerge Biggest Hit Of 2009
    Tuesday 10th November 2009 09.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani looks all set to emerge biggest hit of 2009 as it had rock steady collections on Monday. The Monday collections were around 30% lower than Friday with a collection of 4.75 crore nett. Business was super strong all over India.

    This takes the four day total to just under 30 crore nett. The first week should add another 10-12 crore nett which will give the film a first week total in the range of 40-42 crore. This will be the fourth biggest first week nett total in the history of hindi cinema.

    The trending suggests that film will cross the 60 crore nett mark in two weeks. Overall the film should hit 70 crore nett and may even touch 75 crore nett. The lifetime distributor share of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is heading for a 36-38 crore total which would make it the biggest hit of 2009 till date and enable it to cross the business of Wanted and Love Aaj Kal.

    this will be like an under dog winning the race this year

  • lest see Punter if it does become da biggest hit ov da year. i very much doubt it. i think in next couple ov days it will drop. and like oder people have mentioned i think da figures r slightly exaggerated.
    @ Nauman can u ever talk positive bout Salman. Uncle hoga tera baap.
    i never normally talk like dat but u compelled me to do so.

  • naveed :
    i dont dislike sallu uncle i realy liked him in LD and i want him to get supporting actor’s award but the thing is that now he looks like a old man he doenst looks like a young boy and only one thing is responsible of his look which is alot of drinking i am not sure that now is he still drinking alot or has he left but u can see his last some movies like Hello , Yuvraaj , Sanwariya , MAMK he realy looks old but in wanted and LD he looks batter and i m not sure abt next couple of movies like Veer .
    now all top 5 actors are abt 42 – 45 and they should care abt their look coz now compitition is very tough as ranbir , Imran , Emraan , Neil , Harman , Shahid all are in good form Ranbir , Emraan , Shahid has proved theirself and only Neil n Imran need couple of real Hit movies then all Top 5 will be one step Back.
    now people wants fresh and new heros they are getting bore with same faces. 3 Khans, Akki they kicked out Big B , Rishi Kapoor , Sunny deol , Rajesh khanna , Vinod Khanna . and every one knows that history repeats his self. may be u r not agree with me but it is fact these top 5 has only 5 more years to go. then these youngster will take over and after 10-15 years all khan’s sons will come like
    SRK’ s Aryan
    AKki’s Aarov
    AK’s Junaid
    Saifi’s Ibrahim
    am i right guys ???

  • Yes what nauman ji that is trueto some extent..

    We all like Salman ,Sharukh,Akshyay,Amir…

    But it’s true that they all are 40+Ya, sharukh ,Akshyay sp. look younger..

    Sharukh look too gd now a days even better than before..
    Akshyay is also gd..

    BUt Salman looked older in his previous movies..(yuvaraaj..)

    Ya inld he looks gd,but in close up he looks not so gd..
    They r 40+so that’s natural…
    Big B even had to leave his possition…
    So thay also have to..But they can try some different roles,like Amir is trying to do in his every film..

    Anyway that’s the thing..
    Some body ll come (Ranbir,shahid..)to take their place..

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