Abhishek Bachchan Movies in 2012 – 2013

For Abhishek Bachchan, the last few years have been pretty disastrous. His last solo-hit was Guru way back in 2007. In between, two of his multi-starrer’s Dostana and Paa did well at the box-office.

The list of flops though, is pretty long – Raavan, Drona, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, Game, Dum Maro Dum, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom – just to name a few, have all failed miserably at the box-office.

Year 2012, hasn’t started too well either. Players, made on a budget of more than 60 crores, has opened to a poor response all over.

For Abhishek fans, there is still a bit of hope left, as the actor has a few interesting films lined up for release in 2012 and 2013. Have a look

Abhishek Bachchan Movies in 2012

  • Bol Bachchan – Abhishek’s only other release in 2012, is a comedy film directed by Rohit Shetty. The film also features Ajay Devgan, Asin and Prachi Desai. The story line is inspired from Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s classic Golmal (1979). Abhishek will be playing the role of Amol Palekar while Prachi Desai, who is cast opposite him, will portray Bindiya Goswami. Ajay Devgan plays Utpal Dutt, while a new role is said to be written for Asin. Bol Bachchan Release Date: 13th July 2012.

Abhishek Bachchan Movies in 2013

  • Dhoom 3 – Dhoom and its sequel are by far the two biggest hits of Abhishek’s career. Playing the role of a cool cop, the actor will be chasing Aamir Khan this time around. Katrina Kaif plays Aamir’s love interest, while Rimi Sen and Uday Chopra will reprise their original roles. This action thriller produced by Aditya Chopra will hit theaters in 2013. Considering the success of its prequels and the star cast, Dhoom 3 is a guaranteed success.
  • Dostana 2- Produced by Karan Johar, Dostana 2 is a sequel to Dostana (2008). The prequel featured Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham along with Abhishek. The chemistry between John and Abhishek was well received by the audience, as well as the critics. Buzz is that Katrina Kaif, who replaces Priyanka, will play the female lead. The shooting is expected to begin this year and the film is likely to release in 2013.

The next two years should be the turning points in Abhishek’s career. Apart from the multi-starrers, he’d be much better off choosing films that are low on budget and are commercially viable.

Which Abhishek Bachchan Movie in 2012 / 2013 are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • Bol bachchan will a success only cause of ajay and rohith’s combination.. So they will get most of the credit..
    And dhoom 3 is in news mostly cause of aamir khan.. As hrithik and ash took most of the credit in dhoom 2, aamir and kat will get most of the credit for dhoom 3 success..

  • Very Poor That 3 Movies is not actually Abhishek Movies at all. Side Hero or Supporting Actor
    Bol Baccan – Main Hero is ajay Devgan

    Dhoom -3: No Doubt its Aamir Khan

    And Dostana 2- Its Definitely Johns Film.

    Abhishek Your Career is seemed to be Retired position ..

    This is all Aishwariya Effect..

    To get something you have to loose Something

    So You get the Miss World and the Worlds 1 of the Most Beautiful Lady as ur Wife.. You Sacrifice ur Career 4 that..The Butterfly effect…

  • I enjoyed his character in “Bluff Master” If he is good in supporting roles why not go for that to horn his acting skills. He might also be great as an entertainer or producer. It is a difficult propostion to fill his father’s larger than life perfomance

  • He is a good actor, but has done bad films. He should work on his roles and physique. His best performances were Guru and Yuva. Hope he comes out of this bad phase.

  • Abhi-shake bachpan cannot deliver hit on his own FLOP Actor has delivered biggest flops of bollywood
    surviving only bcz of amitabh ans aishwarya
    he need other heros for support he is just a side actor at most
    than why these producers keep on signing him i dont understand
    is Abhi-shake destroying producers directors or they are destroying themselves by selecting him

  • I simply love the human being, Abhishek Bachan. He is a gentleman and does not throw tantrums,like some actors we know?…just to get publicity. He acts superb, and he does any role to pefection. Give him credit & don’t compare him to other actors. He will prove a lot of people wrong….watch this space!!

  • Abhishek Bachan is not a star. He cannot carry a film on his own shoulders. His hits are ONLY multi-star films. Most people, don’t seem to embrace him as the sole leading man in a film. The only thing that impresses me about this flop actor, is the fact that he keeps doing flops after flops, when other actors, in the same situation, would rest for a while and lick their wounds. He is either delusional and sees himself as a star or he has very strong self esteem.

  • wao….abhi has got several roles in one film….only a gr8 actors get these roles to lead(bol bachchan)
    i think producers also know about him…
    if dostana is a hit there is only a one reason..abhishek abhishek n abhishek…n for dostana2 there will only be the same….john is only there to saw his body n nothing else…..
    and in dhoom3…this time abhishek will hav the sam appreciation lyk aamir…becoz frm dhoom3 he is making a hot body…nw he will fit perfectly in police officer role….//

    dont forget he is BACHCHANS..

  • Abhishek is rocks yaar…………bol bacchan will hits only of abhishek bacchan………..i know now a days he has done some flop movies bt he is a very good actor and i like his acting………my best wishes for him

  • abhishek should retire …ppl dnt wanna see abhishek ..thy dnt wanna waste their money on Superflop Abhshek Bachchan….

  • Abhisek bacchan is gud star of bolywad plz abhisek tum apne bal lambe karo makab chang karo aur yova aur banty aur bably ka part 2 banao.

  • success of bol bachchan is big big big slap on abhishek’s haters…more credits goes to abhi..lovely film..abbas ali rockzzzz…now two more blockbusters are waiting on his way..go beera go.

  • Abhishek we luv u lots.u hav 2 give us solo hits.we r waitin 4 that.kharaab movies karna band karo aur soch samajhkar filme choose karo aur duniyako dikha do ki aap asal main kya ho.dikha do duniyako

  • Bol bachchan me abhi ka acting kamal ka hua hain.abhi tum film achche silect karo dir. Mani ratnam,shankar,r balki aur south ka remake karo toh agla superstar aap hi honge

  • Abhisek bachchan ko sirf ek movie jo superstar bana sakti hai. South movie ka remake. Jisme sandar action ho. Aur jiska direction rohit sheety kare. Aur movie granted superhit hogi.

  • I congratulate abhishek for Bol Bachchan for its success……….
    – Shalin

    And For Dhoom-3 Best of Luck…………………..

  • Abhishek makes good movies with brilliant acting. Loved dostana, game and player along with other movies. Being an actor is all about acting which Abhishek does very well. Can’t wait to see Abhishek on screen 💃

  • Abhishek sirji jst one request please read the script before you sign any film movies like game ravaan and jbj couldn’t have been hit even with salman or srk

  • Abhishek is surely a superstar dhoom 3 is his film and he is going to overshadow aamir and shahrukh im happy new year .he is the next mega star

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