Actors get too much credit: Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir KapoorBollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor says a lot of people help an actor in delivering a powerful performance but they remain unsung, while the actors walk away with all the accolades.

“Actors get too much credit. I am sitting here talking about acting, but there is so much that goes behind us. There is a director, writers, cinematographer, lighting, makeup, background music,” Ranbir said during a conversation with Anupam Kher at the latter’s Actor Prepares acting school.

Ranbir himself got oodles of accolades for playing deaf and mute fun loving guy in “Barfi!”, which also won him the best actor Screen Award.

“(While shooting) I can just sit and the camera moves towards me and there is a sad music playing, that can portray so many emotions, and the audience thinks, ‘Wow what a performance he has given’. But at the same time you have that same shot with some happy music playing and audience will say he is internalising his happiness,” he said.

Touted as next big thing in Bollywood, Ranbir, 30, is shooting for his new movie “Besharam” with director Abhinav Kashyap.




  • Kapoor family is growing..i mean in future there will be superstar like ranbir kapoor or may be arjun kapoor from kapoor family..but on the other side all khans are working from 2 decades and are todays superstar.their ages are almost to cross there survival in bollywood is maybe 6 or 7years more and imran khan is not in top ranking like ranbir and any actors.My question to all of you is that who will be next superstar from khan’s family?give positive answer.dnt disrespect any actor..

  • @ Ranbir,

    Audience is not concerned about movie making, but just the MOVIE. Hence, they are emotionally attached to the story or the actor/actress who depicts the story.

    In fact it is the responsibility of the actors that they don’t consider themselves super human or let success get in to their head, as they have experienced how the whole unit has worked to create the character or story, and it is not only his/her’s sole hard work.

  • Ranbir could well be the next Big Thing but I feel after the “Khans” Golden Era it will be Hrithik ruling for afew years.
    @radha So I make it another 4-5 yrs of Khan rule then 6-7 yrs of Hrithik rule, Hrithik is 7 yrs younger than the 3 Khans so he can rule for a long enough period after the Khans. Ranbir will still have to wait his turn but that gives him a good 10 yrs to cross over to the masses and get good initials in both Single and Multiplex screens. If he can rule the hearts of both classes then theres no stopping him. But 10 yrs is a long time, long enough for another Salman, Hrithik, SRK or Aamir to arrive with a bang of a debut and take over the Bollywood Kingdom in one swoop. It could happen again…

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