Actors need to be paid according to budget: Katrina Kaif

The disparity in the remuneration of female actors versus the male actors in India, has now attracted a reaction from Katrina Kaif. She says the industry is yet to see enough female-driven films, which can help them ask producers for a certain fee upfront.

The ‘Bang Bang!’ actress, who has worked with A-list actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, shared that she has indeed faced the experience of being paid less. And she also understands that it’s since she has worked with the crème de la crème of the industry.

“An actor, male or female needs to be paid according to the budget, structure and the set up of the film. If you are paying (a lot to) an actor who is going to give you a 90 percent guarantee of recovering say Rs.150 crore, I can understand that as a producer, why they are paying them that much,” Katrina told IANS here.

The 32-year-old said that it makes sense to pay certain actors that much amount because they have proven their mettle by recovering the money with their ‘X’ factor, but in the case of female-driven films, she said: “We have yet to see enough films that have guaranteed the producer that ‘x’ amount of money can be paid upfront to the actress.”

Katrina suggests it is best if an actress decides a fee and then have a contract with a clause that “if the film makes ‘x’ amount, then pay me ‘y’ amount. If the film crosses Rs.100 crore, then you pay me Rs.20 crore… You clearly state all these things in the contract, so that the actor and the producer, both are safe.”
The actress has starred in films like ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan”. Her latest release is ‘Phantom’, in which she shares screen space with Saif Ali Khan.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the film features Katrina doing a lot of action. But it was not something new to her.

“To play such a role, to look agile and to look comfortable with a gun, to be able to do a decent amount of action and physical combat… you need to be a physically adept person.

“I think I was fortunate to have had already the experience during ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and during ‘Dhoom 3’. So, I was very comfortable with the action sequences,” she said.

During her career, Katrina has often landed up in characters which justified her British accent — for example, “Namastey London”, “New York” and “Singh Is Kinng”.

Talking about it, Katrina, who has been working hard on her Hindi dialogue delivery, said: “Although I have been offered many roles that have been based in India completely. There will be some roles, say for ‘Raajneeti’, where we were very conscious of it (the accent) and we tried to take it away 90 to 95 percent.”

Her next projects include ‘Jagga Jasoos’ and ‘Fitoor’.



  • Films starring only actress in lead role mostly never do big business (only TWMR is an exception) so why would actresses be paid similar to actors? And it’s only the big actors that get paid big.

  • Remuneration is one thing which i cannot say anything about because it is between Actors and Producers . The reason Female Actors are paid less because there are less Women Oriented Movies made in Indian Cinema not only in Bollywood . Women Oriented Movies need Content to become successful . There is not a single movie which has been successful with average content . Ex – Kahaani, TDP, Piku, Queen, Mary Kom and Mardaani . Recently Kangana became the Highest Paid Actress in Bollywood . If Female Actors want more money then they have to ensure that their movies become Hits on their own shoulders .

  • Kats the 1 actress I would pay to watch without needing a bankable male star alongside her- MBKD was 1 film I went to see just for her. If only she could act then more of her films would appeal to audiences but oh well…

  • haha nobody would pay so much for katrina kaif. if she has a small role next to the main hero why should she get as much as for example srk or salman khan. if you want to do more female driven films then do it. its not like nobody wants to make this kind of films. you are picking your own shitty roles. always just the love interest for the main hero.

  • Best example for proper pay is Emraan, he always asks less fees. Producers offer him 50-70 cr for a film, but he charges less. If he started accepting salaries like Khans, he will be highest paid actor in the world.
    Emmy is the best.

  • If an actress can guarantee a good opening then producers will also pay good amount of money 2 actresses ..

    TWMR – 8 cr opening(sequel factor too)

    Piku – 5 plus
    Kahaani – 3 plus

    queen – 4 plus

    If these movies would hve got bad WOM then would hve been clear flop ..isn’t it ?

    So y r u demanding more money for actresses if u can’t guarantee a good opening …!

    Guarantee a good opening like big actors nd take Extra money …!

  • Akki fans say that he more films so they do less business. Rofl.

    Akki movie budget= 60 crore
    4 movies budget = 240 crores
    Total collection of 4 movies= 270 crores
    Profit= 30 crores

    Khans 1 film budget= 100 crore
    Collection of 1 film= 220 crore
    Profit= 120 crore

    Thats the difference between Khans and Akki

  • and those actress who cannot act like katrina kaif should never be paid as she spoils each and every mpvie.

    it will be good to go on hoilday with ranbir kapoor and now leak some bikni pictures.i think that will give you more publicity than this.

  • Katrina with SRK: JTHJ 105 crore
    Katrina with Salman: ETT 199 crore
    Katrina with Aamir: D3 285 crore

    Who is the real king?

  • Kat is yet to cast opposite the king of intense acting ajay
    In rajneeti it was kat-ranbir
    want to c kat n ajay in golmaal 4

  • Yes, she is referring to Akki. I am a Akki fan but he should cut down his acting fees and also get the economic of his film right.

  • I’m an Akshay Kumar fan but this advice of Katrina’s should be considered by Akshay Kumar. His movies are not creating the same old magic at the box office currently while he continues to be amongst the top 3 highest paid actors in bollywood. It will surely help his producers!

  • She is looking so hot in that royal purple!

    Yes flopster akki should reduce his remuneration by at least 50% and do max 2 movies a year so that the losses his producers, exhibitors & distributors suffer get minimised , on one hand salman & aamir are pumping crores & crores into distributors & exhibitors bank accounts and on the other hand akki & srk are draining these people of their profits.

  • Why is akki to blme for brothers, if producers are happy paying him what he wants why are we concerned.
    its not that he pointed a gun to them to get him payed, 52 cr wekend actually has a pontential to 160 cr if content was good.The content of a films responsibilty lies with the director,writer and producer and if we are honest akshay’s acting was apriaciated by all.

  • Kat is not referring to Akki. Guys get a break.

    She just spoke a logical thought. However, if producers are agreeable to pay, then who would say NO? No one will say, “see i don’t think this movie will do good, so i would only take a little.” Not practical.

    It is important that the makers know the overall worth of their movie in the first place, taking in to consideration- the content, the starcast etc., so that they can then breakdown the cost and arrive at a figure for the lead star.

    This field many people make losses because of poor insight, and one cannot put blame on stars for losing. If you don’t know what you are investing in, then you very well be ready to face the consequences.

  • Lol.. idiots barking non sense

    Akshays last openings & NOTE all on non holidays :-

    :- brothers 15 plus
    :- Gabbar 13 plus
    :- baby 9 plus
    :- entertainment 11 pLus
    :- holiday 12 plus
    :- Boss 13 plus

    Releasing movie in every 3 months nd getting these figures. Its quite good .
    From these openings, any movie can do 100 plus if the director knows his job well ..If the director don’t know his job well so wht can akki do in that ??

    All above movies r sorrounded around akki nd mostly all r action movies so u can imagine how hard akki has work in these movies ..

    he saves the Money of producers by finishing the movie in 50 days, his producers r always happy ..also his movies solds on huge amount of money on satellites . so y he should not be paid more ?

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