Adnan Sami congratulates Indian government and army, faces backlash

Musician Adnan Sami congratulated the Prime Minister of India and the Indian army for a “brilliant, successful and mature strategic strike against terrorism”, but the singer faced backlash from people from across the border.

He later posted yet another tweet saying it was a ‘self goal’ as never referred to Pakistan or Pakistanis in his previous tweet.

“Big Congratulations to @PMOIndia & our brave Armed forces for a brilliant, successful & mature strategic strike against #terrorism ! #Salute”

“Pakistanis r outraged by my earlier tweet. Their outburst clearly means they see Terrorist & Pakistan as the same! #selfgoal #stopterrorism”

A former citizen of Pakistan, Sami was submitted a request for Indian citizenship in May last year, when his Pakistani passport expired and was not renewed by the Pakistan government. His request was approved in December 2015, when the government of India approved his request. He became a citizen of India from January 1st this year.



  • 56 inch chest PM Modi is too good brave hurt unlike dusri ke ungli pe chalne wala former PM . Cheeteh ki chaal baaz ki nazar , sena ki bahaduri air modi ke irado par kabhi sandeh nahi karte . Bravo Modiji .

  • his 2nd tweet is a slap to morons who support terrorism deep down inside. these type of people who believe religion/nation > humanity dont deserve to be humans imo. even animals are better than these people as they kill each other for food(a logical reason) & not some moronic thought about religion.

  • Waaaaoooooo!
    Despite being a pakistani citizen he is very practical in these terms.He is against terrorism not pakistan.
    My salute to him.
    Those pakistani people should learn something from him.
    Agar Pakistan terrorism ko apne se khatam kar de toh hamari zaroorat hi nahi.

  • Now some Bhakts start bashing Srk and try to compare Srks patriotism with Adnan Shami,
    Just like navina
    But Srk no need to prove his Patriotism in front of Duplicate Deshbhakts.

    Well Done Indian Army
    And Well Done Srk Salman for their open remarks over POK Surgical Attack.

  • @ aamir i openly can say I am bhakt of Nathuram Godse , Modi & Hindu Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thakre but have u guts to say which fan are u ?

  • He is a traitor of his soil remember this and no guarantee that he’ll remain loyal for india too

  • He is not a traitor of his soil cm punk or whatever

    It is not uncommon of people to leave the country which commits atrocities … Lot of Cubans moved to Miami as they did not like Fidel Castro regime

    Same way Syrians are moving because terrorists have took over… Pakistan is no different it is not a democracy and they stifle human rights

  • clap for adnan.
    Traitor like salman should go and settle in pakistan, bloody pakistani salman khan.
    Request salman khan to please do shooting in pakistan and stay der only.

  • proud to be indian and srkian…..
    akshay kumar and srk are the real khiladi and king khan respectively….
    sulman and aamir sucks

  • Independence India’s First Terrorist was Nathuram Godse and who will be supporting that Murdurer of Mahatma Gandhi is a Terrorist and Anti Indian. Just Like Rajesh Kulkarni.

    If you support Nathuram Godse than why you use Indian currency because there is Mahatma Gandhi’s image in every notes in Indian currency.

    You should print your own favorite Nathurams currency and use that also.

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