Action Jackson 2nd Motion Poster – Ajay Devgn

The second motion poster of the Action Jackson is out. The video is more of a dialogue promo than a motion poster. Ajay has several massy dialogues that could work big time with the single-screen audience.

  • Mein ek hi baar bolta hoon, kyunki doosri baar sunne ke liye tu nahi hoga. (I only say it once, because you won’t be alive to hear it the second time)
  • It’s my way ya skyway!
  • Na commitment, na appointment, only punishment!

If you like the above dialogues, don’t miss the film as it releases in theatres on December 5th. Action Jackson is a typical Prabhu Deva film also starring his favourite leading lady Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam of ‘Vicky Donor’ fame and Manasvi Mamgai.



  • I watched aj trailer during hny and it was absolutely pathetic and outdated.once ajay used to do films like zakhm,company,bhagat singh,golmaal,singham,ouatim and nw he does films like himmatwala,rascals,tezz,dtbhj etc

  • Boring and very outdated. I seriously doubt the success of this film. Ajay Devgn is a very versatile actor (2 time national award winner) but just doing same kind of masala roles is not justified. And Prabhudeva whose movies have simply no story, how can Ajay decide and work with him after that pathetic R…Rajkumar.

  • Bollywood, Please stop making Masala movies – Give some message and meaningful entertainment from movies to those who spend their money.
    Please Stop Khan war on this page.

  • @arjun kapur
    dtbhj was a good rom-com .it was better than yjhd. Yjhd was boring boy-girl old school rom-com. Dtbhj was a different one. Emraan-ajay did a very good job in it. Dtbhj better than hskd,2states,yjhd,htp,sdr.

  • @element but audience loved hto,sdr,hskd,yjhd,bbb etc as a result they r super hits at bo,popular on tv,internet and also hd ratings above 3 from most critics.

    but dtbhj was just avg everywhere

  • Waiting for action-jackson. We needs entertainment after the biggest nonsense movie of the year hny … According to jaya ji.

  • A lot of hate comments here..guys movies like these appeal to masses and make money so if you dont like it, just dont watch it…with out doubt Action Jackson will be the 6th film in 100 cr club for Sultan of Bollywood.

  • Indicine Keep promoting AJ..But remember,A storm come on your way..
    Pk-This year’s highest grosser..

  • This movie is looking very ordinary. Nothing new, same type of action and dialogues. BO collection will be 90-95 crs max. and that too bcoz of ajay devgn. multiplex will not contribute much. Verdict- Average to above average. GROW UP !! BOLLYWOOD.

  • Superb dialogues!! It will be super hit as well!C
    But the dialogues look like to have inspired from Wanted (Commitment Wala Dialogue) and Tere Naam (Main Ekhi Baar Bolta Hoon, Aur Full & Final Ho Jata Hai).

  • @element learn to accept the reality.emraan is just an avg star and even if he makes a comeback he will remain an avg star.also he has given most of his hits in vishesh banner that too in erotic adult thrillers.sorry if I hv hurt u but sach karwa hota hai.

  • @Arjun Kapoor have you gone nuts?? dtbhj was one of most loved movies in 2011,most of critics praised it and it was pure entertainment….btw who told you that it was eveage?.
    Budget was 25 cr and it collected its lifetime 40 cr so it was moderate HIT.

  • @arjun kapoor ultimate non sense person i have ever seen dnt say anything about ajay devgn othrwise i will give u special treatment

  • @arjun kapur remember raaz3 opening 11.5 cr with -ve reviews on 1600 screens . It opened better than all ur overrated dharma rom-coms hskd,htp,sdr with high promotion.

  • @arjun kapur remember raaz3 opening 11.5 cr with -ve reviews on 1600 screens . It opened better than all ur overrated dharma rom-coms hskd,htp,sdr with high promotion. Similarly jannat2 opened at 9cr with 1500 screens. And murder2 8cr with less than 1000 screens.

  • don’t judge emraan with his niche movies like etd,ghanchakkar. His -vely reviewed n -ve wom niche movies has done better than +ve reviewed n industry supported movies fanny,aurangzeb,lootera,htp.

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