Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to act in more films apart from Jazbaa

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who celebrated her 41st birthday today, said she has signed few more films besides Sanjay Gupta’s Jazbaa.

“Besides ‘Jazbaa’, I have also given okay and go ahead to few more scripts … the first one to roll on with ‘Jazbaa’. I though of making an announcement on that today but, I thought with due respect to the director and producer, it would be right for them to make an announcement,” she told media persons here.

However, Aishwarya said she can talk about “Jazbaa” as it is out in the news.

“Unlike last two years, this year I have something to talk about. I have loved the script of ‘Jazbaa’ and we will start shooting for it from January. I am excited about this film.”

“During the course of the year in the midst of the work you will get to see all the ingredients of Hindi films. But that may not be in one film but in couple of films. This year there is lot of personal and professional work. I am excited that its going to be a busy year. I will work hard to give my best,” said Aishwarya.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, “Jazbaa” also features Irrfan Khan among others.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai



  • i don’t like to comment on other articles due to heavy traffic n fan wars n some irritating person who always abuse emraan. So i m posting here — tigers , the international movie , directed by oscar winning director danis tanovic , releasing on 6th march 2015. Plz don’t prepare article on it. And emraan hashmi was on bazaar man magzine. Don’t post that also. Post useless articles such as roar bo collection, kill dill song, deepika on magzine, etc etc.

  • Happy Birthday to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. And thanks for this good news indicine.
    She needs to work……. as she is a mix of both Pure Beauty and Talent which is very rare in bollywood these days.

  • I know I am late. But, still Happy B’day to the Queen of my Heart, the lady whose smile brings all the joys and happiness to my heart, my all time fav Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. I will love you till the end of my life. You were always a dream girl. If the sayings of multiple births are really true, I wish I will marry you in my next birth. Why you are so beautiful?

  • happy birthday ash
    we always talk about actors only we never talk about actress.
    as I know hema malini at top. she is one of best actress in Bollywood. sholay ki basanti, naseeb.
    then how can we forget shridevi. I still remember ladla movie. her famous dialogue understand u better understand. and mr india.
    then comes to maduri dixit. one of best again. tezaab, hahk, dil.
    kajol most consistent give tough fight to maduri. ishq, pktdk, ddlj, fanna.
    aishwarya little bit consistent. but spoil her career. hddcs.
    kareena kapoor my favourite. one of best. jab we met, 3 idiots, bodyguard.
    and now present most famous deepika padukone. best actress. love aaj kal, ce, ramleela.
    these r best Bollywood actress.

  • OMG 41 yrs?? really time is going very fast.
    anyway Happy Birthday miss universe 1990s.
    @Element, bro keep calm. @Indicine are doing their best and dont forget its weekend. only 2 staff are available. so be patient.

  • Happy Birthday, Aish!! But sadly, your movies won’t work any longer unless you get to work with A-List Heroes!!

  • Aishwarya… dont know but I think shez lil overhyped
    Also I believe shez quite clever n cunning
    used salman(I sympathise wid him on this issue) n den dumped

  • once at home always at home these 90s heroines they still have it in them but they forget that their era is over and they cant be conventional heroines and compete alongside porn actresses

    they should just sit back enjoy the marital bliss.. aish should try her beleagured husband in kabaddi and soccer franchises and stay away from films ..

    the difficulty is which male actor will she work opposite???

    which actor will dare be part of her movie team..

    whe too will come out like supernani rekha?

  • @Hrithik, why are you so rude??
    atleast wish her HBD.
    @anand-the original, even sallu are ready to work wid her again.

  • I have to be frank that though I hate her, I lust for her. She is extremely beautiful, gorgeous and simultaneously, cunning and deceitful like a fox.

    She is mainly responsible for the all the negativities surrounding Salman Khan’s life except for the blackbuck case. But the moment she entered in Salman Khan’s life, she became a nemesis for him and all the problems shooroo.

    She is responsible for the major cracks between once two best friends: Salman & SRK. But I will also blame both Salman & SRK for that.

    Had SRK behaved like more as a personal friend than a professional actor on the set of Chalte Chalte, had Salman behaved a bit more like a matured person than being too emotional and sentimental on the set, the two friends would not have become separated.

    But what could Salman do? She was not meeting him. The only place he was able to meet her was the set of Chalte Chalte. Salman thought he could meet her on the film set and took her our for a while because it was his best friend’s film. But SRK turned hostile.

    He threatened Aish saying “you either work in this film or go with him. If you go with him, you can no longer be a part of my film.” But a depressed Salman didn’t care about it and stormed the set of Chalte Chalte.

    First major crack between them! The second fight at Kat’s birthday party was also because of her. Because of her, the career of Vivek Oberoi also got destroyed.

    But overall, I call it destiny or karma! I have to be frank though I consider Salman like my brother, he did not do justice to Somy Ali who has given her prime young time, soul and body to only and only Salman. Karma strikes!

    But I am really very very happy and pleased to see the changes and improvements in Salman Khan. He has really become an inspiring human being..Way to go, Bhaijaan, we are with you!

    @Nipun, in the next life, she might become a beautiful fox and you might a jaadoo in manipulationpur. So, Milan nahi ho sakte until we all reach Nirvana!

  • @Indicine Awards, Yes, Salman may be ready to face her as he is clean and was faithful in their relationship. She has tried to expose him but he never tried to expose her and how unfaithful she was towards her.
    So, naturally, bewafa Aish won’t dare face him. I challenge! She will always feel awkward to face him.

  • @anamd-the original, I know wht she did, she shouldnt do that but at that Salman khan was bad boy and he torture her many time.
    she ain’t had many choices that why she left him.
    please dont call her befawe, ok??
    I really liker her and respect her just you respect Salman.

  • @indicine awards, you assumed Salman has tortured her just because she said it. You don’t have any other eyewitness, do you? But she needed an excuse to go away from him after climbing to the stardom. Besides, her parents were against her relationship with Salman from the beginning. So, she has exaggerated Salman’s treatment towards her to get all the sympathy, which she actually did.

    I am not calling Salman a saint either. He was dominant and too possessive and demanded 100% loyalty. But he can’t expect that from celebrities. He is seeking good people in the wrong place.

    If she is that good, why did she leave Vivek Oberoi? Bechara Ne Aapne Career Bhi Barbaat Kardiya uske liye? Do u have any reason for this?

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